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Ah Freshers. Such an odd year with many ups and downs. You're finally embracing independence and freedom; I'd love to buy whatever I wanted on my grocery shop, but I simultaneously missed Mum's dinners. I loved having my own space and having my own 'house' (well room) rules, but I missed the presence of my family and hearing their murmurs from the lounge whilst up in my room. I loved the constant partying and club nights, but hated the faculty dinners and ice breaker meetings that even the numbing haze of alcohol could not solve for this far too anxious gal. I loved the lectures and feeling like a proper student with my bundle of books propped under my arm, but I hated the last minute all nighters to get work done.

 Now, given that some of you may well be getting ready to journey off to university; a whole new exciting but scary chapter in our lives, I know you're probably experiencing a whole plethora of emotions. I was absolutely terrified, and so I thought I'd write a little post about freshers. Now I've seen a lot of posts about tips when going to university, but I thought I would write a post all about my biggest fresher regrets, so that you don't make them too! So here we go!

1.) Lack of structure - Ah, by far my biggest regret, as I'm pretty sure it was this that triggered my depressive episode. Losing a sense of structure, waking up at 5pm and sleeping at 6am, eating dinner at 2am; that was honestly my routine at university in first year, and fuck me, was it unhealthy. I was constantly tired, often didn't see people since my routine was so irregular, and it definitely affected my mood, probably partly because I didn't often see daylight. It's soooo important that you try to keep some sort of structure for your general wellbeing and self care, since I think we vastly underestimate the way in which structure affects our mood and energy levels. Now the partying and clubbing three nights a week, day drinking and one 2pm lecture a day life may sound great (and trust, it is at first), but the novelty soon wears off! Still do all those things, but make sure there's still some routine - it's all moderation!

2.) Not joining enough societies - This is something that helps so much in terms of forming friendships, and meeting new people. I started uni with the intention of joining all the dance societies and managed a few measly weeks before I attended less and less classes and spent more and more hours in bed. Joining societies for things that were hobbies for you at home or that you have always wanted to try, is a great way to also take a break from work, from the stifled atmosphere university sometimes has, and just allows you to have some downtime, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests to you. If you can't think of anything to join, join something completely random! Tag along with a friend to one of their clubs! I'm about to go back to uni and I intend to try my hand at rowing - wish me luck, lol! I have no idea how to handle these early mornings!

3.) Isolating myself - It's very easy in university to isolate yourself from those around you, since you have fewer contact hours in terms of lectures and tutorials, and this was something I did for the first term of university. Having social anxiety meant that being around completely new people all the time felt incredibly scary and made me feel anxious. Despite that it is so important that you try to socialise as much as you possibly can. Friendships form so quickly whilst at uni, and it's awful to miss out on those because of insecurity. I know that this isn't helpful advice, suffering from anxiety means you can't help it! But it's about trying your hardest to push yourself out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Start small, no one is telling you to suddenly become the life and soul of the party, but try to just make conversation with one new person each day. Any small step you can take, and build on it. Having a good support network of friends is one of the best and most important aspects of university, so make sure you try to build this from the off!

4.) Leaving work until the last minute! - Even I am low key laughing at myself at this one, because in all honesty, I don't really see this changing much when I go back to uni in a couple of weeks. But honestly guys, in first year, I don't think I wrote a single essay in daylight hours. Everything was an all nighter, and it was noootttttt fun lol! Now I go to a very academic heavy university where I can often be doing 2 essays a week, and leaving things to the last minute really was not wise. I think it's a good idea to make sure you work during the day so that you can enjoy the evening activities and don't have to be the one stuck in your room panic writing that essay for the next day! 

Are you off to university this year? Or are you an old hand? What would your biggest 1st year regrets be? Let me know in the comments below! 

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