Monday, 20 November 2017

London, UK

So, ladies, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the new man in my life, for he has stolen my heart.

See, from the moment I set eyes on him, I knew it was love at first sight. Smart, sophisticated, timeless. Modern but so endearingly traditional. A real box ticker, everything I could've asked for and so much more. 

Oh, did I mention that I was referring to my watch? Of course, this is not an actual man, (that'll be the day lol... I can assure you that spinsterhood is still very much my current and future status), but you know what, who needs a man; Henry and I are joint at the hip (or wrist) and don't intend to part anytime soon. I guess you could say this is the only relationship I'm happy to commit to.

So yeah, you have your iPhone glued to your hand, so you don't technically need any other device to tell the time. But technicalities, pleaseeeee. You'd be wrong if you're thinking that ol' thing called a watch is now redundant. Because let me tell you, watches are back in, folks, and for the beady eyed followers of the fashion pack amongst you, you'll know that they never went away.

See, there's nothing quite as sophisticated as a simple, classic, watch. Fedora hats, baker boy caps, chokers, chunky chains, they all come and go, but the watch is forever. In fact, a classic timepiece, dare I say it, is the ultimate accessory.

Indeed, word on the street is that the luxury watch is the new designer handbag. All your fave celebs are now flaunting their Omegas and Patek Phillipe's on the red carpets in the usual 'look how wealthy I am' display. That's right, it's all about solid gold Rolexes as opposed to Hermes birkins. 

Ok so I may not be able to tote a diamond encrusted Cartier about, and I may not have a Rolex (hey, who knows what the future holds though, amirighttt? #girlbossingit). But, folks, you can bet I have the next best thing.

Now, if you're a sucker for a product with a story behind it a la Phoebe from Friends ("Ross, be careful that's very old! Early Colonial bird merchants used to bring their birds to market in that.") Then you're going to love this:

On the streets of London, you’ll discover inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. A market stall in Notting Hill, a classic watch with a simple engraving; the detail, the craftsmanship, the innate style that captures decades of innovation.

Two designers exploring London’s many vintage districts searching for such inspiration stumbled upon a 1960s vintage timepiece at the famous Portobello Road Market. The beautifully styled, classic Swiss watch had the words ‘Henry, August 1965’ engraved on the case back. Although suffering the ravages of time, the watch still typified the craftsmanship and quality of a bygone age.

Inspired by a vintage timepiece, the designers of Henry London have utilised cutting-edge technology to create a watch collection with a level of precision and reliability which far exceeds that of their mid-century predecessor, yet does not compromise on style and design.

The collection perfectly combines traditional styling with modern trends, pairing stainless steel cases with a spectrum of coloured dials. The bracelets are constructed from high quality stainless steel Milanese mesh, whilst straps are made from the finest of soft leathers, carefully dyed to a bespoke palette of regal shades.

Henry London, created from this one moment of inspiration, expresses the very essence of London. The juxtaposition of old and new, of the bold and the idiosyncratic.

See, didn't I tell you Henry was a special one? 

Let me sell it to you, tv ad style. You hop out of your quaint little studio apartment, perfect blow dry bouncing in the frosty London air. You start your morning run in your highly impractical stiletto heels on the way to catch the tube, when you take a glance at the gleaming face on your wrist to see that you have a mere 15 minutes to make it to your office for your 9am meeting. So, burberry trench blowing in the wind, you run to the road side and hail a black cab, hopping in with coffee cup in hand. As you jump out, you glance at that little face on your wrist once more and realise you have 2 minutes to spare, a whole 2 minutes to apply swipe of lippie in your favourite shade of red. 
Have I just sold you a working girl's dream? Made the corporate world seem a tad less boring?

 And is there anything quite so quintessentially British? 

And the best part about wearing a watch? You can completely sell a false identity. You could be the ultimate 'lady with her shit together' in the streets, and an absolute disorganised wreck in the sheets. (this doesn't quite work but let's keep it moving LOL).

See, in these pictures, I'd like to think that I look as those I have my shit together. But in actual fact, I woke up 20 minutes late, had to run to my morning lecture and therefore very quickly became a hot sticky mess, then spilled coffee all over my jacket on the way to taking these photos. (The worst bit was it wasn't even my coffee, I was literally holding my friend's cup for all of 2 minutes whilst she did her coat up. I really am a complete klutz lol!) But would you ever know? If you don't stare too deeply into my pain filled eyes, would you not just think this was a girl with her life together? She's even wearing a watch so she must be organised? I'm thinking hell yeah, you would!

See, when perusing the streets of London amidst the hustle and bustle of people from all walks of life, one becomes acutely aware that the city really is the home of individuality. Everybody has a different story to tell, for London is a place where people go to 'live the dream'. And it's also a place to sell the dream. So yes, you're still 15 minutes late to everything, you hardly ever have your shit together, and you practically live off coffee and adrenaline, but you walk around with watch gleaming on your wrist and your head held high, an air of importance about you, and no one will ever know...


Watch: c/o Henry London*
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Asos (Similar Here)
Coat: Zara
Boots: Missguided
Beret: Asos

P.S. Ya gyal managed to get you a cheeky discount code too! Just enter in the code 'EVA20' at checkout for 20% off any watch! Browse the selection here and thank me later!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Henry London, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 10 November 2017

University Library

So it's the start of my sixth week back at uni. I currently have 5 completed essays to my name, and 4 more to go before the end of term in 3 weeks. I wrote two essays back to back on Monday and Tuesday, then read 350 pages of Russian history in 24 hours for another deadline today. Now I'm currently in the library, frantically typing out this blog post to publish it by 6pm, so that I can get an hour of reading in for the essay I have to write tomorrow, before the library closes. Oh and then theres a second essay in for Tuesday.

But essays aren't all I've been doing. Determined to embrace uni life to the max this year, I was in the pub Monday, Wednesday, yesterday I had a little cans and music soiree with my mates, and I'm off to the pub again today (tbh the fact that I want to leave for the pub at 7 is the farrrr stronger motivation for me to get my reading done this eve lol!) This weekend, amongst my 2 essays and reading hell, I also somehow found the time to go to the pub (it's becoming a bad habit lol) and go to a halloween all night club event on Saturday that had me back in my bed at 7.30am. Oh, and my upcoming two essay hell will be nicely ensconced amongst another social timetable of: pub, night out, and trip to visit my sister at her uni. So, I guess it's safe to say I'm currently running on 5hrs sleep a night, unhealthily high levels of alcohol, junk food and snacks, and a shit tonne of adrenaline and sheer will power, (but not caffeine, I've never been a coffee girl, that's my only consolation lol!) 

