Hello lovelies!

Apologies for my impromptu absence! But today I've come on here to have a good old moan (what else is fucking new lol!).

So who else is having an absolute nightmare with instagram lately?! It's gone down so low in my estimations; from being my absolute favourite social media app, to being the ultimate ball ache and the absolute bane of my life.

See, for the past 14 days (yes, I'm sad and have been counting!) I have been hit by the dreaded shadow ban. Now if you're unfamiliar with the shadow ban, I'll explain what it is very briefly. Basically, if you post a photo on instagram and include hashtags, you would expect your photo to show up on each of those tagged hashtags. When shadow banned, your photo will appear in the tags to you and your followers, as opposed to everyone on instagram. This is therefore a big problem for those of us with blogs etc, who depend on hashtags to reach out to potential new followers and therefore grow our followings. 

Now, no one really understands what causes the shadow ban, but to be honest, to me, it's yet another change that instagram have imposed on the app that further destroys the user experience.

I see people moaning every single day on social media about instagram, and I can see that for many of us, trying to keep up with all these frankly unnecessary changes, trying to 'beat' the algorithm, and trying to grow our following, 

Instagram has become incredibly tiresome, unnecessarily difficult, and to be honest, incredibly disheartening. For many of us who work so hard on our content and for whom instagram is an integral part of our blog promo, it now feels as though there is no point investing our efforts into the app. 

I have yet to find a solution to this problem, and therefore I'm very unsure on how to proceed. Do I continue to post regularly and hope that instagram realigns itself, but accept that every single unsuccessful post is going to be incredibly disheartening to me? Or do I leave the app for a while and accept that I'm probably going to lose a lotttttt of followers?

I'm under no pretence that this is in any way a 'big problem', indeed, it's probably the ultimate first world problem, but it's something that's bugging me nonetheless.

Even if instagram sorts itself out, it feels as though we are constantly waiting for the next utterly terrible change to be implemented. I've heard that there are talks of bringing in a 4 row feed? FFSSSSSS!

I'd like to hope that one day the instagram guys will pull their heads out of their money-orientated arseholes and put the user experience first, but to be honest, I don't have high expectations. For now, any tips on how to navigate this absolute clusterfuck of an app would be highly appreciated. 

So that's my moan of the day folks. Utterly unimportant and superficial, but whateves lol! Have any of you fallen out of love with instagram? Anyone else been hit by the shadow ban? Let me know your thoughts below!

p.s. I just published my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO!!! AHHHHHHH! I absolutely cannot believe I'm saying this! please go have a little watch and like;/subscribe - I'd love to know your thoughts!

Here is the link: Enjoy!

Until next time,
Bisous <3


p.s. UPDATE: looks like the shadow ban has FINALLYYYYY been lifted! Apparently if you were prompted to re-verify your account your account was essentially blocked for the following 2 weeks before it was reset by instagram, so if any of you have been hit by the shadow ban, it will be lifted exactly 2 weeks after you were first affected!


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