So, this little space on the internet turns 2 years old today!

I cannot believe it's gone so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was plucking up the courage to press publish on my first ever blog post, absolutely shitting myself about how it would be received! I feel like a proud mother lol!

I remember on the 1st anniversary of my blog, I wrote all about the things that I had learnt in my first year of blogging, as well as the goals I had set myself for the following year. I thought I would repeat that exercise again this year, but I realised that actually the things I learnt in my first year are pretty much still applicable in my second.
I also wrote a couple of 'goals' for the following year, which I thought I could reflect on now, and see how far I've come in achieving them.

So the goals I had set myself were:

Consistency - So this is a bit of a mixed bag. I definitely blogged a lot more over the past year, but 'consistently' isn't the word I would use. There are times I'll publish 5 posts in a week, and then nothing for 3, so this is definitely something I want to continue to work on. I'm trying to post at least twice a week at the minute, and so far so good! So fingers crossed this will be the year I get some sort of blogging routine!

Write More Think Pieces - Now this is one goal I do think that I've done pretty well with. I've been very open with my mental health journey, something that I never thought I would talk about so openly on the internet, but have actually found the process incredibly rewarding and those posts have been really well received. I've received so many messages and comments from people saying that it was comforting to know that they weren't alone in their sufferings. Just hearing those things makes me so happy and makes baring all in those posts incredibly worth it. But not only that, I've realised that writing about my mental health has been rather cathartic and actually therapeutic in itself. I definitely plan to continue to write about mental health as I go forward, but also to expand to write more about other opinions I have, and other things I'm interested in, such as art, politics, and my thoughts on the blogging world.

Enjoy it - Hmm... this one has been a mixed bag as well. But I'm ok with that. I haven't really gotten better at trying not to stress if I don't have time to shoot, if my following stagnates, or if I feel uninspired, but in hindsight I think it was unrealistic for me to think that those things wouldn't make me feel frustrated or annoyed. After all, when you care about something, or if you're generally a perfectionist, it's very difficult to not let this seep into all aspects of your life. So yes, there are times when blogging isn't so fun, when it becomes gruelling, or draining, but there are also times when I absolutely love it, and write 5 posts in a day. I think that's just the nature of creative projects; they require you to put in a lot more of yourself and your energy. So I think I would modify this goal for the coming year. Instead, I'd say, be prepared for high highs and low lows, the important thing is that you don't give up.

So that's it! My last year, very briefly, in review. And you've also got a random outfit pic I took outside Greggs to accompany it - keeping it classy over here, as always!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you guys think you've learnt over the time you've been blogging!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



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