And don't even get me started on my own personal goals. The blog. My beloved little virtual home that I have regrettably neglected for far too long, but has had to take a back seat whilst I tackle the mounds of work that are being hurled at me daily. This weekend I'm determined to write and edit 2 posts, but deep down I know this is slightly ambitious. Then there were my fitness goals. I wanted to get to the gym three times a week, for my mental health particularly, and one of the biggest goals I had set myself for the coming academic year was to start going back to dance classes, something I've missed since starting uni, and a passion I wanted to revisit this year. Have I managed to do either? You've guessed it - of course not.

And this has left me feeling incredibly behind. Like I'm not doing quite enough. That I could be doing better, I could have it more together and I should have it more together. And yet, I know full well that I'm rarely wasting hours these days. Any time I'm neglecting a schedule, it's for want of sleep - a couple more hours in bed in the morning instead of going to the gym or doing some reading. Or it's an hour more in the pub with friends because I haven't seen them in a couple of days. 

No longer am I wasting the hours, as I so often have, particularly at my most depressing times. Far from it, I'm trying my best to use ever single hour I have, and somehow it's still not enough. 

Ah, that ever elusive 'work-life balance', is what springs to mind. 

See, I feel I'm doing the best I can in terms of balancing my work and social life. I have yet to miss an essay deadline, and I've been able to see my friends regularly as opposed to isolating myself in my room with stacks of reading. So at face value, work-life balance? Success! But I know that the way I'm living at the moment is profoundly unhealthy. 

See we live in a society that feeds off being busy. People live with their 'I sleep for 4 hours a night, go to the gym everyday at 6am and live off of caffeine tablets' badges on their sleeves, and quite frankly, I think it's incredibly unhealthily. A part of me has always been ridiculously jealous of that girl who has everything together. Work, social life, exercise, everything. But that's where that old saying, 'comparison is the thief of joy' comes to mind. 

We live in a culture that encourages a 'work yourself to the bone' ethic, constantly being on the move and doing things is deemed a good thing, and almost an 'elite' thing, as though only the very best humans have the capabilities of doing so. We therefore all feel that we must prove how busy we are, showing how much you're living life to the full and achieving across social media, insta stories and so on. Rarely do we take as much pride in the hours in which we 'do nothing', and when we do talk about them, it's always in a sarcastic, jokey, self-deprecating manner. 

I can't pretend that I'm not guilty of this myself. If I have a spare hour and want to sit and do nothing, I always feel I have to justify to someone else why I made that decision. Or if I feel absolutely shattered after a week, I feel very accepting of it, as I feel like because I'm getting a lot of things done, that this is what life 'should' be like. That maybe, I'm just lazy, and the reason I'm finding it so tiring is because of that. 
But deep down I know that's not the case. Sleeping for 5 hours a night, eating lunch on the way to a lecture because you've had back to back appointments, drinking your into your overdraft because you feel you have to make every social occasion, and because you tell yourself that's what uni life is all about. Sometimes it's too much, and you just need a quiet night in. A night off. Time to catch up on your favourite shows, or do some sketching, or read a magazine. 

And so that's what I realised this week. This'll be the last week of this ridiculous work life balance as my workload eases a bit, but I'll still be busy. What's important though, is prioritising self care. I've realised I need to start getting more sleep. I need to start pushing myself to go to every social occasion, because I fear the day my social anxiety takes over again. I need to start taking an hour off here and there, to do my colouring for some therapy, or watch a bit of light hearted telly. It's not just a 'work-life' balance doesn't just mean your job, or school, and a social life. It means time for yourself, self care, sleep, proper meal times. It's so important that we don't forget that, for that's how we live a truly healthy lifestyle. 

What I can say though, is despite how tiring this week has been. I can finally say that I've been enjoying university, the most I ever have, in fact. It's amazing how much getting some counselling and medication has helped me. I'm going to do a full post on my first term back at uni post-intermission, but so far, so good. 

So the take home point from today? Well, I realise a lot of it was me just waffling on, but there is a point in there somewhere. And it is this: We're not robots, we aren't programmed to be switched on all the time. There is a time to work, a time to socialise, and there's a time to slow down and take time for yourself too. Don't be ashamed of the time you take out, it doesn't make you lazy, or stupid, or less capable. It makes you human. 

How do you guys cope in very busy points in your lives? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3


p.s. I got no reading done and this post will be up at 7 - my scheduling will forever be a shambles lol.


Friday, 27 October 2017

So guys, today I'm keeping it short and sweet (you'll appreciate that pun as we get further into this post). 
I think we can all universally agree that chocolate and clothes are two of the greatest of life's pleasures, amirightttt? So what better than a combination of the two? And no, not a t-shirt made out of chocolate; unfortunately I don't know how that would be achievable, let alone thinking about the practical considerations (all that stickiness?), but a t-shirt that allows you to wear your favourite chocolate close to your heart, or your chocoholic heart on your sleeve, if you will, (and if you'd pardon the pun - I had to get one in there! It's puns galore today!) 

Well, House of Holland have done just that.

In collaboration with the masters of chocolate, Cadbury, HOH have launched 5 limited edition t-shirts, exclusively designed by Henry himself, infusing the iconic Cadbury classic designs for the Twirl, Crunchie, Double Decker, Boost, Wispa with characteristically gaudy and witty HOH fashion in bright, fun, tie-dye prints designs. Haven't you heard, folks? Tie dye is back in - so jump on the ol' bandwagon!

Now, the tees are definitely unique. And pretty out there. So, how do I style, I may here you say? 

Well I concede I myself, with my far more minimalistic sense of personal style, thought that would be somewhat of a challenge, but it was surprisingly easier than I expected.

There's two approaches you can take, folks, either: 

1.) More is more - Go all out, wear all the colour; I'm talking bright red beret, flared jeans, metallic boots and gold accessories, all the gold! If you dare to make people stare, then hold that head high and walk with confidence, you'll definitely be channelling 'quirky chic'!

2.) Play it Down - Now for the more demure amongst us, simply pair your tee with an old wardrobe staple, skinny jeans or cigarette pants, and let the tee do the talking. It'll add that pop of colour, that focal point that makes a usual plain tee and jeans outfit that tad more interesting, without placing you too far out of your comfort zone. 

