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So I thought I'd start a new weekly series where alongside some pics of my favourite outfit of the week, I'd share with you some thoughts on whats gone on in the week, if I've been up to anything of note (a rare occurrence, I must admit!) and so on. How would you feel about that? I just thought it would be nice to begin to expand this space beyond the realms of solely fashion and beauty, so you might get an insight into more of my interests and opinions. So, I hope you enjoy!

So this week I think chatting about the General Election is unavoidable. Now, firstly I think I need to talk about the way the election has been talked about across social media and by 'influencers'. I know this is perhaps rather controversial territory; social media 'influencers' and bloggers hesitate to share their political views and speak beyond their safe blog topics, but in all honesty, I've found this to be quite a shame! With this election being such a important one with so much at stake, I personally find it rather disappointing that I haven't heard more people speaking out on these issues. I have huge respect for the handful of influencers who have really used their platforms to voice their opinions (to Gracie Francesca, Charlotte Martin, Bethany Elstone, Chloe Plumstead and Callie Thorpe to name a few!)

Maybe it's not so much big 'influencers' not voicing their own personal opinions at all, but more the fact that I've seen a lot of these 'influencers' discouraging chat about these topics. For example, I've seen far too many people writing things like 'there's no need to get into an argument about the election', 'suddenly everyone is a politician', 'whatever happens life goes on' or 'whats done is done time to stop talking about it' and even accusing those who are using their platform to encourage people to vote for a certain party in an educated fashion as 'pressurising' people into voting a certain way. as very disappointing. I find this sort of rhetoric very disappointing and diminishing the importance of real life issues.

Furthermore I found it disappointing that 'influencers' with such big followings did not even encourage people to go out and vote, fair enough if you don't feel like sharing your own personal view, but it was a shame to see people acting as if the whole thing wasn't happening. Surely if you're a 'social influencer' you should be interested in social issues? Seeing numbers of outfit or product ads just seemed vacuous at this time to me personally.
The reason so many people get worked up over it is because this issues have very real effects on their lives. As much as I love to read blogs and very frivolous, materialistic things, it does occur to me when something big happens in the real world just how almost shallow it really is. One thing I will say is I am sick of 'influencers' bandying around the 'bullying' card to deter heated, but good natured debate, when really we should be celebrating the fact that people, and especially young people, are getting so involved with politics. We cannot pretend that this election in particular was not one that would have significant ramifications, and I'm sure for a lot of people, the decision of who to vote for was not seen as a morally-neutral one. When things like elections and who gets voted in has a real effect on some people's lives, I find it incredibly disappointing and to an extent privileged, to tell people to not get worked up about it.
I think for me it's more to also the fact that I used to see blogging as an inherently personal thing, and I think this purpose has somewhat dwindled as blogging become a very monetised industry. The reason blogging became so popular was because it offered a much more personable and personalised window into certain fields i.e. fashion and beauty, that large companies and adverts simply couldn't achieve. Yet now, I look at the list of people I follow, and far too often all I see is ad after ad after ad, with no window into that person at all. Now of course, people can share as much or as little as they like about themselves personally, and I completely respect this, but I personally like to follow a person not only for their sense of style or advice or whatever, but because I enjoy getting to know that person, naturally this would extend to their opinions on 'hot topics' also. At the very least, I like to see an acknowledgement of what is happening in the real world, as opposed to just this very materialistic, narrow world often presented by 'influencers' on social media.
Personally, I'm actually massively interested in politics and that probably explains why I have these opinions on it. I spent hours and hours in the run up to this election researching, educating myself more and trying in vain to predict what might happen today.

And waking up this morning, who would have predicted this! Well, I say wake up, I haven't actually slept yet - I always enjoy staying up and watching the votes come through on the news! But, all I can say is, astonishing. Anyone else really feel like we're watching history in the making at the minute? The past 2 years or so has really marked a shift in history and we continue to watch the shaping of the very strange changing face of british politics and the tumultuous future of our country. 

