Hello, lovelies!

Now as you all probably know by now, I have an unhealthy, and rather expensive taste for designer shoes. So, today I have my second shoe review for you all and its a good'un - the Saint Laurent Cat Booties!

The Case for Kitten Heels:

Now we all know that the kitten heel does not carry the best reputation, but regardless, I'm here to say that I'm not even a closet kitten heel lover. Oh no, I'm more than happy to announce that I am indeed a loud and proud kitten heel wearer. Now a few of you may have recoiled in horror behind your computer screens at this shocking statement. But please, bare with me, and allow me to take five minutes of your time to try to sell them to you. So, here they are; five reasons why kitten heels should be your friend, not your foe!

1.) They're practical. Can't hack traipsing about in a 5 or even 4 inch stiletto heel every day? Then a kitten heel is the one for you. You'll still have that slight elevation but you'll actually be able to live your life and get shit done in them!

2.) Following on from point one, practicality and comfort go hand in hand on this one. With the right kitten heel you're bound to be comfortable and equally very ladylike and elegant, a win-win all round, if you ask me! 

3.) They're tall girl friendly. Now don't get me wrong, I'm 5'9.5 and best believe I'll still be rocking those 6 inch platform heels - if they tickle my fancy, there'll be no stopping me. However, for those that are still self conscious of their height, (god, I know I was for years and years and I'll still get the odd day) or if, like me, you don't fancy towering over the rest of humanity like the bloody BFG every damn day (a little 'in' joke with my friends.... I don't mind, it's better than the other options: 'tree' and 'giraffe', I guess) then the kitten heel is your best friend.

4.) They're french fashion pack approved. I bet you've seen them on every single French street style fashion blogger, non? And its not just the current it-girls that are rocking them either, but all the greats. Audrey Hepburn was a tall-ey (5'8 I believe), and was known to be a big fan. I don't think there's anyone who could epitomise elegance or french fashion more, and if they were good enough for Audrey, well they're damn well good enough for me!

5.) They're just bloody cute, okay?

So now onto these beauties...

Hedi Slimane left Saint Laurent a little while ago now (le cry), and when he announced his departure, I just knew I wanted a piece from his tenure at the brand. I loved the edgy, grunge, rock and roll vibe he had brought back to the brand, and nothing is more representative of this, I think, than these boots.

We saw them in a number of different variations, studded, leopard print (still sad I missed out on this pair bc they were bad AF), metallic, I could go on; but the patent leather had my heart. There's something just so unapologetically 90s, grungy and rebellious about black patent, amiright?

I read someone's absolutely incredible summation of these boots on a blog a little while ago, she wrote: 
"I want to be one of Hedi Slimane's Paris-LA girls. That equation is all kinds of decadence and happenstance."

As soon as I read this I was just like, YES, YES, YES. But, the £575 price tag was just too much for my broke uni student self, and, with a salty tear in my eye, I had to turn away from these beauties.

Until... the magic of Bicester Village struck me at an unexpected hour.
I was perusing the boutiques of the designer outlet with few expectations, when I struck gold at the Saint Laurent boutique with these babies.
As soon as I saw them I had that little heart flutter that can only be described as lust at first sight. And that feeling was x1000000 when I turned over the shoe and saw the price tag. £145. yes, you read that correctly. I think I let out a small audible gasp, I got so excited. And further proof the fashion gods had blessed me that day? When I asked for sizing, they only had one size left, size 39 - my size. I was a little nervous as I'm not a true 39, so when I tried them on and they just about fit, I did a little excited jump and was totally lapping up the SA's comments of 'these look amazing on you', 'you look like the fashion models because you're so tall' bullshit comments lol! I was completely dancing to her tune but didn't want to impulse buy and decided I'd have a think while I walked around the rest of the shops. Well, needless to say I couldn't get them out of my mind and no less than 15 minutes later I had decided that I totally had to have them, went back and bought them.

All the Deets

Price and Availability: £145 at Bicester Village in August 2016. Of course, I was super lucky with these, but if you are able, do check Bicester Village, as I remember that day they also had the normal leather version and a studded variation, and going back since, I've seen other pairs, so I suspect different variations do often make their way to the outlet store. Dior have just realised a very similar looking pair if you want to go high end, but of course, as always, I will link the best dupes I can find at the end of the post! 

Comfort: These were slightly tight, and I knew this when I bought them, so they took a bit of wearing in before they got comfy, but now they're pretty comfy. It's super weird getting used to the heel height and boot style when you first wear them, but this become much less noticeable when you get used to them.

Quality: 2.5/5 Now this is where I was slightly let down. The first time I wore them, the heel tips completely came off, and this was in a matter of minutes. Granted, it was awful weather; hailing, raining, and I walked across gravel, but still, I had expected much more for how much they were! I got the heel tips replaced and I've worn the boots a few times since then and they've been absolutely fine - it's just a shame I had to do so! I wouldn't recommend against Saint Laurent, I will give them the benefit of the doubt with these, but I will say I'm definitely glad I didn't pay full price for these!

Sizing: Size 39. I'm usually a size 39 - 40. They're slightly tight but getting looser with wear.

How I Style: Now I think these are going to be super fun to style. I'm thinking ripped jeans and biker jackets for full on rock chick mode or mini skirt and oversized knits for a more interesting feminine twist. I've already styled them up once in this post on parisian fashion, but stay tuned to see how I'll be styling them on the blog this A/W!

Why I Love Them: They're just bloody cool, ok?! If you're not sold on them by now, I don't think you ever will be. I suspect these are perhaps in marmite territory, right? But that's what makes fashion so fun, eh?

I think they're going to be great this A/W, I've seen a lot of kitten heels making their way into shops, so I'm thinking these will be on trend! I'm fully aware that I'll be serving major mystic meg/hocus pocus vibes all season long, and you may hate, but I'm totally ok with that.

What luxe piece would you guys like me to review next? I was thinking either the Gucci belt or Miu Miu sunglasses? Let me know in the comments below!

So, what do you guys think of these boots? Have I converted you to the kitten heel crew? (its cooler than it sounds, I promise!) Were you a fan of Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent? Leave me your thoughts and comments down below!

Until next time, 
Bisous <3




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