Monday, 23 April 2018

Hello lovelies!

Welcome back for another Makeup Monday! This time around I've got another little tutorial/review combo post for you. Now we all have those days where we need our makeup to be as quick and easy as can be. Perhaps you only have 5 minutes to refresh your makeup before you're off out, or perhaps you're just super lazy and can't face doing anything that takes more than 2 steps - because there's nothing wrong with that!

So I thought I'd show you how I take my makeup look from day to night with the addition of just 2 products with the help of my absolute fave Charlotte Tilbury products, which serve me well time and time again. Most of the products used in this post I have already reviewed in either this post, or this postso if you'd like reviews of them, then please refer to those posts! 

I've also been testing a few new Charlotte Tilbury products that I've got my hands on recently, including the product that's got everyone talking; the 'Hollywood Flawless Filter'. It's a good'un, folks - keep reading for the full review!



So I thought even though I this post is about topping up makeup, and if I were doing so I'd only really add some eye and lip products, I'd still talk through the base that I'm actually loving at the minute. 
I'm really enjoying wearing Charlotte Tilbury's 'Wonderglow'* as primer with the 'Magic Foundation' in Shade 8* mixed in with the 'Hollywood Flawless Filter' in Tan 5* for the base, to add a little extra glow. I've then concealed using my trusty Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer over blemishes. 


On an average day, I usually just have a tad of eyeliner and mascara to open my eyes up a bit. If I'm therefore amping up my makeup for the evening, I build up the eye makeup. 
Firstly, for some quick colour and definition to the lids, I add my 'Colour Chameleon' in Dark Pearl and literally scribble it across the lid, then blending in the edges with my finger to create a seamless look. It's super easy, literally takes 2 minutes and as Charlotte always say, can literally be done in your car wing mirror. I would then always top up my liner and mascara. Here, I added some of my Barbarella Brown 'Rock n Kohl' Eye Liner pencil on the upper lash line, and then smudged this in to give a slightly smokey look. Of course, as always, lashings of 'Legendary Lashes' Mascara completed the eye look - we all know with me it's all about big lashes! This mascara gives you so much length and volume, and is perfect for a night out (or for the day, if you're like me, and think big lashes are always appropriate). 


On my cheeks, I have a touch of my 'Sun Tan and Sun Light' palette for a hint of contour to define the cheekbones, as well as a little cream blush for some subtle colour. 
To freshen up my base makeup, I would then add a bit more of the 'Hollywood Flawless Filter'* to the 'C section' of the cheek. Just a few dabs adds the perfect subtle highlight, and gives the illusion that you've just applied a fresh base, and that it hasn't been worn in all day!


On the lips, during the day I usually have a nude lip colour on, so in the evening I often add something a bit deeper. Here I have a mix of two of my favourite lipsticks, 'Hepburn Honey' and 'Walk of Shame'*, to create this light Berry shade. 



Now I am actually shocked by how attached I've become to this. It's like the product that I never knew I needed! This really is a rather unique product in that it's rather hard to pin down exactly what it's meant to be used for. I remember when I first read the product name, I had no idea what a "flawless filter" would entail. Reading the product description, it's evident that it's not marketed as having one specific use, but simply promises to be a "complexion booster that gives everyone super starlit skin in seconds." This product is actually incredibly multi-purpose - and I think this is one of its best qualities. 

There are four ways one is recommended to use it according to CT's website:

1.) BENEATH IT - For a SUBTLE GLOW: Use all over your skin underneath your Magic Foundation for a subtle glow and polished finish.

2.) BLEND IT - For an AMPLIFIED GLOW: Mix with your Light Wonder or Magic Foundation on the back of your hand to dial up your Hollywood glow.

3.) BOOST IT - For TARGETED GLOW: Dot it along tops of the cheekbones, down the nose, above the cupid’s bow or anywhere to glow like a Hollywood star! 

4.) BLING IT - For a MEGA-WATT, ALL-OVER GLOW: Go mega-watt and wear it on its own at full volume, erasing any imperfections with The Retoucher for a fresh, glossy, all-over-glow!

