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Nothing haunts us like the things we don't buy.

Isn't that right, ladies?

A show of hands, there's been many a time I have suffered from the notorious 'shopper's regret', how many of you have too? You know the drill: you see something you really like, tell yourself either A) you don't need it or B) you'll leave it and have a think about it so as to prevent the all too irresponsible 'impulse purchase', and then of course, when you decide that you absolutely do need the item in question, of course, every last piece in your size has gone.

This blazer was my biggest 'shopper's regret' item of recent times, (well, this, and a pair of dior boots - but let's not go down that road, for I shall weep! lol) - my 'one that got away', if you will. Well, that was until the fashion gods blessed me with a stroke of shopper's luck.

I had first spotted this jacket on Reiss around a year ago and absolutely adored it, but, being a lot less spendy and super savvy (Ha, how times have changed!), there was no way I was prepared to spend the £265 asking price. I decided to bookmark the page and bide my time, eagerly anticipating the January sales when I would pounce on a *hopefully* heavily discounted price.
The sales came and indeed, the coat was reduced as I expected, going down to £145. But I was still unsure. I was sure I could do better. It still seemed a lot of money and since the jacket wasn't selling out extremely quickly, I thought I'd continue the gamble and hopefully nab it at an even further discounted price right at the end of the sale.
Well, needless to say, by the time I had decided that I wanted it and would pay the £145 price, it had completely sold out. Taken off the site overnight! That's when the regret started to settle in, with me rethinking all the opportunities I had to nab the jacket that I'd neglected! Woe is, or shall I say was, me! Oh, I am completely aware of how this is the epitome of a pathetic #firstworldproblem, I know!

But isn't it always the way that when you cannot have something you want it even more? I began my hunt for the jacket and looked everywhere; eBay, depop, outlet sites - but alas, I could not not get my hands on this blazer for love nor money, it was nowhere to be seen!

And then my luck struck. One random day in September when I was browsing In case any of you don't know, brand alley is a discount designer outlet site, that hosts short sales from a range of brands which feature pieces from previous and on the rare occasion, current season designer collections. I was happily browsing when I stumbled across a Reiss outerwear sale. The jacket was there, and even better, for £90! Obviously it was added straight to cart and here we are! 

So, why did I 'need' this blazer? I just absolutely love the prince of wales print, it's the 3 'C's: classic, classy and 'chic'! This is my first piece from Reiss and it's such beautiful quality, I think it'll be perfect for a whole range of occasions, from a day in the office to a lunch date with friends, you name it!

I styled it with the 'jessica' shirt dress and 'adalyn' over the knee boots, which were kindly gifted to me by Miss Pap, and I kinda love the completed look. I'm also super chuffed that I finally have a pair of OTKs, I'm rather late to the party but better late than never, right? I'd definitely say they are a must have for this A/W, and if you'd like to know what other boot styles I'm loving this season then stay tuned because I'll be doing a whole series on the styles you 'need'! I especially like this pair as being 5'9.5, I often find that thigh high style boots often end at an odd place on my thigh, but this isn't something I've found with this pair. They also have that slightly chunkier heel which not only makes them more comfortable, but also pushes them far more onto daytime appropriate grounds, as opposed to the 'hooker boot' territory that OTK boots are often (I think unfairly) perceived as representing.

What do you guys think of this outfit? What's your biggest case of shopper's regret? Were you and that item eventually reunited, destined to live happily ever after? Let me know in the comments!

P.s. Sorry for my little impromptu hiatus, guys! Final year uni work was calling, but I have 6 weeks off for christmas so expect a lot of new content. There'll be a new post Wednesday, I hope I see you back here!

Until next time,
Bisous <3



Shirt Dress: c/o Miss Pap
Blazer: Reiss
OTK Boots: c/o Miss Pap
Jewellery: Shop Dixi & Boho Moon

Please note that whilst I was kindly gifted these pieces from Miss Pap to style, this blog post is not sponsored and all thoughts/opinions are my own.

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