September 1st. How quickly this has come around, eh? As soon as September arrives we begin to begrudgingly accept that Summer is on it's way out, and every year, it would seem that I simply cannot refrain from writing a post on just how much I love this month. 

This September is the first in which I am not gearing up for a fresh academic year. Having graduated university in June, the school calendar is no longer relevant to me, and one big change I'm beginning to adjust to is a move into the adult world. Perhaps I'll find that next year September will no longer have the same significance that it does for me now, and that it has done for so many years. I'm doubtful, however; my school routines and mindsets are so deeply engrained in me that I find that hard to believe. 

I like to refer to September as the new January. It's a time of change and new beginnings, not just in weather and our surroundings, but in mindsets too. It's difficult for me to not rehash the same sentiments each year, but my attitude towards September always remains constant, no matter what other changes are occurring in my life. 

As soon as September hits, I like to stop, look back and take stock of what the past few months have taught me. I regroup, and try to go forward with fresh goals, an improved attitude, and a renewed sense of determination and energy for the final few months of the year. 

I don't think I need to say much more this September. For the past two years, I've written posts on this subject (which you can read here and here). In essence, though, in a 365 day year, it's pretty easy to start lagging, particularly if you feel like the year isn't going your way. It can be pretty easy to fall into a jaded and monotonous routine of 'just going with it', waiting for the beginning of a new year to bring about a legitimate and official 'fresh start'. I think often we use this as an excuse to not try and challenge or push ourselves now. After all, trying to improve or achieve ambitions is hard, it's easier to sit and wait for opportunity to fall into your lap, or find excuses to avoid going out to find them. Therefore, at times, we all need a spark to bring forth a new lease of energy. September is that spark for me. 

So my parting comment is this: There's no need to wait for January for that fresh start. 2019 may be drawing to a close, but if you've been having a rather shit year, that's still more than enough time to turn it around. I saw a tweet earlier today which I thought encapsulated my sentiments on September perfectly : It's September 1st, there are now 121 days left of this year - may you meet the plot twist you've been waiting for. I'd make one amendment. Don't just wish for it, actively seek it out, and you'll be stepping into your power this September.  

Until next time, 
Bisous <3



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