You can get the flawless filter here

My absolute favourite way to wear this is to dab it on the high points of my face, particularly on my cheeks. If you're like me, and you're really not into that blinding highlight craze, then this is perfect for you. Just a few dabs on the top of the cheeks creates the most incredibly subtle highlight, which looks utterly gorgeous when the light catches it. When I was in London meeting a friend the other week, the light caught it perfectly and my friend remarked, (and I quote), "gurl your highlight is absolutely popping!" That was NOT something I was expecting to get from this product, and that's what I love about it. It's subtle enough to wear every day, but still gives enough of a glow that is noticeable but natural. 

On days when I'm doing a little more with my makeup, or particularly for nights out, I like to mix in a dab or two of the flawless filter with my foundation. It makes any base I have on much more glowy, without giving me a greasy look, which is something that usually scares this formerly ultra oily skinned girl away from any product claiming to give 'glow' or 'radiance'. 

I generally prefer a more matte complexion, but this has definitely made me enjoy the glowy look more. I have the shade Tan 5, which is recommended for those who use either shade 7 or 8 of either of Charlotte's foundations. I will however say that I think I probably could have got the shade 4, and if you're planning to use it simply as a highlighter for the high points of the face, and not all over, then you're probably better getting a shade lighter for that. 


So I bought 2 shades: Dark Pearl and Golden Quartz, the former is recommended for brown eyes, and the latter for hazel eyes. I think however that any colour suits any eye colour, and still makes it pop. 

My favourite thing about these is how easy and fuss free they are. Literally all you need to do is scribble them over your eyelid and then blend it in with your finger, or a brush if you prefer. They're foolproof, beginner proof, lazy gal proof, only have 2 seconds to do my makeup proof; anyone can use these and make them look good. 

I must say that you do want to work fairly fast with these as they set rather quickly once you've placed the product on the eye, and it's then really difficult to shape it or move it around the lid. The good thing though is that once they are set, they don't budge. You can go about your day or night safe in the knowledge that your eye makeup will be going nowhere. 

Overall I'm incredibly impressed by these and I definitely hope to grab some more! All the colours look so beautiful as well!

You can get the colour chameleons here

So that's it folks! I hope you've enjoyed this post. As always, I'm absolutely loving Charlotte's new releases. That woman is literally unstoppable! I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on the new beauty filters collection too. A Legendary Lashes 2 which promises loads more volume?! Sign me up! The eyeshadow palettes look gorgeous too. Hopefully I'll be able to do a review for you soon.

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Charlotte Tilbury. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 20 April 2018

So today I go back to uni for exam term. And if I'm completely honest, I'm completely fucking terrified. Not because I hate exams or because they're finals (I'll have to handle that Everest next year!) but because I think it'll be the first real test of how much mental health progress I've made since my depression diagnosis and intermission. 

I know I shouldn't really b thinking of it that way. My counsellor has told me over and over that whatever happens with these exams, it's not a reflection of my mental health progress.

But I still can't help making that connection. See, I'm still pretty scarred by the memories of my last exam term, which unfortunately coincided with my first really serious depressive episode. I remember bein unable to revise for more than 15 minutes at a time, being unable to get out of bed, being incredibly isolated and feeling utterly helpless. This was the time when I was first given my depression diagnosis, so unfortunately there's a sense in which exam term and mental health deterioration are a constantly connected to me. Without mental health issues, Exam term can be difficult at my uni at the best times, because everyone is so academic and studious that it's very easy to go a few days without seeing or talking to anyone. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a pressure cooker. 

I've actually always been someone who handles pressure very well. I've always been good at exams, and I've always been able to handle tight deadlines. But I feel quite changed since that last time. I'm feeling nervous about how I'll handle it this time, and whether I'll be able to revert to my old ways of thriving under pressure.

I guess what I think has happened is that I've built up a rather irrational fear of exams. Irrational because I've done them for years and I've always been good at them, and worked well under them. I've tried to put together some sort of plan of action for when I'm back, so that I feel as though I have some control, and that I'm giving myself the best chance to be both physically and mentally healthy and prepared. 

I thought these tips might come in handy for anyone else who worries about exams, or is needing tips on how to focus. 

1.) ROUTINE- The absolute most important thing I think - something that I know is going to be difficult but that I'm going to have to be incredibly strict with myself on, because I know how much it affects my mood and productivity these days! In the good old days I could sleep at 4am, wake up at 11 and work through the day. But no more. This term I'm going to try and be in bed by 12, up by 9, and take regular short breaks. Routine really does help make you feel more organised and energised! Also making sure you're eating properly and drinking enough, such basics but so important!

