Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Hello Lovelies! Welcome back to another post! So back in September I had the amazing opportunity to shoot some outfits for Ted Baker's student campaign! I was so shocked that they wanted to work with me, and it was definitely a blogging highlight! We took the photos in this really cool art gallery, the team were super lovely and though I was nervous at first as I'd never shot blog photos with anyone other than my sister, I soon relaxed and settled into it. I remembered that I never actually got round to sharing the final photos on the blog, so here they are! I hope you like! 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3




Sunday, 10 December 2017

Hello lovelies!

Today we have another beauty look! Now you all know how obsessed I am with Charlotte Tilbury, I'm obsessed an unhealthy amount, really. So of course, I absolutely had another fit of excitement when another PR package arrived at my door a couple of weeks ago. You all know I absolutely lost my shittttt when the first package came, (I did a full Charlotte Tilbury review here), and honestly, I continue to be completely flabbergasted at the fact that the CT team work with me! And honestly, I can't praise the team enough - the most wonderful, lovely ladies! I've seen that CT has started to work with so many more smaller bloggers, and I have so much respect for that, because it actually means so much to us, and in a sense makes us feel like our hard work is almost being rewarded, and that maybe blogging isn't just all about numbers after all. So thank you, Charlotte Tilbury, for working with me! Anyway, enough waffling and gushing, let's get on to it! So I have a few products to talk about today, some sent to me, some I bought, and I thought I'd create a rather more dramatic, editorial makeup look in the style of 70s disco. I figured that I've done quite a few wearable looks, so decided to do something more fun - I hope you like it!

*Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream - £70.00
*Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow - £38.50
*Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (Medium 8) - £30.00
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Ginger) - £24.00, Travel Size Here - £12.00
Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow Pomade - £19.00
Rimmel 'Brow This Way' Gel (Medium Brown) - £4.49
Charlotte Tilbury 'Eyes to Mesmerise' Eyeshadow Pot (Cleopatra) - £22.00
*Charlotte Tilbury 'The Rebel Palette' (Enhance Shade) - £39.00
Black Eyeliner (Any will do!) 
Charlotte Tilbury 'Legendary Lashes' Mascara - £25.00
Fenty Beauty Match Stix (Truffle) - £21.00
Fenty Beauty KillaWatt Highlighter (Trophy Wife) - £26.00
Nars Blush (Exhibit A) - £24.00
MAC Lip Pencil (Brick) - £13.00
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips (Too Bad I'm Bad) - £24.00

PSA!!! John Lewis currently have 10% off most beauty brands, including MAC, NARS & CHARLOTTE TILBURY!! Unfortunately I don't know when this promo ends, but I have linked the items to John Lewis where I can above, so GO GO GOOOO! (I told ya I always had u covered ;P)


So, I have a confession to make. I absolutely adore the 70s. From music, to fashion, to politics, it all fascinates me. 70s fashion was all about glitz and glamour, and though the 60s gave birth to the liberation of women in more ways than simply fashion, the 70s ceases to disappoint in it's ability to shock. Everything was big and bold. Bold colours, bold silhouettes, big hair. Yeah, we make fun of the exaggerated flares and staggering platforms and full on perms now, but there's an undeniable beauty in the outrageousness of the era, which simply cannot compare with the minimal, nude toned mood of fashion today.  

The era came to mind once more when I first got a glimpse at the December issue of Vogue. Like just about everyone in the fashion world, I am absolutely in love with Edward Enninful's debut Vogue cover, featuring Adwoa Aboah (who is one of my fave models incidentally) and the makeup of the wonderfully talented Pat McGrath. It was so lovely to finally see some colour on a mag cover, something a little dated, a little retro, and just far more fun! I cannot wait to see what else Edward has up his sleeve, it's a new era for sure!

So obviously, with that cover fresh in my mind and a love of the 70s deeply ingrained in my heart, I decided to create a Vogue/Studio 54 inspired look. It's all about colour. I wanted to be disco, to embrace kaleidoscope makeup blues and greens on the eyes, reds and bright pinks, and big hair. Think 70s glamour muses; Jerry Hall or Grace Jones, or Studio 54, the place where anybody who was anybody could be found, and where the only motto was more is more.

So without further ado, if you feel like transforming into a disco diva too, here are some simple steps to follow!

Prep the skin with a moisturising primer - I used Charlotte's Magic Cream* and a drop of wonder glow on top for the shimmering glow so characteristic of the disco era.

