So, the most amazing this happened this weekend - I attended my first ever blogger event! And I don't think it could have gotten any better than the Tommy x Zendaya launch! 

Now, we all know that Tommy Hilfiger knows how to do a good celebrity collaboration. The Gigi x Tommy collection was evidence of this, for sure. But this launch was special for me. For those of you who don't know, I'm a hugeeeee Zendaya fan (I mean, who isn't nowadays?!) but I mean, I've been a stan since day dot! I think a lot of this is to do with the fact that I see her as very similar to me. Back when there was a lot less visibility of people of colour in the world of celebrity, before inclusivity and diversity were cool, I saw Zendaya as one of the only people in the industry who was completely relatable to me personally. She was mixed race, my exact height, build and age, and I felt as though she was my celebrity equivalent. This has meant that she has always been my number one celebrity style icon. I don't think we have time or space here to recount the number of times she has truly blown us all away with her red carpet looks. So, when I heard that she was launching a line with Tommy Hilfiger, a brand that represents the height of modern, girl next door cool, I was immediately excited. 

Over the past few months there have been little snippets dropped by Zendaya and the Tommy team over social media, teasing us with what was to come. It looked vintage, bold, and very 70s. I was immediately intrigued. On Saturday, the collection launched, debuting the full collection for the first time with a fabulously fun runway show in Paris (which you can watch here, if you like - I'd highly recommend!) - but more on that later. On Sunday, I made my way into London for the Launch, to have a first look at the pieces, and hear about it from Miss Zendaya herself. It was a fabulous day, and I wanted to share with you all my thoughts.

So, let's firstly talk about the event: 

The event took place in Tommy Hilfiger's store on Regent Street, and I was lucky enough to attend with one of my blogging gal favourites, Eboni Dixon from Eboni and Ivory blog. Now, this was also what made the day so special. Eboni and I have been online buds for so long now, but had never met in person until this event! It was so amazing to finally meet her and she was just as I expected - so lovely and so funny! It didn't at all feel like we were meeting in person for the first time, she made me feel at ease throughout the event (which I was a little nervous for) - so Eboni, thank you for such a wonderful day!

Anyway, back to the event! We arrived at the store and were able to browse through the collection (whilst eating mini chocolate brownies and macarons and drinking virgin cocktails - fancy!), make cute little posters and take pictures, before the main event - a talk with Miss Zendaya herself. 

Interviewed by Caroline Issa (who I'm also a huge fan of), Zendaya talked all about the collection - the fact that she had been given complete creative control by Tommy, along with her stylist, Law Roach, with whom she creates all of her incredible looks, (and who also the genius behind the style transformation of Ms Celine Dion, incidentally). When asked of the 70s influence, Zendaya shared how she had been inspired by the clothes of her Grandmas, who, in old photos, donned the bell bottom jeans, rainbow stripes, and big hair that we see prominent in the collection and accompanying campaign imagery. She explained how she and Law wanted to create pieces that were bold, statement, and empowering, whilst also being wearable, staple items for any fashion lover's wardrobe. 

After the talk, those that won a competition to meet Zendaya were able to get their photos with her, but, being the sweetheart that she is, Zendaya then asked if she could take some selfies with others who had listened to the talk. As you can imagine, this was a little bit frenzied, but I was incredibly lucky to have been standing by the barrier on the side, so that when she came around the corner, this happened: 

I was SHOOK to say the least! I am definitely playing down how hyped I was by this moment. We got to speak with her a couple of times as she entered and left the event also, and I definitely devolved a stage of my life by turning back into the hyper fan girl that I was in my teens. (To be honest, I am completely ok with that). I can also confirm that yes, she is just as beautiful in real life. Eboni got some great footage of everyone scrambling to get their pictures with Zendaya, and my reaction to getting my selfie - I'll be sure to link her youtube video as soon as she uploads it! 

So, let's chat about the campaign, shall we? 

Of the collection, the Tommy website explains: 

"Redefining power dressing, Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya join forces to create a capsule collection that celebrates inclusivity, individuality and empowerment." 

Now, this is something on which they definitely delivered. Zendaya has always been vocal on female empowerment, and black female empowerment especially, but it is one thing to talk, and another to practice what you preach. The fashion show was indeed testament to that fact, and the integrity with which Zendaya carries herself. Featuring an all-black cast and a range of ages and sizes, the show was a true celebration of diversity and black beauty. It was absolutely thrilling to see the likes of Pat Cleveland twirl down the runway, and none other than Ms. Grace Jones close the show. I honestly squealed with delight as I streamed the show on my laptop at uni, surrounded by dissertation reading, but having a little wiggle to the show, nonetheless. Watching Grace prance down the runway with not a care in the world (can we please talk about the fact that she is 70 years old?!?!), was truly delightful, and the perfect end to an incredibly fun, joyous event. 