2.) TAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE - This is going to be another biggy for me. My down time is practically only sitting to watch Netflix and eat snacks. And, as much as I love doing that, my counsellor keeps banging on about the need to add some other types of activity for down time (I know she's right really). I'm going to try and start going to the gym for an hour just twice a week - it's important to set achievable goals, remember! Exercise is such actually a good mood booster as well as obviously being good for your body too!

3.) WORK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - Now, what I mean by this is, take time to know your learning style. For example, I know that I learn best by making sets of colourful revision notes. I also think I'll work better in the library or at a desk in my room (and NOT on my bed - something I always used to do but I just can't do anymore). There's no one way t study, so if you know you're a visual learner, play to that strength. If you know you're an audio learner, make yourself some podcasts, or download something! There's no point making copious notes if it's never going to sink in. 

That's everything! I think I've realised that I'll need to approach this term differently at least, just to break this fear of exams. I'm thinking these tips will help me best, so I hope they will help you too! 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3



Top: H&M
Jeans: Na-kd Fashions
Bag: Zara
Hair Band: Claire's
Trainers: Adidas


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Westminster, London. UK

Is it just me, or is there nothing better than rediscovering the beauty of a city time and time again? London is that city for me. Even though I live just a stones throw away, and have done the tours countless times, I still never get bored of visiting London's biggest landmarks and wondering around the galleries. In a city like London, there's always something new to discover, too. In every corner there's a new quaint little café to try, or an unusual thrift shop to discover bargains in.

So I thought I'd make a post on some of my favourite places to visit in London, from the most famous to the more obscure. If you're ever visiting London and are wondering what to add to your list of places to visit, then I hope this helps! 


If you're someone who loves looking at Art, then this is the place for you. I literally never get bored of visiting the National Portrait Gallery which houses the work of some of the biggest artists, from Van Gogh, to Monet, to Michelangelo. The paintings span from the 13th century to the 20th century, the place is huge, and if you have a lot of time on your hands, it truly is a wonderful experience getting lost in the gallery and discovering lots of new Art. 
The other thing I love is that there are constantly new temporary exhibitions being brought in ... that means that even if you've visited the Gallery countless times, there's always something new to look at when you go again. 
I recently went to see the Degas exhibition in February, which I was absolutely thrilled about as I started Degas a lot when I did my Art A Level, and he became one of may favourite artists. It was an absolutely beautiful exhibition with some of Degas' most classic paintings - i's on until May 7th if you're interested!
You can then walk down the Mal and have a look to see if the Queen's in at Buckingham Palace - a truly beautiful building!


So, I've written Westminster because there are SO many wonderful things to see around here. From the Houses of Parliament to the London Eye, it's one of London's busiest tourist attractions, and I still absolutely love visiting it. My gorgeous Henry Watch's name sake, Westminster really is a must see!

The London Eye is a must for the most beautiful views of the whole of London, whilst the Houses of Parliament is such a beautiful building, which you can actually pay to have a tour of (it's super interesting and only about £15.00). Unfortunately there is still scaffolding all over Big Ben, but this doesn't destroy the view too much, it's still a must see if you visit London!


Another must to do in London is afternoon tea. It's an incredibly 'quintessentially British' pass time if you're after that experience. There are many places to have afternoon tea that are wonderful, such as the Dorchester and The Hilton, but if you're after something a little less pricey, then I'd definitely recommend the Aubaine, it's around £15 and there are several branches over London, including Notting Hill, Marylebone and Mayfair. 

If you're super short on cash, then a picnic at Hyde Park is antlers wonderful option! Though beware, it's no secret that the weather gods aren't exactly our biggest fans, so it will take some meticulous planning to ensure that you go an a dry and sunny day!


One of my favourite places to visit is the Globe. It was reconstructed to replicate the original Globe exactly, and you can see a variety of different Shakespeare plays each season. I've seen a few different plays and it is definitely an amazing experience! It's also rather reasonably priced, only £5 for standing tickets (which I personally find quite tiring), and around £20 for seats. It's also rather close to Borough Market, a great place to visit to sample so many different foods, I could literally spend an afternoon there just eating! 