Buff your foundation of choice into the skin, aiming for a flawless finish, it's all about colour in this look, so you want to have as blank a canvas as possible. 

I know the 70s was all about the 1920s throwback brow, and therefore a very thin arch was all the range, but there was no way in hell I was embracing that LOL! I simply went in with my usual trusty Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, but went in a little heavier, as a strong brow is needed to carry all the other colour that'll be on the face! Go in with a brow gel of choice to make the hairs slightly thicker and messier looking. 

STEP 4: 
Using a shading 'C' shape eye brush, press your cream eyeshadow onto the lid for maximum colour, winging it out slightly for a more modern take on the look, and then using a fluffier brush to blend out the edges for a slightly softer look.

Use a green shade (I used the enhance shade from my Rebel Palette*) on the edges of the cream shadow to act as a transition shade, and blend it out for a soft edge. Then use a small smudger brush to apply a touch of this on the lower lash line. 

Finish the eyes with a dash of black liner, liquid or pencil will do, and then lashings of mascara, I'm using Charlotte's 'Legendary Lashes' for intense, 'falsie effect' lashes. 

Moving to the lips, line the lips with a strong red shade, I used 'Brick' by MAC, and then apply your lipstick of choice on top. If you want to really stay true to the look of the era, then add a strong gloss on top for that perfect plump pout. 

Back to cheeks, I used my Fenty Contour Stick to add some definition back into the face, and the Trophy Wife Highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbone to shimmer like a disco ball! Then add lots of blush, I used Nars 'Exhibit A', a true brick red, don't worry about applying too much, remember, it's all about colour, so go crazy!

STEP 9: 
Add a dusting of powder onto any areas you may get oily, with this much going on, you really don't want makeup sliding off your face!

STEP 10:
The finishing touches! Big fluffy hair or bouncy curls, and lots of sparkling accessories. The 70s was all about decadence, so there's no such thing as too much! 


Now it took me a while to get the hang of this much hyped foundation, but now I have, I completely get it, this is such a lovely foundation. It's a rather interesting one, I remember how surprised I was when I first pumped some out - it's an extremely thick, almost gel-like consistency; much thicker than the rather watery Fenty Foundation that I've been loving recently, and probably the thickest foundation I've ever used. On the first day I tried it, I applied it on top of my usual, lightweight moisturiser, with no primer, and buffed it in with a flat top brush. I found it incredibly difficult to spread because of the heavy texture, and, to be frank, I hated it! It just did not and would not sit right on my skin, no matter what I did! Day 2, I decided to try something different, and applied it on top of the magic cream and a heavier moisturiser. Immediately, I noticed a difference. It was fair easier to spread and sank into my skin much better than the day before. I had a proper chance to see the finish and quite liked it, it had good coverage, but didn't look cakey, which I had expected from such a thick formula. But day 3 was the game changer. I once again applied it on top of a heavier moisturiser and magic cream, but warmed the product up on the back of my hand before applying it to the face, which made it far more malleable. When placing it on my skin I then almost painted it on my face with my finger, as opposed to just applying it in 3 dots and then spreading it with my brush. Rather, I spread the product evenly with my finger and then used my brush to simply press it into the skin. I then went on top with a slightly damp beauty blender, and pressed it in again very very lightly. 

Well, guys. OMG! It looked AMAZING! Just like skin! It took me some time to get the hang of it, but now I've figured out how to apply it best on my skin, I'm absolutely loving it! An unexpected delight was how utterly weightless it feels, particularly as it is such a thick formula. It literally feels like you have no product on the skin. What made it a game changer though was the finish. It feels very matte, but like a velvety matte, but the amazing thing for me was that there is pretty much no transfer, and this is something very unusual for me. Usually I find even with powder, there is slight transfer, (I have so many jackets/scarfs/hats/headphones covered with foundation stains) but this just stays put, when I touch my face, nothing comes off, and that was so incredibly refreshing! 

Other things to note; the shade range isn't bad, it does cater for skin tones across the spectrum, though there is definitely room for improvement (especially given Fenty's 40 shades!). However, I was actually surprised at how well matched my shade was. I'm in a the shade Medium 8 (I'm a Nars Syracuse/MAC NC42 for reference), and I was slightly concerned that it would be a bit too light, as the model for this shade on the website was definitely a lot paler than me. But in fact, it's a great shade and has such a good amount of warmth to it. Price wise, this is £30.00 - surprisingly reasonable given how pricey CT and high end brands usually are. The foundation also comes with a pump, added bonus!

