"All great achievements require time." - Maya Angelou

So guys, we're back for the first Friday Thoughts of the year! I realise it's already February, but I've had the most hectic January, which, in a sense, prompted me to write this post. 

See, although I wrote in a previous blog post that I hadn't really made any New Year's Resolutions, this was a bit of a fib. So yeah, I hadn't set myself any 'official' resolutions, but I think I knew that deep down, come January 1st, there were a few goals that I had set myself that I really wanted to put into action. They were the following:

1.) Post on the blog twice a week. 
2.) Work on my sleeping pattern and make sure I don't go to sleep past 3am. 
3.) Start going back to the gym.
4.) Be more organised. 

Now looking back - what were these goals, if they were not New Year's Resolutions? As soon as January 1st hit, I felt the pressure to be on top of them, and to have put them all into action. And, of course, I've made zero progress on any of them. I've barely posted on the blog. My sleeping pattern is still rather erratic (although there have only been a handful of nights where I've slept later than 3, so I guess that's a small success). I haven't even considered visiting the gym yet, and this is probably the most disorganised I've been in a long while. 

I'm up to my eyeballs in uni work, blog deadlines, and a little job that I've had since mid January, and this week I've started to feel like such a failure. I was recalling the goals I had set myself and realised that I hadn't achieved any of them. If anything, I'd regressed! And that was pretty disappointing. For a few days I felt as though this year was already a write off; that because January had been such a clusterfuck, the rest of 2018 would be too. 

And that's when I noticed my old negative thinking patterns starting to emerge. My counsellor had warned me that retraining thought processes would be a long old battle. It wouldn't be something that you could just implement overnight, but something that would have to be worked on continuously.

See, sometimes it's pretty difficult to practice what you preach. 

It wasn't until this week, reading back over that previous blog post, that I realised how much of a hypocrite I had been. I'd been lecturing to you guys the importance of not putting pressure on yourself to achieve your goals, when deep down I was doing the exact opposite! 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's never too late to set the clock back, to start afresh. I'm treating this month as though I've turned back time, and this is the start of 2018. February will be my January, but with a different attitude in mind. Instead of overloading myself with goals and expectations, I'll try to make them smaller, more manageable tasks. 

My goal for this month is to try to get a good working pattern in order and learn how to prioritise tasks. Far too often I end up working on things that I could have actually done later in the week because it was easier, and then end up having to rush the work that I should have prioritised. I've tried to start doing that a little this week, and I've already found it helps to make me a little less stressed. Writing daily to-do lists helps me to have a clear idea of my schedule for the day and the tasks that need completing. The key thing is to do such without pressure, so that if something hasn't been completed by the end of the day, I don't feel like a failure. I'd say getting a diary is such a good step in trying to become more organised. 

Take your time. We're all familiar with that childhood story of the hare and the tortoise. 'Slow and steady wins the race', the say, but how often do we treat that saying as a life maxim? I can put my hand up and say, rarely. I think it's common to act as though, come January 1st, everything will be different. Almost as though, over night, we undergo some sort of wild transformation, that makes us a new person with a completely different attitude for the new year. We fail to realise that we cannot break from the past that easily. Chances are the things you found difficult in 2017, will still be difficult in 2018. The shit you were wading through in 2017, will probably still be holding you down in 2018. But that fact shouldn't leave you disheartened. Instead, we should simply approach our goals and expectations for a coming year with a touch more realism. We're not going to achieve all our goals immediately, with no set backs or slip ups. Not everything will be perfect from day one. But slowly and surely, things falls into place. 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


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