Now, I know technically this isn't a 'sight seeing' activity, but it is still a tourist attraction, and let's face it, this is a fashion blog, so I had to include something to do with shopping lol! Now Oxford Street has absolutely every shop you could want, from your Topshops, and Zara, to Chanel, Dior and Prada on the nearby Bond Street. 

If you'r into your luxe fashion, Selfridges is the place to go. I literally never get bored of visiting Selfridges, walking around pretending to be a strong, independent rich lady who can afford absolutely anything I set my eyes on is legit one of my favourite things to do. The beauty hall has all the high end brands you could need, every big brand you could ever want is there. There's also an Aubaine on the 2nd floor of Selfridges if you get tired of shopping. Definitely a place to visit if you're a shopaholic like me!

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


I'm wearing the Moonphase Westminster Watch from Henry Watches, which you can get an extra 20% off with the code EVA20! 

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Henry London, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Sunday, 8 April 2018

Notting Hill, London, UK

Now would you believe that I struggle with low self esteem, and have done for as long as I can remember? If you didn't know me and were judging purely on my social media profiles then probably not, because they're just filled with images of me. See, for many people, fashion and beauty blogging is nothing more than a display of unapologetic narcissism. To those unaccustomed to our world, it's difficult to understand why we spend so many hours posing for photos, editing photos and uploading photos of ourselves, in an apparent bid for validation from other people online. I reckon there's quite a few of you reading this and vigorously shaking your head, because you know that couldn't be further from the truth. But that's often the perception the blogging world gives off, and for me at least, it could not be further from the truth (well, maybe the validation part is, but let's save that topic for another day).

See, it actually took me 2 years to pluck up the courage to start 'What Eva Wears', this little online space that has become a kind of home. This hesitation was purely due to low self esteem. I think it's something I'd like to write about completely separately at some point, because it is something that has plagued me consistently, and has undoubtedly affected my life significantly, from my relationships, to life choices and so on. It's a shame that I allowed my insecurities and lack of confidence to control me for so long, and hold me back from taking risks, or trying to achieve my goals. I would spend hours reading blogs, watching youtube videos, constantly imagining how I would create my own content 'if I were pretty enough' or 'funny enough' or 'cool enough', and so on.

At some point I just decided to throw myself into the deep end and create one, and it was terrifying. 
In some ways, wanting to become a part of the fashion and beauty online world was always, to an extent, a ludicrous decision. I can see how being interested in fashion and beauty, and then choosing to put myself out there in this way most definitely not only reinforced, but indeed intensified my feelings of low self-esteem, to the further detriment of my mental health. If you already have a propensity to be overly self-critical or self-deprecating, fashion blogging simply gives you another channel, or outlet for you to criticise yourself on, and it's one of the worst, because it's appearance, and there is so so much out there for you to compare yourself with. Add on top of that the fact that it's not just you who becomes a critique, it's the whole world too. When you're already vulnerable in this way, it's actually incredibly unwise, in a sense, to open up this door, and the prospect of having your own insecurities reinforced by people you don't know. 

Whilst I've been lucky enough to have only been met with kindness from the people of this community, the first year of blogging was pretty hard, as I found, more often than not, my blog made me feel a lot worse about myself, and how I looked, than it brought me any joy. It was bringing out the absolute worst of my mental health. I was constantly unhappy, particularly with my imagery. I would spend hours editing and editing, I don't know why, I guess, hoping that with enough editing, I would finally be happy with the end result. But it never happened. I began simply uploading content, however uncomfortable I was with having my face online, because when it came down to it, it was either upload and be slightly uncomfortable, but create the blog you've always wanted to; or, pack this whole thing in and give up.

I'm so incredibly glad that I chose the latter.

Over this past year of blogging, I finally feel like I've become more comfortable with putting my imagery out there. There are often times I'll still get myself down. I'll compare, I'll put my lack of engagement or growth down to the fact that I'm not pretty enough or 'relatable' enough or whatever. But ultimately, I'm worlds away from where I was when I first started blogging. Indeed, often when people I know see my imagery, they think I'm super confident, because I'm so posey and moody - I give off a 'wannabe model' vibe I guess, lol, which always makes me laugh, because in actual fact I feel dead silly posing up a storm to create those pictures.