I have fairly normal skin now, but when I used to have very oily skin, I know I would have killed for a foundation like this, for something so matte and with no transfer. If you're an oily gal, I'd therefore definitely recommend it for you! If you have dryer skin, this might not be up your alley, as it does feel very matte and might cling to dry patches, I'd definitely say the key to using this foundation is applying a very moisturising primer or moisturiser first, as it applies beautifully atop that, but is far harder on more matte, dry skin. 

Overall, I'm very impressed! I'm going to keep using it for the next few weeks and update you if anything changes, but at the minute, I have a feeling that this foundation is going to slot itself into the holy grail rotation - you've done it again, Charlotte!

Ok so this powder is ridiculoussss! I cannot believe how good it is! There's a reason this is cult, folks! The best way I can describe this is it's like applying a filter to your face, which is an extremely surprising statement to make about a powder. The key is to apply it lightly, on the first day I applied it with my usual flat top powder brush and it looked very cakey, but the following day I used a big old fluffy brush and it just seemed to finish my makeup. When used like this it simply glides over the skin and doesn't settle into pores, it's so finely milled that it doesn't look dusty or powdery, but just sets the makeup. This is now going to be living in my handbag, perfect for knocking back any shine throughout the day, and I don't have to worry that it'll leave me looking cakey!

I have to say, the magic cream, magic foundation and finishing powder is SUCH a great combination - the ultimate complexion combination? I can't yet tell, but Charlotte has definitely created something incredible here, the products work so well together, and I can't see me finding anything better anytime soon!

Now I can't give too full a review of this, as this is the product I've used least, but what I can say is this is a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Again, I was struck by the texture, it comes out a rather white/grey colour with lots of little bits in, which means it almost feel like a scrub. So much so that in fact, when I first applied it, I had to double take and check it was a moisturiser and not a skincare exfoliating product! It takes a little while to massage it in, but once it does, there's a subtle healthy glow and it actually surprisingly offers a fair amount of coverage. Of course, you can't expect too much, it's not a product made to offer lots of coverage, and so it does not cover any of my acne scarring, meaning that right now, I probably wouldn't be using this on a daily basis.  My scars are still fading though, so once they do, I have a feeling this will be a product I go back to. 

If you're a very low maintenance kinda gal, or a lover of no makeup makeup, this would be perfect for you. It feels, and looks as if there is no product on your face, so it's incredibly fuss free. I also think this'll be great for those who don't like to go to the gym completely bare faced (I have a feeling I'll be using it for this purpose on particularly tired skin days!), or if you're in school and aren't really allowed makeup, but want a little product anyway (we've all been there, right?!). This'll also be perfect in summer, for days when you just can't be dealing with foundation slipping off your face!

I also love that it's marketed as unisex - it's definitely suitable for absolutely everyone!

So I've actually had this cream eyeshadow for agesssss, but realised I had never properly reviewed it! Well, let me say, these are the richest, most pigmented eyeshadow pots you'll ever find. I literally only tapped my brush into the product and the colour pay-off was what you're seeing in this look. This shade is 'Cleopatra', a beautifully vibrant peacock blue shade that certainly catches eyes, and is named extremely aptly, as images of Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra immediately spring to mind. This definitely isn't a shade for the faint hearted, but if you're a fan of brights, then this certainly will not disappoint, as the colour is simply stunning. 

To apply, I prefer to use a brush, but applying with fingers would be equally effective, especially if you're keen on achieving a slightly messier look or are rather short on time. Once applied, these set fairly quickly, and don't budge. I know some people find that these crease on the eyelids, but I have personally never had this issue (even when my skin was oilier), and I never use primer. I'd therefore highly recommend, and although pricey, I've hardly even dented my pot - they're so pigmented that this'll last me a lifetime!

So Charlotte was rather late to the liquid lipstick party, but for good reason. Besides, better late than never, right? I must say, this is a formula worth waiting for. If you have extremely dry lips like me, then ladies, this is the liquid lippie formula you've been praying for. 

