Now, usually when it comes to accessories, I'm a creature of habit. 
H8ers will say that's boring, but I personally like to think that I know what I like and I stick to it. Usually it's nothing fancy, it's no fuss and fairly classic, and usually gold. 
Until this watch made its way into my collection - a subtle departure from my usual taste in timepieces, but a departure nonetheless.

As opposed to my usual gold and black combo, I've been rocking this far more edgy twist on a classic style on my wrist, and it's all curtesy of Daniel Wellington.

In case you don't know much about the brand, let me introduce you: 

Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington have fast become a blogger favourite after popularising the trend for minimalistic accessories and classic, elegant timepieces. Inspired by British vintage watches, the brand has a trademark understated, yet refined and impeccable style. A DW timepiece is beautifully crafted, and intriguingly eye catching despite its simplicity. Perfect for those of you who like fairly fuss free, classic accessories that still ooze style. 

Which is why I thought a DW timepiece would pair perfectly with the look I'm sharing with you today. 

With this look, I was going for 'power dressing' vibes, a 'I just left the office and jumped into the back of my chauffeur driven merc to arrive to this party on time' kinda vibe, ya feel? Because who doesn't want to look and feel like the strong independent woman we all wish and know we can be (whether you're there or not).

There are a couple of different components that I think make the 'look'. 

Starting with this suit. Now, it's widely known that I am a big fan of a suit. It's true, put a man in a suit and his attractiveness level goes up about 150% (that's scientific fact, ladies). But don't be fooled into thinking that a suit is solely a wardrobe secret weapon for men. On the contrary, I'm here to make the case that a suit is probably one of the most attractive and versatile outfits a woman can have in her wardrobe too. 

A suit can fulfil a multitude of roles in your wardrobe. Wear it casually with a pair of adidas stan smiths and chunky jewellery. Wear it with heels and a shirt for office vibes. And for the evening? Well, simply wear the suit sans anything else (or go for that bra under jacket look for something a little risqué) and there you go - three different looks from one outfit.
Organised and polished? check. Independent woman meets androgyny? check. Lazy girl friendly? check. 

Then we move onto the heels, ofc. Because whether we like it or not, being able to run around town in 4 inch heels makes you look 10x more unstoppable, (the 'woman on a mission vibes' are real) - I don't make the rules, kids. This Valentino pair are a staple in my collection - classic yet contemporary, and surprisingly comfortable.

Last but not least, we move onto this gorgeous watch, a new style from Daniel Wellington. We may all depend on the iPhones permanently attached to our hands to actually tell the time, but this has not made the watch redundant, folks. Indeed, a watch is still a staple accessory in many a wardrobe, for its ability to draw a look together in the most subtle way. Something large and elaborately decorated may elevate a look to make it more dressy, whilst something simple and pared back might give a more timeless feel. This 'Bondi' watch, a new release from the DW brand, caught my attention, mainly due to the black watch face, something completely unique in my collection. If you're familiar with the brand, then you'll be no stranger to it's standout features: the extremely streamlined and minimalistic design being of classic DW style. There are no numbers, there aren't a million different hands or studs - there's no faff, a DW watch is just simple and elegant.

The 'Bondi' sits on a dainty white strap which offers a beautiful contrast to the watch face, whilst also offering quite a refreshing, contemporary, youthful and preppy edge to the timepiece. DW sums up the 'Bondi' watch as "Classic Design meets modern minimalism", and I couldn't agree more. What more could the modern woman want?

The team at Daniel Wellington have very kindly given me a discount code which will give you 15% off both online and in-store on any DW watch! Simply present the code 'EVAWEARS' for the discount! Happy shopping loves! 

Shop the Classic Petite 32MM Bondi Here 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3



Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington* (Classic Petite 32MM Bondi)
Blazer: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Tee: Topshop
Shoes: Valentino
Bag: c/o New Look
Twilly: Dior

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Daniel Wellington, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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