I tried to do something kind of in between, pairing it down with my black denim mini, but injecting a but of gaudiness back in with my beloved Gucci marmont belt. Overall, boring? hello no, but wearable, hell yes! 

And the best thing? All profits for the tees go directly to the Prince's Trust, a great charity founded specifically to help disadvantaged young people. So just to recap, we're combining clothes, chocolate and charity; the three 'C's, and the best 'C's in life... it doesn't get any better than that!

Now guys, these tees are limited edition, so make sure you get them before they're gone!

Get them here!

Until next time, 



T-Shirt: Cadbury x HOH
Skirt: Topshop
Belt: Gucci

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Cadbury x House of Holland, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Monday, 16 October 2017

Welcome back to another hashtag #MAKEUPMONDAY my lovelies! I've been SO excited for this one. So guys, about three weeks ago, I received the most exciting PR package EVER. As in, I almost cried when I opened the box and my parents thought I had completely lost it. Low key a highlight of my year. Now, if you read my blog often, you'll know that it is by no means a secret just how much I love Charlotte Tilbury. SO when the lovely people at the CT PR team sent across a pretty purple box, it's safe to say I completely lost my shit, for want of a better phrase.

Charlotte's range has become somewhat of a cult classic in the blogosphere since it launched back in 2013, and it's easy to see why. With two decades worth of experience of making up the most iconic faces in the business, Charlotte finally placing all of her beauty expertise into products that we can all use was bound to be exciting. And, let's face it, the fact that it's all bottled up into beautifully vintage, 1920s-esque packaging which will look perfect on any wannabe-silver-screen-siren's vanity is the cherry on top.

But this isn't the only reason I love CT. See, it was actually Charlotte who inspired my love for makeup as an art form. It all sparked from an interview I watched conducted by Sali Hughes on her beauty channel series 'In the bathroom with'. I was instantaneously in awe of Charlotte's passion and enthusiasm for the industry, her wild stories of partying with some of the biggest names in the business, and her incredibly endearing eccentricity and giggle-inducing mannerisms. This resulted in me spending far too many hours watching her make tutorials on youtube, desperately trying to figure out how she managed to make the application of makeup appear quite so effortless, and I was immediately mesmerised by the way in which she would be able to enhance a woman's natural beauty, without masking her unique features, with the quick tip and tap of a brush.

Now enough of my wittering on, but I could seriously natter on about this lady for hours. To me, she is the ultimate girl boss: unapologetically glamorous and feminine, an accomplished makeup artist, business owner, wife and mother, and best believe she'll juggle all roles in a pair of five inch stiletto heels! I'm incredibly inspired by her talent and her work ethic, and I've come to fall in love with her 'beauty for everyone' brand philosophy. Whether you're a mum with five minutes before the school run, or a hungover uni student (ahemmm me lol), Charlotte has created high quality products that are easy for everyone to use.

So, now lets get onto the products. I have a whole range of CT bits that I've been testing out, enough pieces for a full face, almost! Unfortunately I don't have any base products for you today, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get my hands on the magic foundation, concealers and new contour wands very soon! In any case, let me give you a review of what I have so far. Now Charlotte Tilbury is undoubtedly a high end brand, so her prices are, well, pricey. Thus, I've been testing the products for the past couple of weeks and I've done a little tutorial for you, so saddle up kids, grab a cuppa, this is gonna be a longun'!



Click here for a more detailed post on my base routine. But once you've moisturised, prepped your skin with a primer, and set down your foundation and concealer, you're good to go! I also fill in my brows at this stage since, as Charlotte says, the 'brows are the pillars of the face', so I like to have them together early on.


  • So on with the main event, the eye look. First things first, swipe the prime shade across the lids to give a light shimmery sheen over the whole lid. 
  • I then take the 'enhance' shade and wash this over the lid building up the colour until I've reached my desired intensity. Since this was a more night out glam look, I went all out and built up a very opaque colour.
  • Pop your blending brush into your smoke shade and place this on the outer corner of the lid and across your crease, wing out the remainder of the product so it is brought out to a point similar to the shape you would create when doing a winged liner, then go back to blend everything seamlessly with the enhance shade placed previously. Lastly, run the smoke shade along the lower lid 
  • Then all that's left is that 'pop'. Use your finger to tap the 'pop' shade in the very centre of the eye over the enhance shade, and build to your desired finish. 
  • Go back into the prime shade with a smaller eyeshadow brush, and dab this on the tear duct area of the eye, and slightly along the inner third of the lower lash line, to open up the eye. 


  • Now the eyeshadow is all done, let's get sultry with the iconic feline flick. Use your eyeliner pen to draw a thin line across the lash line, then go ahead and create your wing, following the shape already created by the 'smoke' eyeshadow shade.
  • If you're wanting to go super sultry, go ahead and line the water lines with a black pencil - more is more, after all, girls!
  • All that's left now is to bring the eye look together with lashings of mascara. Coat your lashes with your 'full fat lashes' for a dramatic eye, and you'll have gorgeous, long, thick lashes - and there is not a falsie in sight!


  • Back to the base, go in with your sculpting palette, and carve in those cheekbones, girl! Suck in your cheeks, and as Charlotte says, follow the hollow. Proceed with a light hand, carefully building the product up to avoid any mishaps. 
  • Then get your fave blush and place this on the apples of the cheeks, remembering to drag it up and out to follow your contour, so you avoid 'clown syndrome'! 
  • For that final touch, pat your finger into your highlight shade and place this on the high points of the cheekbone, also add a little to the brow bone, tip of the nose and bow of the lip, if you're feeling extra fancy. 


  • Now to pull everything together with the lips. Get your pillow talk liner, and cheat your way to a plumper pout by tracing your lip line. If you're wanting your lipstick to last longer, than also go ahead and fill in the lips too. 
  • Take your Hepburn Honey, and lightly pat this into your lips, using your finger to smudge it into the lip liner below, or use a brush if you're wanting to be more precise. And there you have it, a perfect pout!



Now my first impression was that I was struck by just how much the texture reminded me of sudocrem. It's an incredibly thick texture, and I remember approaching it with fear the first time around, as I didn't see how something so thick would be suitable for the daytime. Well, my friends, I put my hands up and admit I was wrong. I dolloped a fair helping onto my skin, massaged it in, and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes before continuing my base. That's one bit of advice I would give, allow the product to sink into the skin for a few minutes before proceeding otherwise the products you place on top might just slip around too much.