These lippies are an very thick, moussey consistency (think NYX soft matte lip cream), which I initially found rather intimidating, as the Kat Von D and limecrime lipsticks I usually wear are thin and liquid-ey. There was nothing to fear, however, as I still found this extremely easy to apply, and very highly pigmented. Word of warning though, do not apply more than one layer - they are pigmented and because they're so thick, when layered they can get very sticky and cakey, and probably won't dry. My favourite thing about this product is the wand. The applicator has been well thought out, it's slightly curved and squared off at the top, so it fits perfectly to the contour of the lip and therefore applies very easily. Once applied, the lipstick sits very comfortably on the lips - this is definitely the least drying liquid lipstick you'll ever find, and I guess this is owing to the creamy formula. The downside of this is that they do take very long to set, but once they do, they remain comfortable. It also means that there is some transfer, a fair bit more than other liquid lippies, but again, I feel like this is a small price to pay for the fact that there is finally a liquid lip formula that doesn't dry my lips out! I also find that though there is colour transfer, this doesn't affect the look of the lipstick on the lip - they remain pigmented and stay in place. 

Overall, I'm very impressed! Charlotte's hollywood lips are rather different from other liquid lipsticks I own, I feel that these are more everyday wear as they're so comfortable, and if I need something that I know won't budge/transfer, I'd probably opt for my lime crime. The last thing to note is how absolutely divine the shade range is. I own 'Too Bad I'm Bad' a beaut mid-tone pink (please note I'm wearing a red liner in the photos so it looks slightly darker here!) There are 12 colours, and basically all are beautiful. I literally want every single shade lol! There is definitely something for everyone - I have my eyes on 'Show Girl', 'Dangerous Liaison' and 'Screen Siren' next! 

So there you have it! Another Charlotte Tilbury first impressions, and once again I have yet to be disappointed. Charlotte never ceases to impress! I have so many more products on my wishlist, so there'll be another haul soon enough, no doubt! Once again, a huge thank you to the CT team - you guys are actually the best!

I also really hope you like this look! I absolutely loved creating this post and I'm super happy with it! Let me know if you enjoy these more editorial style posts, I was thinking of doing either a Vogue inspired makeup series or a 'Makeup of the Decades' makeup series, where I could do looks of all different eras. Is that something you'd like to see? Let me know! 

Have you tried any of the CT products I've reviewed today? What are your favourite CT products and what is on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Charlotte Tilbury. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 8 December 2017

A little note: So I actually wrote this wayyyyy back in April when I was in the middle of my intermission and a depressive episode, so let's just say it's pretty bitter and negative lmaooo! But as I was going through my blog drafts I remembered that I'd completely forgotten to publish it! I read it back and thought it was still pretty funny, so I hope you enjoy, and read it in the spirit it's meant to be!


So today, I urge you to brace yourself for an offloading, very tongue in cheek post. I need to vent about something that has been seriously grinding my gears (my absolute fave expression lol) recently. So sit back, cup of tea in hand (vino is even better if it's the evening, or afternoon, or morning - hey, I don't judge!) and have a chuckle at what my sad little life has become. Here are 5 things that are probably going to be happen when your love life is about as exciting as watching paint dry whilst all of your friends are apparently living out 'The Notebook'. 

1.) You're going to have your ear chewed off with lovey dovey relationship talk (vom... but also not really because I'm the biggest romantic out there lol, i'm just jel), and when all of your friends are in relationships, you can multiply that shit by 4.  Be prepared for a lot of "so and so is sooooo cute" and "oh the other day me and so and so did this" and "so and so and I had this hugeeeee argument and I'm not talking to him and I'm sooooo upset", and it'll get old reaaaal fucking quick. Like I know we're out for lunch to catch up on each other's lives but it'd be really nice to venture into the realm of other conversational topics, such as how uni is going, your opinion on world politics at the moment, when you last got your fucking car Mot'd, literally anythingggg other than you and your darn boyfriend.

2.) Not only will you be getting an earful from your friends, you'll be getting it from your mum too. Queue the questions of "Why haven't you got a boyfriend yet?" My mother genuinely told me that I should stop buying luxury pieces (such as my beloved chanel slingbacks) because it was stopping me from getting a boyfriend by marketing myself as too 'high maintenance' and 'materialistic'. Fuccccckkkkkk that. Firstly I think that reasoning is, frankly, completely absurd, but even if there were some truth in it, I wouldn't want a guy who was intimidated by a pair of fucking shoes anyway. This girl's a strong, independent woman who will buy the shit she wants to buy! Besides, I'm pretty sure I have far bigger problems holding me back, such as my crippling social anxiety, painfully awkward personality, and fucking awful face. lol.

3.) You know that summer holiday you were planning with your best mate? Was going to be a girls weekend of sight seeing, shopping and partying? Yeah that won't be happening, she'll be going with her boyfriend now. Prepare to spend your summer at home, on the sofa, with netflix. Alone.

