So, ladies, I thought it was about time I introduced you to the new man in my life, for he has stolen my heart.

See, from the moment I set eyes on him, I knew it was love at first sight. Smart, sophisticated, timeless. Modern but so endearingly traditional. A real box ticker, everything I could've asked for and so much more. 

Oh, did I mention that I was referring to my watch? Of course, this is not an actual man, (that'll be the day lol... I can assure you that spinsterhood is still very much my current and future status), but you know what, who needs a man; Henry and I are joint at the hip (or wrist) and don't intend to part anytime soon. I guess you could say this is the only relationship I'm happy to commit to.

So yeah, you have your iPhone glued to your hand, so you don't technically need any other device to tell the time. But technicalities, pleaseeeee. You'd be wrong if you're thinking that ol' thing called a watch is now redundant. Because let me tell you, watches are back in, folks, and for the beady eyed followers of the fashion pack amongst you, you'll know that they never went away.

See, there's nothing quite as sophisticated as a simple, classic, watch. Fedora hats, baker boy caps, chokers, chunky chains, they all come and go, but the watch is forever. In fact, a classic timepiece, dare I say it, is the ultimate accessory.

Indeed, word on the street is that the luxury watch is the new designer handbag. All your fave celebs are now flaunting their Omegas and Patek Phillipe's on the red carpets in the usual 'look how wealthy I am' display. That's right, it's all about solid gold Rolexes as opposed to Hermes birkins. 

Ok so I may not be able to tote a diamond encrusted Cartier about, and I may not have a Rolex (hey, who knows what the future holds though, amirighttt? #girlbossingit). But, folks, you can bet I have the next best thing.

Now, if you're a sucker for a product with a story behind it a la Phoebe from Friends ("Ross, be careful that's very old! Early Colonial bird merchants used to bring their birds to market in that.") Then you're going to love this:

On the streets of London, you’ll discover inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. A market stall in Notting Hill, a classic watch with a simple engraving; the detail, the craftsmanship, the innate style that captures decades of innovation.

Two designers exploring London’s many vintage districts searching for such inspiration stumbled upon a 1960s vintage timepiece at the famous Portobello Road Market. The beautifully styled, classic Swiss watch had the words ‘Henry, August 1965’ engraved on the case back. Although suffering the ravages of time, the watch still typified the craftsmanship and quality of a bygone age.

Inspired by a vintage timepiece, the designers of Henry London have utilised cutting-edge technology to create a watch collection with a level of precision and reliability which far exceeds that of their mid-century predecessor, yet does not compromise on style and design.

The collection perfectly combines traditional styling with modern trends, pairing stainless steel cases with a spectrum of coloured dials. The bracelets are constructed from high quality stainless steel Milanese mesh, whilst straps are made from the finest of soft leathers, carefully dyed to a bespoke palette of regal shades.

Henry London, created from this one moment of inspiration, expresses the very essence of London. The juxtaposition of old and new, of the bold and the idiosyncratic.

See, didn't I tell you Henry was a special one? 

Let me sell it to you, tv ad style. You hop out of your quaint little studio apartment, perfect blow dry bouncing in the frosty London air. You start your morning run in your highly impractical stiletto heels on the way to catch the tube, when you take a glance at the gleaming face on your wrist to see that you have a mere 15 minutes to make it to your office for your 9am meeting. So, burberry trench blowing in the wind, you run to the road side and hail a black cab, hopping in with coffee cup in hand. As you jump out, you glance at that little face on your wrist once more and realise you have 2 minutes to spare, a whole 2 minutes to apply swipe of lippie in your favourite shade of red. 
Have I just sold you a working girl's dream? Made the corporate world seem a tad less boring?

 And is there anything quite so quintessentially British? 

And the best part about wearing a watch? You can completely sell a false identity. You could be the ultimate 'lady with her shit together' in the streets, and an absolute disorganised wreck in the sheets. (this doesn't quite work but let's keep it moving LOL).

See, in these pictures, I'd like to think that I look as those I have my shit together. But in actual fact, I woke up 20 minutes late, had to run to my morning lecture and therefore very quickly became a hot sticky mess, then spilled coffee all over my jacket on the way to taking these photos. (The worst bit was it wasn't even my coffee, I was literally holding my friend's cup for all of 2 minutes whilst she did her coat up. I really am a complete klutz lol!) But would you ever know? If you don't stare too deeply into my pain filled eyes, would you not just think this was a girl with her life together? She's even wearing a watch so she must be organised? I'm thinking hell yeah, you would!

See, when perusing the streets of London amidst the hustle and bustle of people from all walks of life, one becomes acutely aware that the city really is the home of individuality. Everybody has a different story to tell, for London is a place where people go to 'live the dream'. And it's also a place to sell the dream. So yes, you're still 15 minutes late to everything, you hardly ever have your shit together, and you practically live off coffee and adrenaline, but you walk around with watch gleaming on your wrist and your head held high, an air of importance about you, and no one will ever know...


Watch: c/o Henry London*
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Belt: Asos (Similar Here)
Coat: Zara
Boots: Missguided
Beret: Asos

P.S. Ya gyal managed to get you a cheeky discount code too! Just enter in the code 'EVA20' at checkout for 20% off any watch! Browse the selection here and thank me later!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Henry London, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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