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So welcome to the first 'Makeup Monday' post of the year! This is a little new series I'm starting this year where, you guessed it, I'll be talking about makeup every Monday! This week I'm talking about Bourjois, as I was sent a bunch of their products in a VoxBox to test out. If you have any requests for products you'd like me to review or looks you'd like me to create, then let me know! 


So I was actually rather surprised by how much I liked this foundation, since I have only ever used high-end foundations. It's a very natural finish, not matte but not particularly dewy; I'd say they've nailed it by marketing it as a foundation with a 'healthy' finish. It sits very comfortably on the skin and very easy to blend. The main difference I notice between this and my higher end foundation is the lasting power. I find around the 5/6 hour mark it starts to get a little oily, and settles into my smile lines particularly. Of course this isn't something that can't be solved by a little blotting and powdering, but it's something to bare in mind. 

My main criticism though, is the age old one of a very limited shade range. There's only one shade darker than mine, and considering that I am basically in the middle of the shade range at Fenty (which from now on will be the standard by which I hold all foundation ranges!), this is clearly severely lacking and very disappointing. From what I can gather this is a fairly cult foundation that has been available for ages, so you would expect a fuller range by now. The concealer has an even more limited shade selection with only 3 shades. So, this really isn't a range for everyone, and in a world where Fenty caters for all, I'd sooner recommend that than this! 


The eyeshadows were as I expected, they worked, and I could create a pretty look with them, but they were nowhere near as good as my high end shadows. I found that the shadows had to be built up quite a bit for the colour payoff I wanted, although I was rather surprised and pleased that there wasn't too much fallout. Overall though, I wouldn't buy another quad from this range; I'd much rather save up for a higher end palette, or, if you're looking for a drugstore alternative, I'd recommend the makeup revolution shadows, which are around £4 for a 12 shadow palette (cheaper than this Bourjois one and much better in my opinion!) If you're wanting to try these they currently have them on sale at Feel Unique for £3.49, in lots of different colour combinations, and I think for that price, they're worth a try!


The blusher I thought was pretty; a nice colour payoff and a shade I think would suit everyone. I didn't have to apply too much and I didn't find that it faded all that much throughout the day. I do think it's slightly overpriced though, seeing as I'm a big fan of the Natural Collection blushes, ('Peach Melba' has been my jam since I discovered makeup!) and they're only £1.99! This blush is currently on sale at Feel Unique for £3.49 if you're interested in trying it though! 


So the purpose of providing the VoxBoxes was to promote the new 'Metallic Lip Cream' release. I was sent three shades, a gold shade, a more nude shade, and a hot fuchsia. The gold one I have put into the giveaway, (which ends today btw! See my tweet on details to enter!), the hot pink I gifted to my sister, and the nude one I have on here! These are very creamy and pigmented, surprisingly pigmented in fact. They apply very evenly, and overall I was impressed with the quality. It's difficult for me to say too much about these, however, as these really aren't something I would usually wear. Metallics are rather tricky to wear and so I can't see me getting much use out of these, but you never know!

So, there's my review! There's a few hits and misses. I think the jury is still out on this one. Have you guys used any of these products? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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