4.) I hope you're prepared to be a third wheel because that's how you'll be spending 90% of your time if you ever want to see your mate again. Apparently they're now joint at the hip and can only travel as a pair, so if you plan on going for a drink with your bestie, you can be pretty darn sure that it's now a two for one deal and the old boyfriend will be coming along too. Hopefully, if you're lucky, you won't have to endure too much PDA.

5.) You're probably going to feel more alone than ever. Or maybe that's just me, idk. You'll probably be hitting yourself with the "why does nobody want me?" question at least 10 times a day and every time you come across some form of relationship display on social media (this will be frequent). Prepare to plan your future as a less comedy value version of Bridget Jones, an old spinster in a crusty old apartment filled with wine and cheese, where all you have to keep you company are you 10 cats and heavy sense of self-pity. I literally don't even really fucking like cats, but it's better than dying alone.

Oh, and I know there's only meant to be 5, but I'm going to give you a bonus 6.

6.) Suddenly all your mates take it upon themselves to become your personal matchmaker and relationship guru. If I had a pound for every time one of my friends "We need to find you a boyfriend", "I know someone who is perfect for you"or "I'll ask so and so if he has any single mates for you...", I wouldn't even need a boyfriend. You know why? Because I'd have enough money to buy myself a Chanel classic flap, and it's been scientifically proven that these provide girls with more happiness then boyfriends anyway. So thanks for your budding, but slightly patronising interest in my love life, pals, but no thanks, you're just making me feel even more shit.

Now if you sense this post as coming across as bitchy or bitter, then you're bang on, because it is. Lol.  Now hear me out, I'd like to think that I'm a good friend, a great friend in fact, and don't get me wrong, I will always want to hear about anything and everything that makes a friend happy or sad - no matter what or when, I'll always be there to listen. BUT. and here is the but, let's not pretend that sometimes it doesn't get just a tad tiring, especially when you're getting an earful from all your friends at once. Then there comes the pressure from those around you (ahem, I'm looking at you, Mum!) and the questions of whether you have a 'special someone' and it just reinforces the sense of worthlessness and feeling like shite that you're completely wrapped up in anyway. So forgive me for putting out this bout of negativity, but sometimes a girl's gotta vent, you feel me? And you know what, we're all allowed to be bitchy and bitter every once in a while. I'm sick of the demonisation of negative, and completely normal emotions, like jealousy and envy. Of course, it's not great to be like that alllll the time, but little bouts of it every now and then, is, in my opinion, pretty healthy. Besides, if I've struck the balance of this post just right, I'm hoping you guys have been able to sense the playful tone behind the post, to realise that a lot of this is just for comedic effect. It's just banter!

Now all my friends are in happy relationships, there are sometimes times where I've come to feel really very alone and isolated, and yes, a little jealous and bitter. If I'm completely honest, perhaps a little bit of it is wanting someone special of my own, but I'm not sure whether this is truly what I want or whether I just want to be able to be part of this new 'relationship' club, and to fill this void of loneliness, which obviously isn't great. Moreover, I'm aware that on some level, there's a strong part of me that yearns for much simpler times. When none of my girls were in relationships and we were all so carefree. We could chat about crushes on boys, and joke about setting one another up with said crushes, and go on drunken girls nights out. It was childish and silly, but it was fun! I don't know, there's no real purpose to this post, but every so often I guess I just mourn the lose of those fun, single girl times that I miss. Alas, at the moment, I guess it is not to be!

Well this all reached a rather deep, 'in my feelings' type end, didn't it?! It's like when you start off taking the piss out of unfortunate events in your life and end up clubbing into 50 tissues realising it's actually not all fun and games lol. Nonetheless, I hope you found the bulk of this post somewhat amusing. Are any of you ladies the lone singleton in your girl gang? How do you find it? Share your stories in the comments below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



Jumper: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: New Look
Jacket: Bershka


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

1.) Starbucks Christmas Cups - Such a #basicbitch reason LOL, but as soon as those festive red cups come out, I know Christmas is nigh. I don't even drink coffee, so best believe I'll have a nice little festive hot chocolate in there. Further irony is defo added by the fact that in the pic above I'm holding a Cafe Nero cup, but hey, it's what I was feeling on the day looool!

