1.) Starbucks Christmas Cups - Such a #basicbitch reason LOL, but as soon as those festive red cups come out, I know Christmas is nigh. I don't even drink coffee, so best believe I'll have a nice little festive hot chocolate in there. Further irony is defo added by the fact that in the pic above I'm holding a Cafe Nero cup, but hey, it's what I was feeling on the day looool!

2.) Christmas Carols - My favourite thing ever ever is going to carol services. There's something so peaceful, warming and comforting about sitting in a church with lots of candles, singing carols and listening to choirs. Of course I'm also more than partial to sing along to a bit of Wham! And Mariah, (I'll be whacking out the 'NOW Christmas album as fast as the next person), but carol services are the real thing. ❤️

3.) Decorating the Christmas tree - As soon as the tree goes up, Christmas season is officially on it's way. We're usually so late to get our tree up (as our family are with so many things 😩), but me and my sister always take create control and decorate the tree together - we have decorations that are literally as old as me! Probably time to invest in some new ones, like these beaut decorations from Harrods, you can even get really personalised ones, like the 'G' that's perfect for my sister. Nothing will ever replace the slightly creepy santa's head that goes at the very top of the tree though, that one's for keeps. 

4.) Watching Christmas films all season long - I'm talking 'Love Actually', 'The Holiday', which, to be honest, I watch all year long, but feel extra special in December! Of course we always whack out 'Elf' and 'Home Alone' too, and 'Narnia'! I don't know why it's festive, but it seems to be on numerous times over the holiday season, so it's now synonymous with Christmas to me (along with 'Pirates of the Caribbean', when will BBC 1 ever not show this on Boxing Day?!). What's your fave Christmas film? 

5.) Advent Calendars - When I was younger there was nothing I loved more than opening my advent calendar in the morning before I left for school. I actually never did that thing where you eat all the chocolates on the first day; I was very disciplined and thought it'd be ruining Christmas looool! I still absolutely love getting chocolate calendars (well ofc, who doesn't?!) but I also love the calendars that come empty that you can fill with little trinkets. This one from Harrods is perfect for any loved one, .. can fill with bits and bobs they'd love luxe makeup if you're really going for it, jokes and quirky bits and bobs if you're up for a bit of festive banter. Either way, its personal and cute! 

What are your favourite things in the run up to Christmas? 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


Advent Calendar: c/o Harrods*
Decorations: c/o Harrods
Harrods' full selection of Christmas decorations here, I LOVE the snow globe!

Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Harrods. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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