So, I've been rather M.I.A these past few weeks, right? I apologise for my absence - I have to put this one down to the old mental health woes (bleugh bleugh bleugh), so I really didn't feel like producing content (and the well of self-critique it so often entails) and actually found myself taking an impromptu break from social media for a few weeks. I can't say I achieved anything productive in my time away, either, unless we count binge-watching a shit load of netflix as an achievement. Let's just say I may have watched all the episodes of '13 Reasons Why' as well as all 7 seasons of 'The Walking Dead' in 10 days with absolutely zero regrets. I must say, 'The Walking Dead' was incredible but has also completely ruined my life as I am official TWD fan trash and I am failing to find any other purpose to my life now I've finished it! (side note: if any of you have watched either of these shows please let me know in the comments because I am DYING to discuss them!)

But I digress, back to business! Let's talk one of this seasons hottest trends: gingham.

Now, when you think gingham, a few words probably spring to mind. Perhaps you're thinking 'preppy', university students in checked shirts and v neck jumpers. Or maybe you're envisaging a more country vibe, a rustic, cowboy-esque, worker vibe. Or the domestic? A traditional housewife in her cute gingham apron with her cute gingham tablecloth. At worst you're thinking of a dusty old picnic blanket.  But with so many different gingham options out on the high street at the minute there's no reason that a little gingham attire should have you channelling a boring middle class boat shoe-ed geography student, or make you look like you've wrapped yourself in your grandma's table cloth.

Now personally, when I think gingham, I think of youth. Am I right in thinking that all you Brits out there most probably associate this print with primary school too?! Ahh, happier days, when we'd prance freely around the school playground in these cute little blue and white checked gingham summer dresses, how great it was to be young!

I've always been a fan of prints of the checkered family, I'm a big fan of gingham's siblings plaid and tartan, so naturally I was rather pleased that the fashion world is going gaga for gingham right now!

So enough waffling, let's get onto the outfit. Now, this whole look is made up of rather adventurous pieces for me.

Now the first thing to address; shock horror, I'm not wearing jeans! Getting the old pins out is most definitely a rare occasion for me, not because I'm particularly tom-boy inclined (indeed, I absolutely love the feminity that skirts and dresses give) but simply because I'm one lazy fucker for whom skirts mean leg shaving and leg shaving equals effort. (Please tell me you girls relate??) Add to the fact that this skirt is patterned and holy shit I hardly recognise myself either! When I first saw this skirt on Asos I was the literal personification of the heart eye emoji. The asymmetric detail and layered fabric makes it the perfect twist on a classic, whilst remaining super wearable and 'on trend'. I knew I'd have to pair it with more 'me' pieces to keep it wearable, so I paired it with a black leather jacket, and a basic tee.

If you're someone who is rather allergic to prints, then I'd say gingham is a good way to dip your toes into the pool of pattern. Opt for gingham in black and white to remain well within the bounds of your monochromatic comfort zone.

Let's also chat about another of the focal features, the hat. Am I the only one who thinks people who can rock hats look ridiculously cool? I, sadly, am not one of those people. Not only do I often find it hard to find hats that will fit my ridiculously huge bowling ball of a head and lion's mane, but I just tend to feel that hats on me look odd.
So you'll understand my skepticism when the 'baker boy' hat trend first hit the scene, but, being the complete social media sheep with absolutely no will power that I am, of course I got sucked into the trend and still found my pathetic self trawling asos and adding one to my basket.
The verdict? Well, the jury is still out on this one, folks! Sometimes I think it looks alright, and other times I think I look ridiculous! What do you guys think? Honest opinions! 

Then we have the white boots! I absolutely LOVE these and this trend! White footwear will be another big hit this summer season, and I knew that boots were the way to go. This pair are from Topshop that I got in the mid-season sale a few weeks ago; I gave myself a rather hearty pat on the back when I managed to nab them for half price!

I already have my eye on another 1935792852 gingham pieces, a gingham sundress being on the top of my list! Gingham remains a timeless classic, so why not have a little fun with it this summer? I definitely plan on being gingham-clad all season long!

What do you think of this outfit? Are you all loving the gingham trend too? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



Tee: Balmain x H&M (Sold out - Similar Here)
Skirt: Asos
Jacket: Bershka
Boots: Topshop (Sold out, but I love these options! Here and Here)
Bag: Zara (similarish Here)
Twilly: Dior
Hat: Asos
Necklaces: H&M, Na-kd Fashion

Shop some of my fave gingham pieces below!

What's your opinion?