Guys, this is going to sound strange, but a part of me actually didn't want to like this. Because it's £70.00, and I've never spent that on skincare before. But when you apply it, it just feels like luxury. It feels like an expensive cream and it's such a pleasure to have on. I now have to in some way make sense of the fact that I have fallen in love with a £70.00 moisturiser and that at some point in the future I'm going to have to repurchase it lol.

Now, although this is supposedly suitable for all skin types, I think this might be a little too overwhelming for those with very oily skin, for the day time at the least. My skin has become very normal, but I used to have the oiliest skin in the world, and I know I would have steered well clear of this as a daytime product, as it would never sink into skin, it would've simply exacerbated my oil more. If, however, you have any other skin type, or are looking for a night moisturiser, I think you would benefit from this. As the weather gets colder and the air gets drier, I'm going to start applying this more liberally and using it as almost a mask at night.

Overall, this is a product that is definitely worth the hype, folks. I haven't been using it for long enough to tell whether my skin has had any long term benefits, but I'd be more than happy to do a follow up post in a couple of months. So product one is a big thumbs up from me!

If you're into that 'glory, dewy skin look', then this is the product for you. Wonderglow claims to be a 'glow boosting, youth infused face primer', and whilst I can't vouch for the 'youth boosting' promise (hey, I'm 21 so if I need something youth boosting now I'm gonna be in serioussss trouble in 20 years time lol!), but what I can say is that they're spot on with the glow enhancing claim. The primer is a champagne gold tone, very warm, so I think it compliments my skin quite well. When applied to the skin under foundation, the enhanced radiance is very visibly clear. 

However, what I will say is I can't see myself wearing this every day. The are tiny glitter particles, which make it super pretty, but which would also make me refrain from using it on the daily. They can be sheered out to look more natural, but personally, I like my daily makeup to look more matte. For a night time look though, this is perfect, I always gravitate towards it when I am going a little heavier with my makeup, and am shookethhh by how good it makes my skin look. I'm not sure that it adds to the longevity of my makeup, by neither does it take away, so I would say that this product is far more about the look it gives to the skin, a glowy look, than it is for the application or wear time of your makeup. 

Overall, I really like this product, and I think it works very well with the magic cream. Do I think it is a necessity? No, but that's not because I don't like the formula, it's purely because I think if you're wanting an everyday primer, and you go quite simple like me, the glitter may be a bit much for you. I also don't think buying both the magic cream and wonderglow is absolutely necessary, if you're a bit more strapped for cash and only fancy investing in one, I'd go for the magic cream instead, which I think is far more multi purpose and beneficial skin-care wise, and getting wonderglow if you're either massively into glow makeup (you will dieeee for this!), or simply fancy treating yourself to something a little more special. 

I bought this about a year ago and absolutely love it, as you guys would have heard in my easy peasy eyeshadow tutorial here. The palette has one highlight and one bronzer shade, and is a cream version of Charlotte's much hyped 'bronze and glow' (which I desperately need to get my hands in, incidentally!) The shades have a creamy texture and blend nicely into the skin to create subtle definition to the cheekbones. I'm not really one for strong contouring on the daily, but instead use the product to add warmth to the skin whilst lightly sculpting the face. 

The highlight is very pretty too - I place a small amount on the high points of the cheekbones for a subtle sheen. What I love about this palette is that it's very warm toned, which is good for my skin tone, but is also very forgiving, so you're far less likely to get that 'I haven't washed in a while' makeup faux pas look! 
The cream palette is actually from the limited edition norman parkinson collection, but it's still available on!


Now, even though I do concede that there are some incredibly good drugstore mascaras out there, I'm a sucker for a high end one. To be completely honest, the vast majority of mascaras will work, as in, they'll do something for your lashes, whether it's lengthen a bit, or thicken a bit, and so on. But I think what sets apart high end mascaras is their ability to do all of these things at once, and also, the quality of the brush. These are two things that I think the full fat lashes excels in. Now, I'd already bought 'Legendary Lashes' and absolutely loved it (it's my holy grail alongside UD 'Perversion'), but now I have another contender in the mix. This mascara is absolutely perfect, particularly, for lengthening and separating your lashes. Honestly, when I showed my sister the difference between my eye with mascara and my eye without it, her jaw dropped - the lengthening is insane. She's now ordered me to get her a tube for christmas lol!

Now, what are the differences between Full fat lashes and legendary lashes? I'd say the latter gives more volume, and thickness - I definitely think if you're someone who goes all out with their mascara, than that is the one for you. I personally love both, and I'm not sure which I prefer - both are excellent. These mascaras are pricey, but if you're like me, and mascara is an absolute essential in your makeup routine, then you can never go wrong with splurging on one. I've often seen that mini trial size versions of legendary lashes are often available for free with orders over £40 on, I have one and they last for ages, so if you fancy giving one a trial first, that's the way to go!

Guys, onto the main event; I cannot tell you how excited I have been to have my hands on this palette. I actually specifically asked for this one to create a look with, seeing as I've had my eye on it for months and months. Now, I know many people would ordinarily shy away from such bright shades. But I'm the opposite, I've always absolutely loved blue and green shades, particularly on medium skin tones like mine, and I also think these colours really bring out brown eyes, which is quite hard to do.

Now this palette exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were pretty damn high. It's extremely pigmented and buildable, but I didn't really experience any fallout (only a small amount from the pop shade on my eyelashes, but I didn't even really need to clean this up.) I never bother priming my eyes, and these shadows lasted and remained perfect for the whole time I was wearing them (which was a good few hours), so have no fears about wearing these on a night out. The palette is extremely well thought out, as all the shades have enough difference so that you don't feel you don't have much variety, whilst simultaneously complimenting each other perfectly.

If you're also unsure of what to put where, the Charlotte has you covered by giving each shade a sort of 'function' in the set. It's therefore super easy to follow if you're an eyeshadow rookie, simply follow the steps which instruct you to 'prime, enhance, pop, and smoke'.

I doubt that I'd often use the 'prime' shade as that, I actually placed it in the inner corners and thought it looked beautiful there, and I'd use it as a shade on its own too. Despite there only being four colours, I actually think there are a lot of combination possibilities which can mean you can make the colours work for day or night. The palette is pricey, it's £39.00, but if you break that down, that's just under £10 per shadow, which is the price of a MAC single. I also think the formulas are absolutely stunning, so I would absolutely buy another.

I'm actually blown away by the quality of these shadows, and I've already got my eye on more - I'm thinking either 'The Vintage Vamp' or 'The Dolce Vita' next, for an autumnal look, just as soon as I'm a little less broke!

