(L-R: Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Taupe)

(Wearing Velvet Teddy and Soar Liner)

Hello lovelies, and Happy Easter! I hope you've all had a wonderful one, whatever you've been doing: whether it's of religious significance for you and your families, or you've just been stuffing your face with chocolate - for me it's a bit of both!
So, due to a slight scheduling error and lots of bad weather (damn you, rain, for making it so hard for me to get outfit pictures!), we'll be having a 'Makeup Sunday' today, instead of the usual 'Makeup Monday' post tomorrow (though here's a link to the last one, in case you missed it!). Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, I know, but we'll make do, right?
Anyway enough rambling, today I'm chatting about my favourite nude MAC lipsticks. Now if you're judging from these pics, you're probably thinking that they all look exactly the same. And this is where I go 'Noooooooo you're wrong! They're all completely different!' Ok, not completely different, but different enough that I can justify have all three, you get me? Hopefully you'll be able to tell better from the swatches, but bare with me! These are some of the staples in my lipstick collection, and lorrdddd knows I have far too many lippies, so these really are the creme de la creme. Best of all, I'm pretty sure there'll be something for everyone!

TAUPE (MATTE) - £17.50

Now 'Taupe' is the most brown-toned of the three (I mean no shit, it's called taupe lol).
It's described by MAC as a 'muted, reddish-taupe brown', and has the least amount of pink in it of all three shades. I think this would look especially beautiful on warmer or deeper skin tones. I know some people are scared of brown lipsticks and feel that they won't look flattering, but this is definitely a more wearable brown. It has just enough of a hint of red to make it wearable, and isn't so dark that it'll look unflattering on light skin tones. I went through a phase about a year ago of wearing this absolutely every day, and felt like it was an extremely day time appropriate, wearable shade, so don't be put off by the fact that it's a brown!

Now remember a couple of years ago when the Beauty community went absolutely BONKERS for Kylie Jenner's lips?! Just about everyone and their dog was on the hunt to find the perfect 'Kylie lip colour'. Eventually, as we always do, we solved the mystery and discovered the elusive shades she had been using. Well, velvet Teddy was one of those shades, folks. So popular, in fact, that I heard that it was sold out from MAC for weeks on end, and there was even a waitlist to get your hands on it! Wow, us beauty addicts really do some crazy shit, right?
And in fairness, I can see why. Described as a 'deep-tone beige', this is the perfect nude for so many skin tones. If you are fairer skinned, and have to choose one out of these three shades, I'd go with this. It really is that 'your lips but better' shade.
The lightest of the three shades, it's the most pink toned and 'nude-esque'. (Wow, I'm really not doing well with these descriptions lol!) It's still pretty brown-toned, though, so you will get that '90s look, but of the three, it's probably the safest brown colour for those a little more wary of that look.
For the full 'Kylie lip', line your lips with the 'Soar' lip pencil, also by MAC and another of my faves, and then fill the centre in with Velvet Teddy. I know I'm like 3 years late with this info and this is old news, but just incase there are any of you late to the party, then that's how you get the perfect Kylie Jenner inspired 90s lip!

WHIRL (MATTE) - £17.50

So I think 'Whirl' is actually my all time favourite MAC lipstick. (Don't hold me to that, though, I'm fickle and change my mind very easily). It's just the perfect 'dirty rose' shade, which is exactly how MAC describes it. Originally only a lipliner, the shade gained cult status when it was discovered to be another of the shades behind Kylie Jenner's infamous pout. I remember when I was first trying to get my hands on the liner a couple of years ago, and it was sold out for a full 3 months both online and in-store before I was able to get my hands on it (damn you, Miss Jenner!) Due to the popularity of the liner, it was then brought out in lipstick formula (which I guess was also due to the so-called 'Kylie effect', so actually, touché, Miss Jenner).
If you're wanting a '90s lip, then this is the shade you need. It's a dark mauve-brown, giving off grunge era vibes whilst still looking feminine; I mean, could this be anymore '90s? (*Chandler Bing voice*).
This is a shade that I reach for time and time again, and one I always get complimented on - I mean, it's cult for a reason, folks!

(On a side note, can someone please tell me how the hell to take decent, aesthetically pleasing swatch photos?!)

I hope this proved useful for you, lovelies! I've linked where I can to places where there is a slight discount, like John Lewis and Asos (10% with student discount!) But I thought I'd also add that currently on the Debenhams website, MAC lipsticks have 15% off, so if you're thinking of treating yourself to one of these, then now's the time!

Let me know what other Beauty Posts you'd like to see in the comments below, as well as what your favourite MAC nude lipsticks are - I'm always eager to add to my collection!

Until next time,
Bisous <3


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