Well! Hello there, strangers! 

To say it's been a while would be quite the understatement. It's been AGES. Over a year, in fact. And so much has happened in that time globally and on a personal level. Where do I even begin? Since we last spoke, I got a full time job, worked with some amazing brands over on instagram, got a mini promotion and paid off the last of uni overdraft debts (yay). Meanwhile, globally, we've 'Brexit-ed', seen historic protests for racial equality, ousted Trump (double yay), and oh - just experienced a little thing called a global pandemic. I feel like we've all aged about 40 years in this time, so much has happened in such a short period. In all seriousness, I hope you guys have been keeping safe and well this year. It's unprecedented times indeed, and I know so many people have been struggling. Sending all of you lots of love. 

I most definitely took an unintentional hiatus from the blogosphere, but I've been as active as ever over on instagram. This year has been the best in terms of growth for me. I finally hit 10k followers! A small number to many, but a milestone for me, having been part of this little 'influncer' work for the past four or five years. It was nice to feel like my content was finally being seen and enjoyed by people, and as a consequence, I've enjoyed creating and posting over on the gram more than ever. But more than anything else, I'm so glad that our little community has grown so much over on instagram. I've made some lovely new blogger friends, and had some hilarious, emotional and thoughtful conversations with people all over the world. Whilst so much changes, the constant community we have access to through online spaces continues to be impactful, comforting and meaningful for so many people - myself included. 

As the blogger world has moved away from the conventional written blog post and more and more towards instant, quick read content on instagram and tik tok, I've found myself consuming long read content less too. But I have definitely missed the process of putting together a blog post, conceiving of ideas for think pieces, and have a website which I have complete creative control over. So, spontaneously, I've decided to come back to it, slowly but surely. It'll definitely take a bit of time to get into a routine (if, indeed, I ever do), but I'm looking forward to given this little space a little makeover in the coming weeks, and thinking up some new content ideas. It's been so long since I've logged onto blogger that they've even updated the interface! I can't promise that content will be consistent (or routined!), but I'm definitely planning on spending more time on this little space on the internet in 2021. 

If you're still subscribed to notifications - thank you! You're a real one, because lord knows I have neglected this space. I'm so excited to chat to you all and create new content - stay tuned! Lot's more to come from me. 

Until next time, 



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