2.) Christmas Carols - My favourite thing ever ever is going to carol services. There's something so peaceful, warming and comforting about sitting in a church with lots of candles, singing carols and listening to choirs. Of course I'm also more than partial to sing along to a bit of Wham! And Mariah, (I'll be whacking out the 'NOW Christmas album as fast as the next person), but carol services are the real thing. ❤️

3.) Decorating the Christmas tree - As soon as the tree goes up, Christmas season is officially on it's way. We're usually so late to get our tree up (as our family are with so many things 😩), but me and my sister always take create control and decorate the tree together - we have decorations that are literally as old as me! Probably time to invest in some new ones, like these beaut decorations from Harrods, you can even get really personalised ones, like the 'G' that's perfect for my sister. Nothing will ever replace the slightly creepy santa's head that goes at the very top of the tree though, that one's for keeps. 

4.) Watching Christmas films all season long - I'm talking 'Love Actually', 'The Holiday', which, to be honest, I watch all year long, but feel extra special in December! Of course we always whack out 'Elf' and 'Home Alone' too, and 'Narnia'! I don't know why it's festive, but it seems to be on numerous times over the holiday season, so it's now synonymous with Christmas to me (along with 'Pirates of the Caribbean', when will BBC 1 ever not show this on Boxing Day?!). What's your fave Christmas film? 

5.) Advent Calendars - When I was younger there was nothing I loved more than opening my advent calendar in the morning before I left for school. I actually never did that thing where you eat all the chocolates on the first day; I was very disciplined and thought it'd be ruining Christmas looool! I still absolutely love getting chocolate calendars (well ofc, who doesn't?!) but I also love the calendars that come empty that you can fill with little trinkets. This one from Harrods is perfect for any loved one, .. can fill with bits and bobs they'd love luxe makeup if you're really going for it, jokes and quirky bits and bobs if you're up for a bit of festive banter. Either way, its personal and cute! 

What are your favourite things in the run up to Christmas? 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


Advent Calendar: c/o Harrods*
Decorations: c/o Harrods
Harrods' full selection of Christmas decorations here, I LOVE the snow globe!

Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Harrods. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 24 November 2017

So GUYS! Black Friday has basically been a week long this year and you've probably got all the codes already (lol), but I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give you my list anyway. So far I haven't actually done too much spending so I'm actually pretty proud of myself! Let me not speak to soon though, the day is still young and it will be a long weekend of temptation ahead! Anyway, happy shopping!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



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Monday, 20 November 2017

London, UK

So, ladies, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the new man in my life, for he has stolen my heart.

See, from the moment I set eyes on him, I knew it was love at first sight. Smart, sophisticated, timeless. Modern but so endearingly traditional. A real box ticker, everything I could've asked for and so much more. 

Oh, did I mention that I was referring to my watch? Of course, this is not an actual man, (that'll be the day lol... I can assure you that spinsterhood is still very much my current and future status), but you know what, who needs a man; Henry and I are joint at the hip (or wrist) and don't intend to part anytime soon. I guess you could say this is the only relationship I'm happy to commit to.

So yeah, you have your iPhone glued to your hand, so you don't technically need any other device to tell the time. But technicalities, pleaseeeee. You'd be wrong if you're thinking that ol' thing called a watch is now redundant. Because let me tell you, watches are back in, folks, and for the beady eyed followers of the fashion pack amongst you, you'll know that they never went away.

See, there's nothing quite as sophisticated as a simple, classic, watch. Fedora hats, baker boy caps, chokers, chunky chains, they all come and go, but the watch is forever. In fact, a classic timepiece, dare I say it, is the ultimate accessory.

Indeed, word on the street is that the luxury watch is the new designer handbag. All your fave celebs are now flaunting their Omegas and Patek Phillipe's on the red carpets in the usual 'look how wealthy I am' display. That's right, it's all about solid gold Rolexes as opposed to Hermes birkins. 

Ok so I may not be able to tote a diamond encrusted Cartier about, and I may not have a Rolex (hey, who knows what the future holds though, amirighttt? #girlbossingit). But, folks, you can bet I have the next best thing.

Now, if you're a sucker for a product with a story behind it a la Phoebe from Friends ("Ross, be careful that's very old! Early Colonial bird merchants used to bring their birds to market in that.") Then you're going to love this:

On the streets of London, you’ll discover inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. A market stall in Notting Hill, a classic watch with a simple engraving; the detail, the craftsmanship, the innate style that captures decades of innovation.

Two designers exploring London’s many vintage districts searching for such inspiration stumbled upon a 1960s vintage timepiece at the famous Portobello Road Market. The beautifully styled, classic Swiss watch had the words ‘Henry, August 1965’ engraved on the case back. Although suffering the ravages of time, the watch still typified the craftsmanship and quality of a bygone age.

