"And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." - Meister Eckhart

Word on the street is that September is the new January. And you know what that means? It's time to start again. To start afresh. To get into 'girl boss' mode and focus on yourself and what you want to achieve. See, as a society we treat January as the time of renewal. But personally, I find September to bring the magic of a new beginning. 

Since we're talking about time, it felt apt to incorporate Henry London, a favourite of mine as you all know. As I gear up to head back to uni for my final year, which will no doubt require a fresh lease of motivation, organisation and determination, I'll be sure to have Henry, my ever faithful companion on my wrist; reminding me of the importance of spending it wisely.

It's crazy how quickly the time flies, isn't it? Summer seems to have passed us by in a mere flash, and we're already slipping into Autumn. The light summer evenings are getting shorter and shorter, and it won't be long before we're surrounded by falling leaves and wrapping up in thicker knits. 

Although I mourn the end of this season and the fact that I have to pack away all my pretty Summer outfits for another year, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also a tad excited for the coming change, since Autumn has always been my favourite season. 

I've said it before, and I'll probably continue to say it every year, but September is my favourite month. 

See, everything becomes beautiful. The air becomes fresher, the temperatures crisper, and golden colours begin to fill the trees. 

And with the environmental changes, there is a definite mental change too. This time of year makes me approach everything differently. 

I know Spring is the time most strongly associated with the idea of rebirth, but to me, September will always be the month of renewal. I don't think I'll ever shake that 'back to school' feeling; the idea of September and new beginnings being instilled in me throughout my youth. On the first day of school every year, we would have a full school assembly, in which the Head Teacher would talk to us about this very topic. She would talk to us about the opportunities that the new year brings to start anew, would urge us to take stock of the past academic year, and inspire us to set ourselves new goals, turn over a new leaf, and proceed with a newfound energy and drive to do well. 

This mentality has stuck with me. Every September I'm full of a profound sense of motivation. I consider the time passed, what I have achieved in the past year, and how better I can navigate my time going forward.

This time last year, I posted 3 'September Resolutions'.  They were:

1.) Prioritise my mental wellbeing and self care
2.) Keep my blogging up
3.) Take more risks 

And I'm pleased to say, I've actually done pretty well with all of them! I feel more physically and mentally healthy now than I have in the past 4 years. I've posted more blog posts in the past 8 months than I did throughout the whole of 2017, and I have grabbed a couple of new opportunities that I would never have taken before with both hands. Of course, there have been ups and downs. There have been times that depression has creeped up on me, and I've taken a step back before I could continue to move forward. There have been times when I've felt uninspired and have taken a step away from blogging, until I could simply face it again. And, there have been times that I have bottled out of opportunities that I knew would be good for me, because I've found them too risky. Yet, nevertheless, I think I've still grown. Somehow, I've made improvements, even though I've realised that I haven't actively sought to achieve these goals. Perhaps, subconsciously, they have always been in the back of my mind and that's probably why I haven't felt the pressure to achieve them. But it's all been far more organic. I think making resolutions this time of year is far more effective than your classic January resolutions, because they always seem somewhat forced. Every person and their dog thinks of a resolution they set out to achieve, and I have a theory that the pressure to come up with some big, life altering resolution on January 1st loads it with such a level of pressure that inevitably, it becomes impossible to achieve. 

So, I'll stick with September resolutions instead. Since they worked so well, I decided to make myself a new set for my 'new year', and it's only now that I have realised how they are all centred on time. It's our most precious possession, after all. The past year, I have learnt so much about time, and now I have set myself 3 new 'resolutions' which should help me better utilise it. 

1.) Take time for myself. 
I've come to realise how important this is on my journey to better self-care and mental health recovery. One of the most important lessons I learnt was taking time to do things that I enjoy, without pressure or expectation, but simply because it's what I want to do. When I went back to uni I realised that because of my busy schedule, slowly, the time I set aside for myself was being eroded, and consequently, I was feeling more stressed. I definitely don't want to journey down that road, so it's time to intervene. This coming year at uni, I'm determined to regularly do something for myself; visit an art gallery, go to the cinema, go on a walk, whatever it may be - but the key is that I do it alone, to collect my thoughts and appreciate my own company.

2.) Get organised.
I think a natural association with the idea of a 'new beginning' is the feeling of needing to get one's ass in gear, am I right? It's safe to say I'm not the most organised of people. I've always been a last minute lady, I do things under time pressure and I do that well. But, that doesn't mean that there is no need for better time management. As I embark on the most important year of my academic career, I realise that now, more than ever, organisation and routine need to be a priority. 
Aside from writing lists, keeping a calendar and diary, I find that one thing that really does help with feeling organised is what I choose to wear. It sounds silly, but we all know the effect our appearance can have on mood, right? When I wear tracksuits and joggers, I'm more likely to feel lazy and sluggish. As soon as I put on a blazer or structured trouser, I feel smart, polished and ready to work. In this same vein, as soon as I put on a watch, I feel more organised. I'm completely aware that this is some weird placebo effect, but it works. Henry gracing my wrist makes me better organised, because I associate a timepiece so strongly with professionalism and time management. My watch of choice for the daily grind? The 'Richmond', no doubt. This model is simple, classic, yet modern, and goes with anything in my wardrobe. So, I let this little watch remind me of the need to get into full work mode. 

3.) Slow Down
We always seem to be in a rush, Henry and I. As soon as I begin to feel more organised, for some reason, I also begin to make myself more busy. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I'm busy, I'm aware that I'm often filling my time with productive endeavours, but I also convince myself that I can do 100 more things in the day. Often, this simply isn't possible. I set myself unrealistic expectations, and this only breeds disappointment, for, filling your time with task after task, without taking space and time to slow down is the enemy of progress. We live in a society whereby time always seems to be of the essence, but as part of my vow to learn how to spend it better, I've decided to wholeheartedly reject this 'the busier you are, the more successful you'll be' philosophy. Learning to spend time more wisely has perhaps somewhat paradoxically led me to conclude that I need to learn how to slow it down. So, whilst Henry might remind me to work hard and keep organised, I can also rely on him to remind me to pause, step back, break, and slow down. There's a certain point each day where I glance at my watch, decide enough is enough, and I'm off the clock (pun intended). It's time to slow down, unwind, and accept that tomorrow is a new day in which I can pick up where I left off. 

So, I say forget January, September is the new 'New Year'. This September, I urge you to become that school kid again, the one that was encouraged by their teacher to set new goals. There's no need to wait until January to take stock and re-evaluate. Time is your most precious possession, and what better time than now to trust in the magic of new beginnings. 

Do you treat September as a new beginning?

Until next time,
Bisous <3


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