So, what have I done to somewhat change my mindset, and make the photo taking and editing process easier on the self-esteem?

Here are 5 steps I've taken over my time blogging, that I have found have really helped with feeling comfortable uploading content. I hope that you guys find that these help you to tackle issues surrounding blogging and self-esteem too!


Now, you're probably sitting there thinking, 'no shit sherlock', but hear me out.
I try to be as pose-y and 'model like' as I can, because then I find it far easier to disconnect the photos from me. I know if I'm standing there cheesing away as I would for any other photo, then I'm far more likely to begin criticising the picture as a bad picture of me, because I then connect it with more usual types of photography where I am over critical, like when I flick through a family photo album, for instance. When I take photos, it's almost like I assume 'model mode'. I pretend that I am one, my blog is my Vogue, if you like. I always wanted to create very editorial style imagery, and to do that, I knew I'd have to push myself out of my comfort zone. For me then, I find that aiming to create more interesting shapes, more moody shots and a more editorial style allows me to process the pictures differently. Instead of thinking of the photos as photos of me, I find it easier to look at as a purely fashion or artistic shot. I'm able to critique my photos in terms of lighting, composition, angle and so on, as opposed to emphasising on any more personal imperfections. Take the photos in this blog post, for example. I'm happy with the imagery because I like the composition, and the colour. I love the blossom, and the way it compliments the outfit. I love the way the colour gives it a vintage-y feel. Because of these things, I don't need to take my analysing any further. There's no need for me to scrutinise my face or my body, because I simply like the way the picture is composed. The focus isn't on me, it's on the clothes that I'm modelling, the setting, and the way this is brought together through colour. Somehow, I can process that in my mind far more easily. 

It takes a lot more courage to be pose-y when shooting, but saves me a lot of negative energy and self-deprecation when it comes to editing, so I think it's worth it. When I get to editing, it's like the role play continues, and I edit as though I were the editor of Vogue. I think that's also why I really manipulate my image so much in terms of lighting, colour and so on, because the more 'artsy' or 'surreal' the pictures are, the further the are from my reality, and the further I can detach myself from them. I never set out to create imagery that was 'realistic' or 'relatable' or 'unedited', and I've never pretended that that was my goal. I'll be the first one to admit that my photos are edited to shit (though I always draw the line at actually changing what I look like, i.e. pinching in my waist with facetune and so on - to me that's pure deception.) My pictures are unapologetically edited (though some would say over-edited) and stylised, whilst I like to think my words are 'real', raw, uncensored and unedited - I try as hard as I can to give you the good, the bad and the ugly - but that's something that I've chosen to do only through words, and not imagery, because I simply don't have the confidence to bare my flaws and imperfections just yet. I'll always commend those who do so, but never approach other people's content with that expectation, because how do you bare you 'flaws' to the big bad world, giving everyone the chance to be a critic, when you're yet to accept them yourself?


That brings me to my second point: Only produce content you are comfortable producing. As I say, there's so much in the blogging world right now on photo editing, and there's been quite a movement against it, but that'll never make me change my style of photo, because I simply wouldn't be comfortable doing so. Take photos in areas you feel comfortable, and most importantly, in outfits you feel comfortable in. I've made this mistake too many a time; of shooting an outfit that in my head, I was super excited to put together, because it would look so chic and 'fashun', but which I knew, in real life, I would feel very uncomfortable shooting, because it'd be slightly too 'out there'. The proof is in these two posts, here and here. Though I still love the imagery that we created, I still vividly remember the uneasiness I felt as we walked to location, the extra time it took to take the photos because I just couldn't relax, and I think you can sense it slightly in the photos.


I always always take photos with people I'm 100% comfortable with, who I know will be aiming to get my 'best angle', and who'll be kind during my inevitable moan about the way I look in the pictures we've just shot. If you're with people who make you feel good and comfortable, then you're far more likely to be at ease when taking the shots, resulting in far better results for you. Also, the more you shoot with that same few people, the greater the chance that, before long, they begin to get the hang of what angles work for you, what kind of shots you like, and so on. It'll not only save you time on shoots, but will probably also save you a lot of heartache when you're less likely to scroll through 400 photos you've taken in 45 minutes, to find that only 10 of them are even half decent.


