Whenever a new trendy accessory comes along, the first place I check is always eBay! When it was the little fishnet socks eBay helped me out, when it was the net bags eBay helped me out, and currently, now the pearl hairclip trend is looming large, eBay is helping me out once more. The clip I am wearing in this clip was only £1.99, a fraction of the £15 and up I've seen them retailing for on the hughstreet. If you're looking to dip your toe into a trend without investing, I'd definitely recommend hitting up eBay first. Often, there is free delivery too!


Fashion sunglasses are another fabulous eBay treasure. I honestly have a huge collection, maybe about 20 in a draw, all from eBay. Take, for example, the pink lens cat eye sunnies from this post, or the red extreme cat eyes from this post. Both pairs are bought from eBay, and I would have bulk bought them in multiple colours too. Now don't get me wrong, I actually think sunglasses are a good investment piece, and I love indulging in a good designer pair every now and again (e.g. these rayon shades, which I love so much, I actually invested in twice! - The first pair got stolen *cries*). However, sometimes there will be a style that comes around that I just can't justify spending my coin on. Take, for example, the extreme cat eye trend last summer, or the heart shaped shades that were everywhere (although I actually just invested in a ysl pair - albeit a toned down version - but hey, let's put that to one side for a minute!) Prices for these kind of sunglasses range from about £1.50!!! (if you're willing to wait about 3 weeks as they ship from China), or around £6/7 if you would prefer fast shipping directly from the UK. I've linked a couple of different styles below, all of which I own. 

(Giving me John Lennon vibes, I *may* have just purchased a pair...) 
Small Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses (Hong Kong Based) 


Another product I become super stingy with is makeup brushes. I know, I know, it's terrible. I would happily spend £40.00 on an eyeshadow palette but would really struggle to spend £15.00 on a foundation brush. Enter eBay. You can find amazing makeup brush sets for as little as £5.00 for 15 pieces, and I find that they actually work pretty well. Of course, they don't last particularly well - perhaps a year or so, and I often find that at least one brush breaks pretty quickly, but for the price, I still think it's a great deal. I would definitely recommend these sets if you're starting out in makeup in particular and are hesitant to invest in all of the tools. These will do the job and allow you to discover what pieces are worth investing in later down the line. 


Ok, so if I am completely honest, I am yet to score an amazing vintage designer bargain find. Both my vintage Dior Saddle bags were purchased through a consignment website (I'll be doing a full post on that soon), and my Ferragamo was purchased off Depop. But I frequently see other bloggers finding amazing pieces over on eBay. With the revival of 90s fashion and the logo mania that characterised it, scouring the internet for vintage designer pieces is the best way to buy into the trend without really splashing the cash. The only downside? You need to be patient. If you have your heart set on a particular piece, it can sometimes be a long old wait for the exact piece to come online, but if you're able to score it for a bargain, it can often be worth it. If you are worried about authenticity, stay away from individual sellers, and instead buy from consignment stores. Many of these are based in Japan and will have thousands of positive reviews which should set your mind at ease. It is actually illegal in Japan to sell fakes, which is an added safeguard. Finally, pay via PayPal. They will have your back if you do end up purchasing something fake, and if worst comes to worst, your credit card company should be able to help you out too. I've linked a few vintage pieces below that I am loving (including an amazingggg vintage saddle bag) to give you some inspo! I *may* currently be on the hunt for a vintage Fendi baguette so I've been trawling eBay quite a bit. I'll let you know if I have some success! 

Dior Rose Saddle Bag (Could this BE any more Carrie Bradshaw?!)
Dior Mini Monogram Saddle Bag (This is in beautiful condition!)


Lastly, blogger props! We all know how important aesthetic is to blogging these days, right? (I don't make the rules, kids!) If you take lots of flatlays, you may, as I do, sometimes struggle with ways to make your setups look pretty. Here is where I turn to blogger props. My favourite is faux flowers. Often when I am doing a flatlay I will have one corner that will be super empty, and faux flowers consistently save me when I find myself in this predicament. Other good things to find on eBay are rose gold storage-y things, posters and prints for wall art, and things like ribbon or other pretty packaging (sounds silly but I find a pretty box can really add to a flatlay!) 

So that's it for today, folks! I'm aware it's been a while, so there'll be a wee update post asap! I hope you found this helpful, though. Ebay has a lot of junk, but there are also many, many gems, you just have to know what to look for! What do you usually buy off eBay? Do you find it helpful too? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time
Bisous <3


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