Now I'm a lover of a good feline flick, it's something I do on the daily, and until now, I've been loyal to my l'oreal superliner, but I'm really impressed with this eyeliner. I haven't actually heard much hype around this particular product from Charlotte's range, and I'm actually not usually a fan of pen eyeliners, I find they're usually a more wishy-washy black, but this one has surprised, and I think, converted me! I haven't found the pigment to be washed out, it's very black, which means you don't have to keep going over the line you've already drawn - a nightmare if you have a shaky hand! The nib is an absolute dream; it's very precise, and so creates the perfect wing. 

If you are someone who likes very thick winged liner this may not be the best product, since the very thin precise tip means you'll have to spend longer building it up (this wouldn't be something that bothered me personally considering the formula is so nice, though!). However, if you're a liquid liner veteran, or love very thin eyeliner lines, this is definitely for you. I have a fairly shaky hand and I didn't find this too hard to get precise. Overall, I actually think I'll be repurchasing this, which is honestly pretty shocking for me, because I don't ever steer away from my superliner! 

Ah, the infamous 'pillow talk'. I practically died when I saw this in my box. Girls, if you've been holding out on buying this, hold out no more. Get on, trek down to your department store, whatever, just buy this now. It is fabulousssss. It's unlike any lipliner I've used before, particularly in terms of texture. It has an almost waxy consistency, but does not drag when applied. I get the sense once again that this is a very well thought out product in terms of formula, as the waxier texture does seem to mean the product acts as a barrier stopping your lipstick from bleeding. 

Pillow talk is also a beautiful shade, I completely understand why this is cult, folks. It'll look perfect with any nude, I'd say its pretty comparable to MAC subculture perhaps, but with a tad more pink, and of course a lot less drying. If you're into your nudes, and have dry lips, you need this in your life - feel free to thank me later!

The lovely ladies at CT actually sent me the Matte revolution lipstick in 'Walk of Shame' which is a gorgeous autumnal berry shade, but I thought it'd look a little too much with this eye look, so I'm saving it for an autumnal makeup tutorial. So instead, I used 'Hepburn Honey', which I bought a few weeks ago, and absolutely love. It's an absolutely perfect nude (I'm an NC42/Nars Syracuse for reference) for my skin tone, and also goes perfectly with 'pillow talk'. What I love about these lipsticks is how comfortable they are on the lips. They're pigmented, sit well on the lips without making them dry, but they're not so moisturising that they slip about or wear off easily. In a day I reapplied once after I had eaten (which I always do anyway), and never really felt like I had to worry about what it looked like throughout the day.

It's not every day I feel like wearing a matte lip, especially when the weather starts to get colder as my lips get extremely dry, and so these lipsticks are perfect as they don't highlight any dry patches or suck out the moisture.

I'd say this shade is pretty comparable to MAC velvet teddy, so if you like those kylie jenner-esque nude shades but are looking for a less drying finish, I would definitely recommend this.

I now have my eye on 'Stoned Rose' and to be honest, so many other colours, they're just so beautiful!

So there you have it, my full review and tutorial - I told you it'd be a long one! It was difficult, because I was actually trying really hard to find some negatives, but there simply haven't been any! And to be fair, for the prices you pay, you wouldn't expect anything less than excellent, and so far, Charlotte hasn't disappointed. From the products I bought to the products I was sent, I would 100% recommend all of these products to anyone who is a lover of luxury makeup. The prices are high, but you do get your money's worth, and if, like me, you like to treat yourself to a little luxury every now and again, then, from the beautiful formulas to the perfect packaging, CT is the one for you.

I can't wait to see how Charlotte continues to extend her makeup line, I'm already lusting after the new liquid lips and the instant eye palette - I really really hope some money comes my way soon so I can get hauling lol! Of course, as soon as I can get ahold of any more products, I'll be back here writing up reviews!

Have you guys tried any CT products? What did you think of them? Do you have any recommendations for me? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3


Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Charlotte Tilbury. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.


Friday, 6 October 2017


I'm crossing the threshold
From the ordinary world
To the reveal of my heart. 
- 'Get Free'
Lana Del Rey

So you guys all know how much I love Lana Del Rey. And a huge part of the reason I love her so much is that she vocalises what I feel. When I was at my lowest points, my parents actually hated me listening to her. They'd say 'her music is too sad, it's making you more depressed.' But the truth was, her music helped me, it comforted me, because it made me feel less alone. Her lyrics seemed to sooth my soul. It's funny, because it seems that every album she releases is timed perfectly to compliment my state of mind at that moment. I remember when 'Honeymoon' was released around 2015, the song 'God Knows I Tried' perfectly encapsulated everything I had been feeling those past few months; lost, without hope, feeling as though I had tried and failed, and had not much left to live for.
And then this summer, uncharacteristically, Lana released 'Lust For Life', an album with slightly more optimistic themes, and it's strikes me how incredibly coincidental that is, given that I've begun to enter that slightly more optimistic head space too. See I think a year ago had Lana released that album, it would have been named 'Lost For Life', and that's exactly how I felt then. But now I'm starting to feel different. I'm starting to feel as though, finally, I'm crossing the threshold too.

Undoubtedly, that will for certain
Take the dead out of the sea
And the darkness from the arts
- 'Get Free'
Lana Del Rey

My mental health struggles have been openly documented on this blog. If you're new, about 10 months ago, my mental health reached crisis point, and I was forced to suspend my university study in order to take time to recover from depression and anxiety. This was something that I had never really foreseen. I think especially in our current social media obsessed world, I had seen and heard so much about mental health issues, that instead of becoming more open and accepting of it for myself, it had a rather different effect, in that I normalised it completely and didn't see the need to get help, or view it as a legitimate health concern that I needed assistance with. I think often depression is accompanied with a rather powerful guilt and denial complex. A feeling of, 'everyone suffers with down periods in their life, I'm no exception so I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it'. This was all compacted by the fact that mental health issues are incredibly widespread in my university, and could even be considered the 'norm', so I never felt as though I was really any different, and thus needed, or deserved, help. I had suffered with mild bouts of depression throughout my teen years before uni, and was aware that there was a history of depression within my family, but I had never envisioned my mental state affecting my life to the extent it has. See, we see a lot of information about depression online, and often people claim to suffer from various mental health issues, but I think it's difficult, as lots of the time health issues are claimed without any real medical professional assistance or legitimate diagnoses'. This was also something I was worried about. I felt as though I didn't have the 'right' to say I had depression, because I hadn't been diagnosed, and the denial and guilt meant I felt as though I was attention seeking so didn't want to go to the doctors. Of course, it then became a vicious cycle.