Inspired by a vintage timepiece, the designers of Henry London have utilised cutting-edge technology to create a watch collection with a level of precision and reliability which far exceeds that of their mid-century predecessor, yet does not compromise on style and design.

The collection perfectly combines traditional styling with modern trends, pairing stainless steel cases with a spectrum of coloured dials. The bracelets are constructed from high quality stainless steel Milanese mesh, whilst straps are made from the finest of soft leathers, carefully dyed to a bespoke palette of regal shades.

Henry London, created from this one moment of inspiration, expresses the very essence of London. The juxtaposition of old and new, of the bold and the idiosyncratic.

See, didn't I tell you Henry was a special one? 

Let me sell it to you, tv ad style. You hop out of your quaint little studio apartment, perfect blow dry bouncing in the frosty London air. You start your morning run in your highly impractical stiletto heels on the way to catch the tube, when you take a glance at the gleaming face on your wrist to see that you have a mere 15 minutes to make it to your office for your 9am meeting. So, burberry trench blowing in the wind, you run to the road side and hail a black cab, hopping in with coffee cup in hand. As you jump out, you glance at that little face on your wrist once more and realise you have 2 minutes to spare, a whole 2 minutes to apply swipe of lippie in your favourite shade of red. 
Have I just sold you a working girl's dream? Made the corporate world seem a tad less boring?

 And is there anything quite so quintessentially British? 

And the best part about wearing a watch? You can completely sell a false identity. You could be the ultimate 'lady with her shit together' in the streets, and an absolute disorganised wreck in the sheets. (this doesn't quite work but let's keep it moving LOL).

See, in these pictures, I'd like to think that I look as those I have my shit together. But in actual fact, I woke up 20 minutes late, had to run to my morning lecture and therefore very quickly became a hot sticky mess, then spilled coffee all over my jacket on the way to taking these photos. (The worst bit was it wasn't even my coffee, I was literally holding my friend's cup for all of 2 minutes whilst she did her coat up. I really am a complete klutz lol!) But would you ever know? If you don't stare too deeply into my pain filled eyes, would you not just think this was a girl with her life together? She's even wearing a watch so she must be organised? I'm thinking hell yeah, you would!

See, when perusing the streets of London amidst the hustle and bustle of people from all walks of life, one becomes acutely aware that the city really is the home of individuality. Everybody has a different story to tell, for London is a place where people go to 'live the dream'. And it's also a place to sell the dream. So yes, you're still 15 minutes late to everything, you hardly ever have your shit together, and you practically live off coffee and adrenaline, but you walk around with watch gleaming on your wrist and your head held high, an air of importance about you, and no one will ever know...


Watch: c/o Henry London*
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Asos (Similar Here)
Coat: Zara
Boots: Missguided
Beret: Asos

P.S. Ya gyal managed to get you a cheeky discount code too! Just enter in the code 'EVA20' at checkout for 20% off any watch! Browse the selection here and thank me later!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Henry London, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 10 November 2017

University Library

So it's the start of my sixth week back at uni. I currently have 5 completed essays to my name, and 4 more to go before the end of term in 3 weeks. I wrote two essays back to back on Monday and Tuesday, then read 350 pages of Russian history in 24 hours for another deadline today. Now I'm currently in the library, frantically typing out this blog post to publish it by 6pm, so that I can get an hour of reading in for the essay I have to write tomorrow, before the library closes. Oh and then theres a second essay in for Tuesday.

But essays aren't all I've been doing. Determined to embrace uni life to the max this year, I was in the pub Monday, Wednesday, yesterday I had a little cans and music soiree with my mates, and I'm off to the pub again today (tbh the fact that I want to leave for the pub at 7 is the farrrr stronger motivation for me to get my reading done this eve lol!) This weekend, amongst my 2 essays and reading hell, I also somehow found the time to go to the pub (it's becoming a bad habit lol) and go to a halloween all night club event on Saturday that had me back in my bed at 7.30am. Oh, and my upcoming two essay hell will be nicely ensconced amongst another social timetable of: pub, night out, and trip to visit my sister at her uni. So, I guess it's safe to say I'm currently running on 5hrs sleep a night, unhealthily high levels of alcohol, junk food and snacks, and a shit tonne of adrenaline and sheer will power, (but not caffeine, I've never been a coffee girl, that's my only consolation lol!) 