We milliennials have been the pioneers of changing the rules of the game, haven't we? We refuse to accept the extremely limited, alienating beauty standards that have been dominant for far too long. In this sense, Zendaya embodies everything that is great about our generation, and this has been perfectly channelled into this entire campaign. It's bold, it's outspoken, it's daring, it's statement making, it's unapologetic, and this, intertwined with its unusual and therefore refreshing level of diversity, is something that I think makes this collaboration truly special.


Now, let's chat the collection. In a sentence: The height of 70s chic. Bell bottom jeans, paisley prints and huge platform clogs - this collection screams 'groovy', in the most fabulous sense of the word. It's retro and authentic without being dated or tacky - honestly, this collection is really very, extremely good. Oozing psychedelic vibes - think Studio 54 - Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Farah Fawcett - but with a modern update, whilst containing a good mix of casual and dressier, statement pieces. Because of this, I think that despite the presence of such loud, gaudy (in the very best sense) prints, there is something for everyone. From rainbow stripes, to zodiac symbols, simpler, more classic items such as A-Line Midi Skirts and body hugging knitwear, there is room to be as bold and brash, or as subtle and minimal as you would like. 

70s fashion is often a divisive one, but personally, it is an era that I find incredibly appealing, and one that I take huge inspo from. You can actually see my first forays into the trend in this post from last summer, where I had a go at the ultra wide leg jeans so characteristic of the time. 

The standout pieces for me? The leather items are truly fabulous. You guys know that I'm a sucker for a good bit of outerwear, and the longline leather coat in this gorgeous burgundy colour is truly showstopping. Priced at just over £1,000 it is the highest priced item of the collection, but a true investment piece that will remain a classic in your wardrobe forever. 

We also can't talk about this collection without talking about the suiting. I'm also a sucker for a little bit of tailoring, too - and if you follow Zendaya and her outfits, you'll know that a good suit is something that she knows how to do, and do well. The stylised zodiac print that permeates the collection is instruction - Miss Zendaya is telling us that maximalism is in, ladies. The zodiac suit for sure is not for the faint of heart, as the bold 'fit simply oozes a mass of colour and print. You can of course pick and choose how to wear the pieces, and if you are wanting to make a slightly more subtle statement, then just wearing either the jacket, shirt or trousers will definitely make it more wearable. However, I'm personally of the opinion that with pieces like this, it's always better to go all the way. More is more, and at the end of the day, who doesn't want to stop traffic every once in a while? 
Let's also chat about the blue striped suit, a dark horse of the collection, in my book. The blazer and wide leg pants together give the perfect balance between structured tailoring and a slouchy, relaxed fit, perfect. Team with a pair of white trainers and a white bralette and you've also thrown in a dash of sports luxe too - we always love an outfit that ticks off multiple trends.  

At the lower end of the price range, there are some fabulous buys for if you are a jeans and tee kinda gal. If bell bottoms aren't quite your vibe, there are also some wonderful skinny fit ankle jeans (perfect when teamed with the platforms!), as well as some straighter wide leg styles that would be a great addition to any denim collection. The zodiac print tees or the zodiac necklaces are also perfect, more budget-friendly pieces for those looking to buy into the collection on a lower price point. They'd also be a great addition to wardrobes as we head into spring summer, and are looking to inject a bit more colour into our outfits.

Quality wise, I made sure to have a good feel of all of the pieces, and can confirm that everything feels beautiful. The satin pieces in particular feel extremely luxe and soft, the fabrics feel thick snd durable instead of flimsy, and the colours are welcomingly bold and rich. Another important thing to note is the sizing. Not only is there so much race diversity in the campaign, but refreshingly, the collection also includes both straight and curve sizes in many of the styles.

All in all, needless to say that this collection is a resounding success for me! What's not to love?! From the vibe, to the campaign, to the quality of the pieces - everything is simply perfect. I don't doubt that this will be a huge success. I'm hoping to get my hands on some pieces soon - a couple of the suits and jeans for sure, and hopefully, if I'm lucky, some of the leather pieces too (that leather coat really won't leave my mind!) Now, if you follow Zendaya on social media, you'll know that this isn't all, either (she's such a tease). You'll recall from the fashion show that when she came out at the end alongside Tommy, she wasn't wearing the collection (odd, I remember thinking), or so we thought. Z broke the news that the suit she was wearing is actually part of her AW collection. Ooohhh, I'm excited. More 70s greatness? Sign me up! So, get ready! It looks like Tommy and Zendaya aren't ready to let you put your purses away just yet! 

I also had such an amazing day, made even more special by the fact that I got to meet Zendaya! A huge thank you to the Tommy team for giving me the opportunity to attend - it was truly a wonderful experience!

What is your favourite piece from the collection? Did you watch the show? Are you looking to invest in anything? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3



This post is not sponsored. A huge thank you to the Tommy Hilfiger team for inviting me to this press launch. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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