Been trying hard not to get into trouble, 
But I, I've got a war in my mind
- 'Ride'
Lana Del Rey

Depression can be an incredibly lonely illness. Because for so long, you can act as though nothing is wrong. But it's in those moments on your own, when it's just you and your thoughts, that you really just how desperately unhappy you are. Just how much pain you are feeling, and just how isolated you feel. It can feel as though no one will get it, no one will can understand. I remember often feeling empty, just empty. And the saddest part for me was that I could never understand why. I had, to the that point, achieved everything I had set my mind to. I had a family who loved me and had been given some of the best opportunities, better than I ever thought I would have had. But yet, this didn't stop me feeling so incredibly lost and unhappy with and inside myself.

Yet still inside, I felt alone
For reasons unknown to me
- 'Old Money'
Lana Del Rey

It was only when it got to the point at which I was barely existing that I realised just how serious mental illness can be. What had been a progressively developing illness became extremely acute last January. All of a sudden I was unable to do anything and everything. I had been miserably getting by with uni work, which had been unaffected grades wise so my tutors were unsuspecting that anything was wrong, but my concentration then dramatically waned. It got to the point where I was physically unable to get out of bed because I felt so low and so tired. I had no routine, I was waking up at 6pm and sleeping at 7am. I never saw daylight. I had terrible eating habits. I was perpetually weepy, and disinterested in absolutely everything. Whilst I had experienced this before for a couple of weeks here and there, this time it was far more prolonged, far more intense, and far more scary. Despite wanting to keep going on, it was then that I knew that I didn't have a choice. Something had to change, because my world was crumbling, and the suffering was simply too much.

Feet don't fail me now
Take me to the finish line
Oh, my heart, it breaks every step that I take
- 'Born to Die'
Lana Del Rey

Making the decision to temporarily leave uni for the sake of salvaging what I could of my mental health was one of the hardest I've ever made, entrenched in feelings of disappointment in myself, guilt, denial, and self-loathing. I felt like the biggest failure, which I touched on more in this post. I felt as though in some sense, this was what I deserved, I deserved to struggle and be unhappy, and that this just proved that I wasn't good enough. It proved that all of my feelings of worthlessness and pointlessness were legitimate, and this was all accompanied by a huge sense of feeling as though I was being left behind.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy
- 'Ride'
Lana Del Rey

For the first few months of my intermission, then, not much changed. I would spend all day in bed watching tv that I was utterly disinterested in, my sleep hygiene was still an absolute clusterfuck, and I was constantly stalking the social media profiles of my friends at uni, emphasising the fact that I was not at uni when I should have been. My counselling sessions felt futile, I noticed no changes in myself despite taking anti-depressants, and began to feel as though I could never be 'fixed' and go on to live a normal life. Life just began to seem pretty long, if that makes sense. Time felt slow and without end and distinction, I couldn't differentiate well between the days, had nothing to motivate me or look forward to. My whole outlook was, ultimately, incredibly bleak.

Don't make me sad, don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why
- 'Born To Die'
Lana Del Rey

Life is tough for everyone at the best of times, but mental health is a very different kind of battle. It's an incredibly different one. So often, it can feel as though there is no hope, nothing worth living for. For so long I felt like I was falling deeper and deeper into the black. It was all I could see, all I could feel, all I knew.

I've got nothing much to live for
Ever since I found my fame
- 'God Knows I Tried'
Lana Del Rey

But slowly, bit by bit, that black is fading. Around June, things started to turn around. After an adjustment of my medication, I began, very slowly, to feel a little more alive. The changes those little pills began to give and the peace it provided me are the reason I will never apologise for turning to medication for help with my mental health. Anti-depressants are still rather stigmatised, and this was something I had internalised myself. At first, I felt as though I was a fraud who didn't really need them, who was pretending to be seriously ill. But I have so much to thank them for. They saved me, and I will unapologetically take them for as long as I need to.

Taking all my medicine to take my thoughts away
- 'Heroin'
Lana Del Rey

Beginning to feel a sense of peace was something I was so unfamiliar with. Being able to sleep without overthinking or insomnia became more frequent, as opposed to that ever so rare occurrence. I began to wake up and feel as though, even if I felt down, that I could still try and face the day. I began to sit up in bed instead of laying in it all day. I began to do one little task a day, whether it was a walk to the park, or a visit to a friend. I started to try and read short articles, something that had seemed impossible a few months previously. I would sit and draw or do colouring as a form of therapy when feeling unmotivated and sad, and therefore began to get in touch with some of my old passions. I began to feel a little more human, and my mindset slowly started to demystify. It wasn't so black, I was entering a grey area, grey to me brings uncertainty, but I'm ok with that, as uncertainty brings possibility. the grey something different, it's something new. And it means that change is possible.

There's a change gonna come, I don't know where or when
But whenever it does, we'll be here for it
- 'Change'
Lana Del Rey

I guess I'm starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, life is beautiful.

I don't pretend that my whole life outlook will ever change, and I won't apologise for my fundamentally pessimistic character. I realise now that being a 'glass have empty' as opposed to a 'glass half full' type of person is a personality trait, not necessarily a symptom of depression. I think sometimes, with mental health, we can confuse our personalities with our health issues, and for a little while I felt as though I needed to erase myself completely, to become a 'blank canvas' as it were, and start again. It didn't take long for me to realise that being optimistic, being someone who wakes up each day with an excitement for that day just isn't me. However hard I tried, it wouldn't come naturally. I know I will always fundamentally be me, and a big part of that is my slightly more pessimistic, or perhaps realistic outlook.

You are what you are
I don't matter to anyone
But Hollywood legends never grow old
And all of what's hidden
Well, it will never grow cold
- 'Terrence Loves You'
Lana Del Rey

But that's ok. There are positives, and I recognise that, I can be more critical and more of a perfectionist, which in my opinion, has it's advantages. I always set myself big goals and I always put my all into achieving them. I'm a realist and a skeptic, and so I'm not often let down but external factors, and when I'm proved wrong, I'm pleasantly surprised. So long as these personality traits don't ever cloud my judgement and become all encompassing due to my health illnesses, then I feel as though they are manageable, and without overly negative consequence. They are just me. I don't need to see everything as black, and now I realise that happiness isn't simply a fantasy, or something I'm undeserving of.