This brings me onto another interrelated point, and that's asking a second opinion when you'editing photos that you know you're being overly picky with. I often do this, and ask my sister, and when I explain whatever it is that's bugging me about the image; common complaints include, 'my chin looks huge', 'my eyes look wonky', 'my face isn't symmetrical', she's extremely quick to tell me I'm chatting utter nonsense and that she would never have even thought of any of the supposed imperfections I'm pointing out. This often sets me at ease and reminds me that, because it is my own face after all, I'm being far too overly critical. I'll then often take her advice and choose the photos she's recommended if I'm having a particularly insecure day, and then I leave it and don't go back, because the more you go back and forth analysing the pictures, the more imperfections you'll pick out.


This is a pretty important one. There's been so many times I've decided to shoot a look, or edit a set of photos, on a particularly bad self-esteem or mental health day. And it never ends well. Usually with me crawling into bed, trawling instagram's prettiest 'baddie' accounts and wishing that I'd been blessed with a different face. When you create on a day like that, you're setting yourself up for a fail already. Nothing you produce will be up to your standard, and chances are, it'll just bring that ugly green monster in the back of your mind to the fore. Definitely not something I need.

So I hope these tips help, folks. I'm not going to pretend that there is a quick fix to this. For a lot of you who suffer from low self esteem, if you're like me, it may be connected to other mental health issues you suffer from. I know that my own self-esteem and self-worth issues are largely connected with my depression and anxiety, and as such, are battles I am constantly fighting, and continue to discuss and unpick with my counsellor. But I feel like, in terms of blogging at least, I've got it somewhat under control because of these tips. I hope the can help you too!

I also hope you enjoy these 'think piece'/'advice' kind of posts. I have another Friday Thoughts on its way this week, and so much more content that I'm excited to share with you! If you don't already, don't forget to follow my blog, either via bloglovin, or by email, so you never miss a post! I'm also constantly on insta and twitter if you'd like to keep up to date with me!

How do you guys deal with confidence and blogging? Leave me comments below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



T-shirt: Topshop (Sold Out, but I also love this one!)
Jeans: Na-kd (V. Similar Here)
Cardigan: Weekday
Shoes: Topshop (Old, very similar Here)
Bag: Zara (Old, Similar Here)
Twilly: Dior
Sunglasses: Ebay


Thursday, 5 April 2018

We all have those days where we're at a bit of a loss of what to wear, right?

Often on those days, you can bet on the fact that I'm 100% going to be opting for the incredibly original and groundbreaking combo of jeans and a t-shirt, or the cold weather edition; jeans and a jumper.

Sometimes we end up getting a little bored; I know that by day 4 of jeans and a tee I feel as though I haven't actually changed clothes in a while. It can be repetitive and monotonous, and I don't know about you, but my style and fashion are one area of my life that I categorically do NOT want to become monotonous and boring (save that for my daily routine and future day job lol). So I have a couple of tips for those of you who are often at a loss when it comes to ways of making our outfits more interesting, without going out to buy a whole new wardrobe.

See, it's all in the accessories, folks. A few 'on trend' accessories are all you need to jazz up just about any outfit. Which I hope to prove in the outfit featured in this post.

So, say you're having a bad hair day, are looking to conceal your identity or simply want to keep your head warm, throw on a hat. Instantly, you've elevated your outfit to #trendy status with one quick step. 

Secondly, for all you fellow lazy gals out there, then this one is also a lazy dressing 101 tip. You could be wearing a basic af outfit, but add a pair of wacky '90s trend sunglasses and you've just reached #treschic status in one quick and easy step. Incidentally, sunglasses are also a very good accessory option for a range of situations. i.e. if you're A.) pretending you're famous or practicing your 'hiding from paparazzi' face in preparation for when you are actually famous, B.) to disguise the fact that you stayed up til 5am watching RuPaul's Drag Race and therefore only got 2 hours of sleep from the world, or C.) Actually want to shield your eyes from the sun on account of your eye health.

A third option is to add a pop of colour (cliche expression I know, but it does the job so perfectly!) to your outfit, as I've done here. We all know that I'm a big fan of the ol' monochrome aesthetic, but recently I've been getting very bored with just how neutral my outfits are. Enter this gorgeous Radley bag; the perfect accessory to liven up my very two toned outfit. There's currently a beautiful selection of Radley bags in some wonderful bright colours, such as this berry, as well as a teal, and sherbet pink, all perfect for adding a 'pop of colour' to an outfit, without being too 'out there'.

