Hello, Lovelies!

Didn't I tell you I was on a roll with this whole blogging lark? (Although lemme go touch wood because I don't want to jinx it lol!)

So today I've got a little styling post for you all.

The wonderful ladies at Boohoo got in touch with me to put together a post on my summer holiday wardrobe essentials, and though it's not looking like I'll be going abroad anymore this year (WELP - don't even get me started pls), I was more than happy to take on the task.

So let's get down to business. Now first, if you're going on holiday, you're probably jetting off somewhere much brighter and sunnier for your much needed dose of vitamin D (because we all know you're not getting it in England for about 350 days of the year!) If you're anything like me and practically live in jeans then now, my friends, is the time for you to make the brave move of reluctantly leaving your trusty jeans in your drawer at home (no doubt they'll get more than their fair share of wear when you are back on our gloomy ol' English shores). So why not seize the chance to opt for something a little shorter, freer and feminine: the skirt.

Now often the city break is a short affair, a quick whistle stop tour of the city and it's landmarks, so it's likely that you're not going to have the most suitcase space, despite the fact that if you're anything like me you're probably trying to stuff half your wardrobe into it. So, chances are you're going to have to compromise and have a few, key, versatile items - and what better item than the denim mini! Now you'll notice that whilst I said you should leave your jeans at home, I didn't say you had to leave your denim. Nope, why the hell would you do that when it will go with absolutely everything you pack!
For me, the denim skirt is the perfect holiday piece, it's comfy, versatile and permanently 'on trend', and best believe my 5'9.5 height sure as hell ain't gonna stop me rocking a mini!

For a day of exploring around the city, city break it's best to opt for something practical and comfortable. You can never go wrong with a good ol' slogan tee as I have worn here, a light jacket just in case it gets chilly, some comfy trainers for lots of walking, and I've also added these obnoxious but fabulous oversized glasses to jazz up the simple outfit.

On this particular day I went for afternoon tea at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel with my sister and her friends (yep I tagged along lol!), which was absolutely delish! I felt like the ultimate Brit sipping on earl grey in one hand and munching on a scone in the other! It's something I'd definitely recommend anyone visiting London to do, incidentally! 

(of course since we were somewhere so posh we absolutely had to take the obligatory fancy toilet selfie #picsoritdidnthappen lol! p.s. how gorge does my sis look?!)

If the denim mini isn't quite your jam, then I'd opt for a floaty midi skirt or skater skirt like these two here and here! Either option would work just as well with the above outfit. 

Stay tuned for Part II next week, in which I'll be showing you how I'd style the same mini for some classy evening cocktails or a romantic sunset dinner date!

What are your summer holiday wardrobe essentials? Are you a sucker for the denim mini too?

Until next time,
Bisous <3


Top: c/o Boohoo*
Skirt: c/o Boohoo*
Jacket: c/o Boohoo*
Belt: Ebay
Glasses: Primark (only £1!) (similar here)
Trainers: c/o Boohoo*
Bag: Urban Outfitters (old - similar here)

Please note that whilst this post is not sponsored, all items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me by Boohoo. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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