Oh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful, but you don't have a clue
Sun and ocean blue
Their magnificence, it don't make sense to you
- 'Black Beauty'
Lana Del Rey

Happiness is a funny concept. I'm still not sure it can ever really be achieved, not fully or completely. But maybe that's depression speaking, maybe that's my ultimately pessimistic attitude speaking, I don't know. There's a school of thought propagated by Aristotle and philosopher and theologian Aquinas that I actually studied a lot in my 2nd year of university for my philosophy module, that I've only really begun to consider more now. The thinking is that, in this earthly life, in these physical bodies, the most we can achieve is a sort of 'imperfect happiness', as there is always more that we want to achieve, want to know, want to feel, and we simply can't do it all. I can understand this logic, I think that might be true. I see that in humanity, there's a constant sense that no matter how much we have, we always seem to want more, feel that we're not living life 'to the full' because we're not achieving it all. Aquinas suggests that a 'perfect happiness', this beatitude, is only accessible to us in the after life. Maybe my thinking is closer to this, I don't know. Maybe by setting our expectations of happiness so high, we set ourselves up for a fail anyway. For so long I've been feeling as though I was missing out, because everyone else is completely happy, and I'm not. But I think this is a fallacy. People may seem to have it all outwardly, but more often than not, they have battles they're fighting too, and darkness in their lives. Darkness plagues some of us more than others, but I don't think anyone is completely devoid of it. I realised I had to change the way that I approached my recovery. Typically, I was reaching for something that might not even be possible. I've realised that I need to stop aiming for this 'perfect happiness', this beatitude. Living a life with both light and dark is ok. And it's about letting as much light in as I can; that's what I should be focussing on.

Let there be light
Light up my life
- 'God Knows I Tried'
Lana Del Rey

What I do know, however, is that that I no longer feel as though I'm total prisoner of my mind. I got free. This is no declaration of happiness. I can't say I've yet reached that stage. But I feel better. I feel ok. And I guess I've realised that maybe happiness is something worth believing in after all.

Taking the time out of uni to fix myself, to begin to find myself, was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I was thrown a huge challenge, but I got the chance to breathe. I now hope to begin that journey of self acceptance has allowed myself to unapologetically rid myself of unnecessary darkness. I may have a long way to go, but I have the right to be proud of what I've achieved so far, of the huge life changes I've made, to know that I've worked hard to get here and that I am good enough to deserve them.

Life rocked me like Mötley,
Grabbed me by the ribbons in my hair
Life rocked me ultra-softly
Like the heavy metal that you wear
- 'Heroin'
Lana Del Rey

I'm hoping now, that I can close this chapter. That I can turn the page, and start afresh. I do not pretend for one second that I am 'cured', because I don't think that mental health often really works like that. I've made the mistake of reaching a good place, thinking that was 'the end' and then relapsing into a depressive episode which destroyed my faith in all I had achieved in my recovery. It made me realise that I think, for some of us, mental health is an ongoing struggle, and that can be difficult to accept. But we learn to live with it, to handle it. They say recovery is a journey, not a destination, and I tend to agree. There shall be ups and downs, but now I know that whoever far I sink into the black, there is always the possibility of finding the blue. Depression, for me, will likely be the war of my lifetime, but I have won this battle, and I hold onto that.

There's no more chasing rainbows
And hoping for an end to them
Their arches are illusions
Solid at first glance
But then you try to touch them
There's nothing to hold onto
The colours used to lure you in
And put you in a trance
- 'Get Free'
Lana Del Rey

For anyone out there who is still in the black, who is completely overwhelmed by the war in their mind, who is simply tired of feeling fucking crazy, please remember: This too shall pass. Life is always worth living.

I want to move
Out of the black
And into the blue
- 'Get Free'
Lana Del Rey

Until next time,
Bisous <3


Playsuit: Missguided (also similar cheaper version here)
Belt: Asos (very old, similar here)


Friday, 29 September 2017

Lonely Hearts Club, Heartbreak Hotel, Ugly Avenue

So, we've all been there.... I hope. Not because I wish bad on you but because it'll make me feel an awful lot better if I knew I wasn't the only one who has suffered this predicament. 

And what I'm talking about is that someone (or perhaps multiple people, as is in my case LOL). The one that got away, but that you never really had in the first place. 'The Unrequited Crush', if you will. 

What starts off as thinking someone is pretty hot in your afternoon lecture turns into only making it to your 9ams in the hope that said someone is there, and of course, this turns into glancing far too often in their direction any time you're in their oh-so-perfect presence. 

Before you know it you're desperately trying (and failing) to suppress your inner A (shoutout to all my disappointed PLL fans out there!). But in no time at all, you have that stalker hood placed firmly over that stupid head of yours, and you're beginning to piece together the life of your future husband. I mean boyfriend. I mean friend. I mean, is there any way that this becomes at all acceptable?!

Flash forward a couple of weeks and you're 468 pictures deep in the old Facebook archives, discovering that he also had braces back in '09, but mannn did he glow up. Now the perfect height to compliment you in heels. Aw, I didn't know he wore glasses! Similar sense of humour = bonus. Ooohhhhh a Lauryn Hill fan... interesting, another bonus point. Nice family, wonderful! I wonder if they'd like me? ...

And if you've reached that point, well my friends, suddenly you'll begin to realise that you are totally, totally fucked. 

Yep, chances are you're half way up shit creek and of course you've got no paddles. 

There's only one road from here, and it's not the most dignified. But time and time again we choose to take it anyway. Why I ask, why?! 

So here folks, are the 5 things you've probably done when crushing hard: 

The Overthink
So your heart is set firmly on this boy, and now you're mentally going over every single meeting, conversation and interaction the two of you have have shared in search of romantic overtones, to work out whether there could be a chance that the feelings are mutual. Pahhhhhh yeah right, but you'll do it anyway. This will often be accompanied with 'the romanticise'. And by that I mean, remember when you two were sitting across the room for each other and you thought for a minute that you locked eyes? Well, in reality he was staring at the clock directly behind you, but you'll remember it the first way anyway. You'll probably romanticise your first ever meeting, so it begins to resemble something out of a fucking disney movie. You'll remember it as awkward, but cute. Awkwardly cute, I guess. But really, it was just awkward. When I first saw a 'crush' I definitely scurried into my first ever lecture 5 minutes late, a flustered, sweaty mess, donned in an obnoxiously oversized bow in my hair, frilly socks and leather trousers, slightly too noisy clippy-cloppy brogues, and a full face of very badly applied slap sliding down my face. I may as well have had lipstick on my teeth and my knickers tucked into a skirt it was that shit. lol. Of course, the only free seat happens to be next to the crush. And you know what, it might have been a romantic first meeting, if we had got together. But we didn't. So it's not. It's just shit shit shit. Lol. You know what? 9 times out of 10, he's not even going to know your name. We ladies do have a tendency to want the ones we really can't have. Perhaps he's a few social stratas higher than you, not on your 'level' (loooool). And wow does that feel like you've been slapped with a wet kipper. There you are planning your future life together and you're not even on his radar LOL! There's definitely no romanticising that, but of course, we won't be accepting that. 

