"There is nothing more elegant in winter than dark tights worn with matching knee-length boots and a  belted trench coat." - Joan Collins

Hello, lovelies!

So I have another style post for you guys, and I'm definitely about to rain on your parade, because I hate to say it folks, but I reckon we've reached the end of our summer for another year. Now, I know for a lot of people, the end of summer can be incredibly depressing, and for me there is always a little sadness at the end of the season, but personally, I absolutely love autumn! Now when I start seeking out pieces to add to my wardrobe for the approaching season, I always think about outerwear first, as this is by far the most important component of any outfit imo. 

Now if there is one item that is undoubtedly a must have and 'fashion pack approved' (I'm talking all your fave bloggers, designers, models, and Anna Wintour ofc), it's none other than the trench coat. 

Every year I buy a new trench coat because I depend on them so strongly, particularly during the changing seasons, as they are the perfect transitional piece. So, when Jack Wills approached me and asked me to produce a post all about styling the trench, I was more than happy to share my pearls of wisdom (lol!). Now, in all honesty I always have a bit of a mare when trying to pick out a trench coat, there is just so. much. choice. Do I go super classic and channel good ol' Burberry, or super oversized and boxy a la Demna's Balenciaga? Or go for whatever's on trend that season; vinyl, gingham, and so on. I'd say if you're investing in your first trench, I'd recommend you go ultra classic. Now, one brand that do classic like no other are Jack Wills, good quality without the Burberry price tag. They currently have a great selection of women's trench coat, and even better, a fab post on 'how to style a trench coat', to go along with it, with a super concise section on the history of the trench which you may enjoy if you're a bit of a nerd like me! I'd personally recommend the 'Ambrose'; sophisticated, cool, and utterly classic.

Now if you're still not convinced that you absolutely neeeeeed a trench in your closet, then let me paint you a little picture:

You throw a trench over practically any outfit and bam! You've already achieved 2 things:

1.) You've got a go-to for all possible "I need to throw something over this' outfit situations. As in, you could legit be wearing joggers and a sweatshirt but chuck that trench on and you've instantly elevated your outfit from slob attire to couch potato chic. (yes, this is a thing!) Perfect for all my fellow lazy girls out there (shoutout to you - here's a virtual fist pump to my kindred spirits!)

2.) Congratulations! You have the smart casual look nailed forever. Not only that, but you'll be following in the footsteps of the best of the best, the fashion elite, if you will, with this ultimate wardrobe classic. There's a reason this piece has a permanent place in the fashion hall of fame, folks - every single fashion icon would have depended on the trench at some point. From old hollywood starlets such as Marlene Dietrich, to french beauty Brigitte Bardot, style icons Jackie O, and Audrey Hepburn, to ultimate rock chick Kate Moss, and even good old Kate Middleton; each and every one had this piece as a wardrobe staple, so you can rest assured that it's here to stay. And well, if it's good enough for them, best believe it'a damn good enough for me!


So with this outfit I was aiming for fashunnnn but slightly casj, lol. The nonchalant 'model off duty' look, if you will. (l know I'm trying and failing but let's not mention that...) This is something I would where to uni lectures or an afternoon running errands, comfortable and casual, but still giving the air of a young fashion forward millennial (I'd like to think lol!). I feel like when one pairs trainers with any outfit, as if by magic the outfit is instantly wearable and casual. But the floaty trench adds the 'fashunnnn' and therefore balances it out, you get me? (lol I hope you do). I've had this trench for years and it is absolutely perfect for the end of summer sun, when it's still a little warm but not warm enough to go out without a light jacket to throw on. Come A/W I'll be turning to my heavier trenches, like the one I wore in this post back in April.

By the way, what do you guys think of the baker boy hat? You can read all my initial ramblings on this tricky little accessory in my post entitled 'Checkmate'. I'm still not convinced I can pull it off on this absolute bowling ball of a head, but nonetheless, I will remain in denial and keep trying, because it is only when I can safely say that I've nailed the art of rocking headwear that I feel I will have earned my 'not so basic fashion blogger' card. 

Then we have the good old slogan tee, pretty standard. Bonus points if you have a politically charged, potentially provocative slogan on it. Now I was of course obsessed with the Dior original, but even I, with my enduring love for luxury treats and Dior ones especially, could not justify spending £485 on a plain white tee with a few words on it. So I got this £8 Missguided version instead, cheap and cheerful, and still gets the message across, I think. 

And then the jeans. It's time we stopped wearing only 'safe denim', and leaving all the more wacky styles for the fashion elites. No, you get those flared babies out and immediately people are thinking, 'ok, she knows fashion'. They're not a basic bish jean, they're a fashion savvy jean (unless, of course, you're a time warped middle-aged someone, hey, no judgement here!), and yet, are still pretty wearable for everyday life. Now personally I think the flared jeans is severelyyyy underrated. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of eveything, when you practically live in denim (as I am unashamed to say I do), it's imperative that you have a large selection; straight leg, wide leg, skinny, boyfriend - the more adventurous you get, the better! But there is something about the flares.  They have a way of making your legs look impossibly long with the added bonus of paying homage to the 70s and giving off saturday night fever vibes, which, of course, is something we all strive to achieve.

So there you go, a rather rambled chat through my outfit. I hope you like! Let me know in the comments, do you love the trench coat as much as I do? What's a wardrobe staple for you?

Until next time, 
Bisous <3



T-shirt: Missguided
Jeans: Asos
Trench: H&M (old, similar here)
Trainers: c/o Boohoo*
Hat: Asos
Watch: c/o Henry London*
Bag: Zara (old, similar here)
Twilly: Dior (similar here)

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Spot Digital for Jack Wills, who kindly sponsored the creation of this post. All items marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly gifted to me. As always all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own; please refer to my 'contact' page for my full disclaimer.

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