If you're like me, you're probably someone who is usually rather wary in investing in pieces that aren't black. When I'm buying something that's got a slightly bigger price tag, I always reason that I should get black, because it's the most 'practical' and will go with all my outfits - for some reason we're so scared of brights! But we shouldn't be! I often find that brights can actually often be just as wearable as neutrals, in that they can be paired with far more colours than we think. Take this bag in the berry shade, for instance, (which, incidentally, is now on sale!). I think it'll look great not only with whites and blacks, but with brown, camel shades, pinks, navy, forest greens and mustards, whilst the classic style means I'll be able to wear it season after season.

So to re-cap, here we have the baker boy hat, the 'pop of colour' bag, and some interesting footwear with the white boots, which I think all together totally elevate this outfit. And ta-dahhh! That's how I jazz up my simple outfits, lovelies! I hope you found this post interesting.  Let me know in the comments below how you make your simple outfits more interesting!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



Jumper: c/o Boohoo*
Jeans: Asos
Trench Coat: Zara (Sale, Similar Here and Here)
Hat: Nasty Gal
Boots: Topshop (Old, Similar Here)
Bag: c/o Radley*

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Radley. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

So, this little space on the internet turns 2 years old today!

I cannot believe it's gone so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was plucking up the courage to press publish on my first ever blog post, absolutely shitting myself about how it would be received! I feel like a proud mother lol!

I remember on the 1st anniversary of my blog, I wrote all about the things that I had learnt in my first year of blogging, as well as the goals I had set myself for the following year. I thought I would repeat that exercise again this year, but I realised that actually the things I learnt in my first year are pretty much still applicable in my second.
I also wrote a couple of 'goals' for the following year, which I thought I could reflect on now, and see how far I've come in achieving them.

So the goals I had set myself were:

Consistency - So this is a bit of a mixed bag. I definitely blogged a lot more over the past year, but 'consistently' isn't the word I would use. There are times I'll publish 5 posts in a week, and then nothing for 3, so this is definitely something I want to continue to work on. I'm trying to post at least twice a week at the minute, and so far so good! So fingers crossed this will be the year I get some sort of blogging routine!

Write More Think Pieces - Now this is one goal I do think that I've done pretty well with. I've been very open with my mental health journey, something that I never thought I would talk about so openly on the internet, but have actually found the process incredibly rewarding and those posts have been really well received. I've received so many messages and comments from people saying that it was comforting to know that they weren't alone in their sufferings. Just hearing those things makes me so happy and makes baring all in those posts incredibly worth it. But not only that, I've realised that writing about my mental health has been rather cathartic and actually therapeutic in itself. I definitely plan to continue to write about mental health as I go forward, but also to expand to write more about other opinions I have, and other things I'm interested in, such as art, politics, and my thoughts on the blogging world.

Enjoy it - Hmm... this one has been a mixed bag as well. But I'm ok with that. I haven't really gotten better at trying not to stress if I don't have time to shoot, if my following stagnates, or if I feel uninspired, but in hindsight I think it was unrealistic for me to think that those things wouldn't make me feel frustrated or annoyed. After all, when you care about something, or if you're generally a perfectionist, it's very difficult to not let this seep into all aspects of your life. So yes, there are times when blogging isn't so fun, when it becomes gruelling, or draining, but there are also times when I absolutely love it, and write 5 posts in a day. I think that's just the nature of creative projects; they require you to put in a lot more of yourself and your energy. So I think I would modify this goal for the coming year. Instead, I'd say, be prepared for high highs and low lows, the important thing is that you don't give up.