The Social Media Stalk
 Now the crush is firmly established, you're in it for the long haul, so naturally you'll be indulging in a few more stalking sessions, just in case you missed anything the first 12 times. You're in dangerous territory now, folks. I mean, once you're on this stage, it's pretty much game over for you. Be prepared to fall really quite deeply ... in 5, 4, 3...
You see a picture of him and his mum and think, aww she looks as though she'd be such a wonderful mother-in-law. Him and an ex (pfffttttt, she ain't got nothing on me you mutter whilst silently weeping into your bowl of crunchy nut and cursing the fact you were born with that face) just me? Ok kl. 
Scroll some more, 'Christ, he looks good in a suit...' personally, if if I see any crush wearing a bow tie, he's effectively impregnated me already. (LOL)

The Shooting of the Shot
A phrase coined by my good friend, this, girls, is your first stage of bravery. The registering of interest. The chirpse. So you've plucked up the courage to ask him out for a drink? Honey, you're about to shoot your shot. But bloody hell, girl, if you are asking this guy out for a drink, wow do you have balls of steel, I salute you. I can assure you that I will never be so brazen. No, me shooting my shot is drunkenly liking a bunch of Facebook photos and expecting the guy to take that as a strong hint that I like him, and thus proceed to ask me out on a date. That's right, he does the asking, I do the playing hard to get - good and proper, as it should be. Of course, when that dream scenario fails to occur and you're left in bewilderment, wondering how your so blatant shot has not been well received, you're more than likely about to fall into...

The Drunk Text
Please Note: may also be accompanied by the drunk heart to heart and the drunk cry, and if you're really unlucky, the drunk phonecall. 
 See, there may be a point at which you decide it's time to shoot your second shot, a 'just in case he didn't get the message the first time around' shot, if you will, and this will usually be whilst drunk. One minute you're all like 'yeah let's text him netflix and chill it'll be bants' in the smoking area of the club, and next minute you're all up in your feelings with your pals, curled up in a ball having a drunk cry outside Sainsbury's. As we all know, no good decision has EVER been made whilst drunk, so I'd advise one to ABORT ABORT ABORT. 
But I already know you would've completely ignored that advice anyway so solidarity for the inevitable regret you felt the day after. Unless you were presently surprised and your feelings were reciprocated - in that case, fuck you, I cannot stand the 0.9% who actually get a good result out of the drunk text, that's not how it works, you should be ridiculously embarrassed and hanging your head in shame like the rest of us. Extra solidarity if they completely air your message the next day (I relate.. quite deeply. Lol!)

The Tinder Validation Phase
Warning: Proceed at your own risk. Now you've been pied by your one true love and future husband, I'm gonna guess that you're feeling rather shitty. Low self esteem levels will very from 'I'll take a day to watch the notebook and eat dominos' to 'when can I get admitted into the nearest ugly home'. I'll usually be half sobbing half belting out 'Why Don't You Love Me' by BeyoncĂ©, but of course, not looking as glam as Miss Bey in her heartbroken state. Nope, I'll probably be warbling away under my duvet, smothered in sudocrem with a box of brownies at my side. There's therefore a high chance that you'll be tempted to enter the murky world of online dating to provide that much needed ego boost and validation from strangers online. Probably not your finest hour, and I suspect you're swiping right for just about anyone, but at least you're getting matches, so perhaps you'll hold that place at the ugly home. 

The Acceptance 
Is this really an actual phase that exists? Like honestly, people get pied and one day they're ok with it? No hard feelings? No saltiness? It is a phase I have yet to fully experience (lol). Sure, I'll move on and get over it, but surely we're always slightly salty. Just a little bit? But nonetheless  I suspect acceptance is one of 3 things:
  1. Denial. So it may not have worked out today, but you're pretty sure you'll be living in that cute little country house with 3 kids, a dog and a tortoise in 10 years time, so let's just let fate take control, eh? You do you, he'll do him, and before you know it he will have screwed his head firmly back on, will leave his basic gf and declare his love for you, natch. 
  2. You tell all your friends you're over it, Christ, you've even managed to convince yourself you're over it, so allow yourself to fall prey to the inevitable 'haha you got pied' banter. Of course this is a ruse as you still secretly pine and indulge in the occasional social media stalk. Of course, at particularly testing times, such as when you realise you're the only single gal in your girl gang, you allow that rare salty tear to escape. This may evolve into a full on blubber when you realise he's moved on to someone new, yet you're still feeling blue. 
  3. You've actually gotten over that crush, realised that he's the one that lost out, and have moved on. I personally have yet to reach this advanced stage of girl boss enlightenment, but bravo to all you ladies who are there nonetheless! 

But you know what, let's end on a positive, eh? As humiliating and disheartening as young love can be, I think those crazy responses are something we grow out of. At some point, the old ego just can't take anymore beating, and your innate sense of self-dignity and self-preservation kick in. It's just as well; I'm so happy I've grown out of this stage, because the old cringe reflex of mine has had enough usage for a lifetime lol. And as for 'your man'. Well, they say 'there's plenty more fish in the sea', right? And hopefully we'll all find our bae without actually having to sign up to plenty of fish dot com. (Lol). But in all seriousness, that crush might have you feeling blue, lord knows no one enjoys that all too bitter rejection pill, BUT let's remember that we have time on our side, eh? And that indeed means it's time to be young, be foolish, and be happy. 

So channel your inner Lolita, throw on your shortest sundress and a pair of obnoxious shades, a slap of bright lipstick for a classic fruit punch lip, and a ridiculous yet stylish hairstyle. Then, be on your way. Life's too short to pine after boys that don't want you, and it's also far too short to not have fun with your fashion. 

Have you ever had an unrequited crush? Or multiple, as have I? (lol!) Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


Dress: Topshop
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here)
Trainers: Boohoo*


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