Personally, I'm incredibly happy with the result. I, like a lot of other young people, voted Labour, and dreamed, though I confess, without much expectation, of a Corbyn win. Why, you may ask? Well simply, over the past few years we have seen poverty rise to unacceptable levels. The increases in homelessness and people using food banks, for example, quite frankly appalls me. In my view, people simply cannot take any more austerity. We are seeing public services, our NHS, namely, nearing crisis. We have seen police numbers cut these past seven years under the Tories (and May as Home Secretary). I think, finally we have to acknowledge that hope and promise of a more equal society that Corbyn has stood for, has really resonated with people nationwide. 

Well, we may not have got a Labour win, but we got the next best thing. Clearly, the disastrous Tory campaign has left us with a weakened tory government, a humiliated Theresa May, and hopefully no mandate for a hard Brexit. Seeing such strong right-wing 'sure thing' tory seats like Kensington and Canterbury becoming Labour gains goes to show that we really are in a divided, and continuously surprising position. From going from being the leader ridiculed in our right-wing press, mocked and continuously hailed unelectable, to providing the best Labour win in years (and the highest increase of the vote since Clement Attlee in 1945), Corbyn really has done his supporters proud. In this sense, we have achieved success. 

One thing I am utterly joyous about is the newfound engagement of young people in politics. Say what you may about Corbyn, but this is entirely his doing. Clearly, he has managed to galvanise young people into action, inspiring with his different manifesto. With the 18-25 year old turn out raising from 43% in 2015 to 72% now, who can deny that the Corbyn effect has well and truly played its part.

It looks like we're in very uncertain territory now, but I for one am incredibly excited to see how we proceed. Will Theresa 'no mandate' May resign? Will she really form an odious alliance with the DUP? Will there be a second election in the autumn? Who knows, but what I can say is that today seems just that slightest bit brighter than yesterday. 


Reluctantly (I could talk about politics for hours!) I shall move away from the election onto more light hearted matters. 

So, can we please chat about 'The Walking Dead'?! This show has ruined my life. I watched 7 seasons in 10 days and I am not even remotely sorry. I cannot believe I was so late to the party! For those of you who don't watch it, it's basically about a post-apocalyptic dystopian world in which the planet has been overrun by zombies (the result of a deadly plague), and the struggle the survivors face. I never thought I would have been so enamoured by a zombie-apocalypse centred show, - but it really is incredible! The acting is terrific, the storylines remain action filled and surprising, though I must worn you of the abundance of gore! I would definitely recommend you watch, so that we can discuss it in the comments, because I am bursting to talk to someone about it! Oh, and incidentally, Andrew Lincoln, who plays the lead Rick Grimes, is ridiculously swoon worthy, regardless of the fact that he swans about in cowboy boots and pistol and axe in hand (would you judge me if I said that probably added to the appeal?), just incase you needed any more motivation! (Oh, and if you already watch, can we chat about RICHONNE!!??!!! The otp to end all otps, surely? I am official richonne trash and I'm not sorry!)

Also, another highlight of my week (and I am completely aware of how sad this is about to sound) has been the return of Love Island to our TV screens! I cannot tell you how much I love this show. If you are into incredibly trashy reality TV, then this is the show for you, no explanation will sell it to you so I urge you to just go watch it. For those of you who are watching already, who are you liking and not liking? I'm not really feeling any of the boys, but I love Montana - I think she's hilarious (and so pretty!)

So, that ends my thoughts on this week, today folks! I think going forward there'll be more to report, but I knew this one would be quite politically focussed so I didn't want to add too much waffle about other stuff! 

I suppose my main question for you this week is, what is your take on the election this week? Are you happy with the results? What are your predictions for the following weeks and months? And also, do you think I'm being unfair on these 'social media influencers'? I'd love to hear your thoughts on all I've talked about this week! 

Until next time,
Bisous <3



Tee: Zara (v old!)
Jeans: Topshop (Sale, similar here)
Trench: H&M (v. old again!)
Shoes: Ego
Beret: Asos
Necklace: Nakd Fashion
Bag: Zara
Twilly: Dior

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