And don't even get me started on my own personal goals. The blog. My beloved little virtual home that I have regrettably neglected for far too long, but has had to take a back seat whilst I tackle the mounds of work that are being hurled at me daily. This weekend I'm determined to write and edit 2 posts, but deep down I know this is slightly ambitious. Then there were my fitness goals. I wanted to get to the gym three times a week, for my mental health particularly, and one of the biggest goals I had set myself for the coming academic year was to start going back to dance classes, something I've missed since starting uni, and a passion I wanted to revisit this year. Have I managed to do either? You've guessed it - of course not.

And this has left me feeling incredibly behind. Like I'm not doing quite enough. That I could be doing better, I could have it more together and I should have it more together. And yet, I know full well that I'm rarely wasting hours these days. Any time I'm neglecting a schedule, it's for want of sleep - a couple more hours in bed in the morning instead of going to the gym or doing some reading. Or it's an hour more in the pub with friends because I haven't seen them in a couple of days. 

No longer am I wasting the hours, as I so often have, particularly at my most depressing times. Far from it, I'm trying my best to use ever single hour I have, and somehow it's still not enough. 

Ah, that ever elusive 'work-life balance', is what springs to mind. 

See, I feel I'm doing the best I can in terms of balancing my work and social life. I have yet to miss an essay deadline, and I've been able to see my friends regularly as opposed to isolating myself in my room with stacks of reading. So at face value, work-life balance? Success! But I know that the way I'm living at the moment is profoundly unhealthy. 

See we live in a society that feeds off being busy. People live with their 'I sleep for 4 hours a night, go to the gym everyday at 6am and live off of caffeine tablets' badges on their sleeves, and quite frankly, I think it's incredibly unhealthily. A part of me has always been ridiculously jealous of that girl who has everything together. Work, social life, exercise, everything. But that's where that old saying, 'comparison is the thief of joy' comes to mind. 

We live in a culture that encourages a 'work yourself to the bone' ethic, constantly being on the move and doing things is deemed a good thing, and almost an 'elite' thing, as though only the very best humans have the capabilities of doing so. We therefore all feel that we must prove how busy we are, showing how much you're living life to the full and achieving across social media, insta stories and so on. Rarely do we take as much pride in the hours in which we 'do nothing', and when we do talk about them, it's always in a sarcastic, jokey, self-deprecating manner. 

I can't pretend that I'm not guilty of this myself. If I have a spare hour and want to sit and do nothing, I always feel I have to justify to someone else why I made that decision. Or if I feel absolutely shattered after a week, I feel very accepting of it, as I feel like because I'm getting a lot of things done, that this is what life 'should' be like. That maybe, I'm just lazy, and the reason I'm finding it so tiring is because of that. 
But deep down I know that's not the case. Sleeping for 5 hours a night, eating lunch on the way to a lecture because you've had back to back appointments, drinking your into your overdraft because you feel you have to make every social occasion, and because you tell yourself that's what uni life is all about. Sometimes it's too much, and you just need a quiet night in. A night off. Time to catch up on your favourite shows, or do some sketching, or read a magazine. 

And so that's what I realised this week. This'll be the last week of this ridiculous work life balance as my workload eases a bit, but I'll still be busy. What's important though, is prioritising self care. I've realised I need to start getting more sleep. I need to start pushing myself to go to every social occasion, because I fear the day my social anxiety takes over again. I need to start taking an hour off here and there, to do my colouring for some therapy, or watch a bit of light hearted telly. It's not just a 'work-life' balance doesn't just mean your job, or school, and a social life. It means time for yourself, self care, sleep, proper meal times. It's so important that we don't forget that, for that's how we live a truly healthy lifestyle. 

What I can say though, is despite how tiring this week has been. I can finally say that I've been enjoying university, the most I ever have, in fact. It's amazing how much getting some counselling and medication has helped me. I'm going to do a full post on my first term back at uni post-intermission, but so far, so good. 

So the take home point from today? Well, I realise a lot of it was me just waffling on, but there is a point in there somewhere. And it is this: We're not robots, we aren't programmed to be switched on all the time. There is a time to work, a time to socialise, and there's a time to slow down and take time for yourself too. Don't be ashamed of the time you take out, it doesn't make you lazy, or stupid, or less capable. It makes you human. 

How do you guys cope in very busy points in your lives? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3


p.s. I got no reading done and this post will be up at 7 - my scheduling will forever be a shambles lol.


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