So I was lucky enough receive another wonderful package from the lovely Charlotte Tilbury team! You guys know how obsessed I am with Charlotte Tilbury makeup products and these new releases are no exception. So, what better way to bring back 'Makeup Mondays' than with a review of the hottest new releases curtesy of Ms Tilbury. I warn you now though, folks, you better have your wallet at the ready, because once you've got to the end of this post I'm pretty sure you'll be filling up your basket on the CT site faster than you can say 'eyes to mesmerise'!


So, I now have 3 Charlotte Tilbury mascaras, and I love every. single. one. In all honesty, I can't choose which is my favourite. The new 'Legendary Lashes Volume 2' is a reformulated version of the OG 'Legendary Lashes', and I've been hooked to it the past few weeks. I think all the mascaras are great for different occasions. This one definitely provides you with drama. The biggest difference between this mascara and the original is that this one provides the most intense jet black colour, like honestly this is the blackest mascara I have ever used. Perfect for night out dramatic lashes that give the 'false lash' effect without needing any falsies! I actually find one coat to be enough to provide the length, volume, and thickness that I want for any look, and the huge wand (which I absolutely love) makes it super quick to coat all lashes (though do take extra care on the bottom coat so as to avoid any mascara ruining your under-eye concealer!). If, however, you like to layer your mascara up, then you have no reason to fear chunkiness. The wand is such that any excess product is easily removed to leave you only with what you need.

Now, of course, CT is a high end brand, so this mascara doesn't come cheap. But if, like me, you're all about the eyes, and want lashes that are truly legendary, then spending a little more on a good quality mascara is absolutely worth it. A good mascara that gives you million dollar lashes really will help you to create 'eyes to mesmerise', and let's face it, who doesn't want those!

Available Here


This is the third colour chameleon I have and I can now safely say that I am in love with this formula. It's incredibly smooth and creamy; it glides onto the lid and doesn't pull or scratch.

Best of all? How incredibly fuss free these are. They're basically crayons for your eyes, easy or what?! These shadow sticks are perfect for those of you who are on the go or only have a few minutes to do your makeup, those of you who are super lazy and can't be bothered to spend ages blending in 100 different shades, or those of you makeup beginners who need something super easy to apply. All it takes is a scribble over each eyelid, pat and blend with your finger or a brush, and then leave them to set, which they do incredibly quickly. It really is that easy. Then, they don't budge, so whether you're about to spend a day running around the office, or about to spend the night out on the town, rest assured that your eye makeup will stay looking fresh and intact!

Day or night, this eyeshadow shade is a perfect choice. A classic shimmery bronze, this shade is recommended for brown eyes, and I have noticed just how much it brings out the chocolatey tones of my irises, which I absolutely love. I actually think this eye look would be perfect for date night (not that I ever have any, but I'll be prepared if the day ever comes, LOL!), to create a super subtle yet sultry look. Nevertheless, I personally think this shade, though recommended for brown eyed beauties, would compliment any eye colour and make them pop. Indeed, I think any shade from the line would compliment any eye colour. I have the 'Golden Quartz' shade that is in fact recommended for Hazel eyes and I still find this to look beaut against my own.

Available Here.


Lastly, a stroke of 'rock n' kohl' along each lash line is the perfect way to complete the look. 'Barbarella Brown' is the ideal everyday liner and wonderfully compliments the 'Amber Haze' colour chameleon. I find a brown great if you want to define the lash line, but want something more subtle than black. These eyeliner pencils are incredibly soft and still super pigmented, another wonderful product from the CT line!

Available Here.

Et voila! Three products to create a timeless, legendary eye look! CT seriously never lets us beauty addicts down! I have had so many compliments on this eye look and I can't stop wearing it! I think these products are now my go-to to create an elegant eye look which can easily be dialled up or dialled down - simply add more or less product.

And the new releases don't stop there. Ms Tilbury is just a woman on a mission at the minute, determined to give us new products to fulfil our every makeup need! She has just released a new concealer with 16 shades as well as the 'Genius Magic' loose powder which claims to blur imperfections and give smoother looking skin. Sign me up, please! I can't wait to give these a go.
I've also heard through the grapevine that Charlotte has a whole 'Pillow Talk' collection on the way, and I, for one, am losing my shittttttt. The 'Pillow Talk' liner has been a staple in so many makeup maverick's collections (including my own), so I could not be more excited to see what this collection will hold. 

What are the eye products that you always gravitate to? 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


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