Hello lovelies!

It's been a little while, right?! So, we're well into 2017 now - I hope the new year has gotten off to the most amazing start for you all! You're all probably bored of New Years themed posts, and thus I must confess I was conflicted on whether to post this given how late it is, but I thought, screw it, the post was all written and ready to go, so I may as well post it!

If you read my last post (you can do so here), you'd know that 2016 was a rather tough year for me, and although I'm sure many of us would like to pretend that 2016 ever happened, unfortunately it's not all forgotten about as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. When we think of a New Year, we often associate such with the prospect of a completely fresh start, yet the truth is we can never really treat each year as an isolated entity as much as we'd love to. Nope, we have to deal with the shite that 2016 left behind (Trump as President, and Brexit, for example) and on a personal note it's pretty exasperating and rather draining remembering that much of my 2016 will affect my 2017. 

Given this, it makes it rather difficult to have the really positive, 'new year, new me - this is going to be my year attitude', and alas, for the past couple of years now, as soon as January 1st hits, I've felt a pang of disappointment. It's as if I finally clock on to the fact that there's not some miraculous erasure of all that happened the year previously, and it's just another day. I guess that's why I can understand people's scepticism and often active dislike of New Year's Resolutions: it's so easy to expect a completely new beginning and everything to change, and that, of course, can potentially set yourself up for a fall. 

But despite all this, I'm still rather hopeful and optimistic when it comes to New Year's resolutions. I'm not naive enough to believe that I will achieve absolutely everything I set myself, or that the new year will bring an entirely new beginning, with no remnants of the 'old me', but rather a completely new, 'Super-Eva', who has her shit together completely. On the contrary, my ever cynical self scoffs at some of the resolutions I make each year (the over-ambitious 'I'll go to the gym every other day' being the one that comes most prominently to mind!) Yet, I never pass up the opportunity to make resolutions (and that gym resolution somehow remains firmly on the list each year!)

Rightly or wrongly, New Years Resolutions are often the only chance one takes to reflect on the year past; one's achievements and challenges, highs and lows. If you're anything like me, you'd probably have a million and one things you want to achieve or change about your life, and often, under the weight of all of our own pressures and expectations of ourselves, we end up chasing none of those goals at all. So, I like to take New Years as a time to really prioritise my goals, and then set myself around 3 or 5 resolutions to work on. 

Sometimes I'll work on and achieve none, other times I'll make progress on one or two (last year I finally got somewhere with the whole going to the gym thing - it wasn't every other day but it was once a week - that's a start, right?!), and I'm still waiting for the day I can say I achieved everything on my list. Whatever the situation, I'll always take the opportunity new years brings to make resolutions in the hope of implementing some positive change in my life.

What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions? Have you made any yourself? Let me know in the comments below, I love to read them!

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Here's to a brilliant 2017 for all of us!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



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