So that's it! My last year, very briefly, in review. And you've also got a random outfit pic I took outside Greggs to accompany it - keeping it classy over here, as always!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you guys think you've learnt over the time you've been blogging!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



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Sunday, 1 April 2018

(L-R: Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Taupe)

(Wearing Velvet Teddy and Soar Liner)

Hello lovelies, and Happy Easter! I hope you've all had a wonderful one, whatever you've been doing: whether it's of religious significance for you and your families, or you've just been stuffing your face with chocolate - for me it's a bit of both!
So, due to a slight scheduling error and lots of bad weather (damn you, rain, for making it so hard for me to get outfit pictures!), we'll be having a 'Makeup Sunday' today, instead of the usual 'Makeup Monday' post tomorrow (though here's a link to the last one, in case you missed it!). Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, I know, but we'll make do, right?
Anyway enough rambling, today I'm chatting about my favourite nude MAC lipsticks. Now if you're judging from these pics, you're probably thinking that they all look exactly the same. And this is where I go 'Noooooooo you're wrong! They're all completely different!' Ok, not completely different, but different enough that I can justify have all three, you get me? Hopefully you'll be able to tell better from the swatches, but bare with me! These are some of the staples in my lipstick collection, and lorrdddd knows I have far too many lippies, so these really are the creme de la creme. Best of all, I'm pretty sure there'll be something for everyone!

TAUPE (MATTE) - £17.50

Now 'Taupe' is the most brown-toned of the three (I mean no shit, it's called taupe lol).
It's described by MAC as a 'muted, reddish-taupe brown', and has the least amount of pink in it of all three shades. I think this would look especially beautiful on warmer or deeper skin tones. I know some people are scared of brown lipsticks and feel that they won't look flattering, but this is definitely a more wearable brown. It has just enough of a hint of red to make it wearable, and isn't so dark that it'll look unflattering on light skin tones. I went through a phase about a year ago of wearing this absolutely every day, and felt like it was an extremely day time appropriate, wearable shade, so don't be put off by the fact that it's a brown!

Now remember a couple of years ago when the Beauty community went absolutely BONKERS for Kylie Jenner's lips?! Just about everyone and their dog was on the hunt to find the perfect 'Kylie lip colour'. Eventually, as we always do, we solved the mystery and discovered the elusive shades she had been using. Well, velvet Teddy was one of those shades, folks. So popular, in fact, that I heard that it was sold out from MAC for weeks on end, and there was even a waitlist to get your hands on it! Wow, us beauty addicts really do some crazy shit, right?
And in fairness, I can see why. Described as a 'deep-tone beige', this is the perfect nude for so many skin tones. If you are fairer skinned, and have to choose one out of these three shades, I'd go with this. It really is that 'your lips but better' shade.
The lightest of the three shades, it's the most pink toned and 'nude-esque'. (Wow, I'm really not doing well with these descriptions lol!) It's still pretty brown-toned, though, so you will get that '90s look, but of the three, it's probably the safest brown colour for those a little more wary of that look.
For the full 'Kylie lip', line your lips with the 'Soar' lip pencil, also by MAC and another of my faves, and then fill the centre in with Velvet Teddy. I know I'm like 3 years late with this info and this is old news, but just incase there are any of you late to the party, then that's how you get the perfect Kylie Jenner inspired 90s lip!

WHIRL (MATTE) - £17.50

So I think 'Whirl' is actually my all time favourite MAC lipstick. (Don't hold me to that, though, I'm fickle and change my mind very easily). It's just the perfect 'dirty rose' shade, which is exactly how MAC describes it. Originally only a lipliner, the shade gained cult status when it was discovered to be another of the shades behind Kylie Jenner's infamous pout. I remember when I was first trying to get my hands on the liner a couple of years ago, and it was sold out for a full 3 months both online and in-store before I was able to get my hands on it (damn you, Miss Jenner!) Due to the popularity of the liner, it was then brought out in lipstick formula (which I guess was also due to the so-called 'Kylie effect', so actually, touché, Miss Jenner).
If you're wanting a '90s lip, then this is the shade you need. It's a dark mauve-brown, giving off grunge era vibes whilst still looking feminine; I mean, could this be anymore '90s? (*Chandler Bing voice*).
This is a shade that I reach for time and time again, and one I always get complimented on - I mean, it's cult for a reason, folks!

(On a side note, can someone please tell me how the hell to take decent, aesthetically pleasing swatch photos?!)

I hope this proved useful for you, lovelies! I've linked where I can to places where there is a slight discount, like John Lewis and Asos (10% with student discount!) But I thought I'd also add that currently on the Debenhams website, MAC lipsticks have 15% off, so if you're thinking of treating yourself to one of these, then now's the time!

Let me know what other Beauty Posts you'd like to see in the comments below, as well as what your favourite MAC nude lipsticks are - I'm always eager to add to my collection!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



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