"I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants." - Whitney Houston

Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend! 

So every once in a blue moon I prise myself away from my beloved collection of denim for something rather more feminine: the dress. In the wise words of Whitney, men can't wear the dresses, but we can wear the pants - so we really must wear those dresses more often! Now it's not that I dislike dressing in a more 'ladylike' way. On the contrary, I absolutely love dresses and very feminine clothes, but in all honesty, if we're going to get tmi here, the leg hair removal upkeep is just far too much effort on a regular basis for this self-confessed lazy girl. (lol!)

There's just something about wearing a dress, isn't there? Something that just makes you feel fancy. As soon as I slip a dress on I'm just like 'I am woman' lol!

So this is an outfit I wore to the wedding of a good friend of mine back at the end of July. It was the most beautiful little country wedding in Suffolk, in typical British fashion it rained and we all had to run from the little marquee with champagne and scones into the quaint little church hall, but it was absolutely wonderful.

Since I loved my outfit so much my sister and I managed to get a few snaps when the sun came out again. Fortunately we came out at just the right time, the sun shone so beautifully so after the group photos we took these. How beautiful does the English countryside look? That fourth picture is hardly edited, I only increased the brightness - just look at that sky!

This dress in the topshop sale, and oh my, oh my, oh my, do I love it! I got sooooo many compliments! In fact, I love it so much that typical old me went and bought it again in orange (not even sorry).

When choosing the perfect wedding guest attire, I always go for something midi length. It's a sure way to look elegant, classic, and that tad bit conservative - making it a safe choice if you're unsure of the dress code or just how traditional the wedding might be.

What do you guys think of this outfit? What's your go-to wedding outfit? 
Also, you guys I'm finally getting into this blogging schedule lark, eh?! I've decided I'm going to try to post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at least until I go back to uni in October. Mondays and Wednesdays will be fashion, Wednesdays a beauty post. I might start doing little makeup tutorials if any of you are interest? I'm definitely no pro but I've really gotten back into makeup recently, so was going to give it a little go! Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in!

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Until next time,
Bisous <3



Dress: Topshop (on sale, the orange is only £8 here!)
Heels: Topshop (old, similar here)

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