So, what a year it has been! I don't think I'm alone in saying that this has been a weird and not so wonderful year, from both the micro and macro perspective. From personal difficulties to the continually disheartening global situation, it's been one hell of a year of disappointments and drawbacks. A tough year, for sure. In any case, I think it's always worth reflecting on the year gone by, whatever the highs and lows, to help construct a 'plan of action' of sorts, to make the next year the best it can possibly be. 

The biggest achievement for me has, of course, been my blog. It's not even a year old, and I can't believe how far I've come in the few months I've been writing it. I spent the last couple of years spending so much of my free time reading blogs and longing to create one myself, never having the courage to. It was only this year, partly due to a yearning for a little escapism from my rigorous university course, and partly because, since leaving school and my A Level Art, I've had little opportunity to channel my creativity,  that I finally plucked up the courage to do so. And I am SO glad I did!

(To the left - Where it all started less than a year ago!
Full post here (including the rather funny tale of my horror at taking outfit photos in public for the first time!)

It wasn't until I started getting into blogging that I realised just how much I had missed creating. Often, because of the chaos of everyday life; work, school, uni, and all the other daily tasks we have, we forget to take time out to do something we love.
Through blogging, I've tried to claim a bit of that time back, to do something for myself. Though this has been a difficult year for me, this is one thing I think I've started to do. From taking up the blog, to taking time to go to the gym, to taking time to sit and read a good book, I'm slowly starting to take time for myself, and it's something I intend to build on in 2017.  Never underestimate the power of 'me time', you're bound to feel refreshed, refocused, and re-insipired.
(Right - my 2nd outfit post, full post here)

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So I thought in this post I'd take a little look back at all of my outfit posts this year. One thing that strikes me is how my photo editing has come along! My posts were a bit of a jumble of incohesive edits at the beginning, but slowly I think I'm getting better (well, hopefully!) at building a cohesive body of work. So, in 2017, I'd definitely like to work on improving my photography even more.

This post has turned out to be my most commented on post so far! Seems you guys all love the chunky knit and skinny jean combo as much as I do!

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And a slightly more personal (and slightly silly) milestone; this post is a bit of a fave for me, as it was the first time I wore my Chanel babies out! This year, I made my first ever high end purchase! These pretties didn't come off my feet for most of the late summer/early autumn period, and mark my words, they'll be glued to my feet again as soon as the weather starts to warm up again! #sorrynotsorry.

This was also my first taste of brand work, which was such a big deal for me! I had never started my blog with the intention of working with brands or with it being any more than a little hobby where I can warble on about all the fashion and beauty related things I love, but I must admit, it was very flattering being contacted!

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I don't think I need to go on yet again about how much I love red velvet, there's two whole posts devoted to it - the first one, here.

Perhaps my favourite post yet, this was my first 'think piece' type post, and I remember just sitting and writing non stop for the first time.

I was a little publishing a post that had the possibility of being a little controversial, but this ended up being my most read post! It just goes to show that people do still read blogs, and are interested in what you have to say. Though imagery is important, you're lacking something is that all you can provide.

I often feel that the written aspect of blogs is somewhat neglected, which I think is a damn shame, because my favourite blogs are always the ones which are well written. So,   writing engaging, original content was always going to be a priority for me. 

In 2017, I'd like to try to take more risks. To write more, not just about fashion and trends (although I love doing this), but also controversial topics, difficult to talk about topics, which can hopefully get a bit of a discussion going.

In all honesty, my absolute favourite thing to do when blogging, is read comments and chat with you all. I get so excited when I get an email notifying me that there's a new comment on a post. So thank you to every one of you who takes the time to write them!
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And then we reach the last outfit post of the year, and one of my favourites! (Full post here)

Uneventful is one thing this years has not been, that's for sure! But one thing I try never to lack is hope. So here's to hoping that next year will be a good one, not just for each of us personally, but for the world as a whole. More love, more tolerance, more empathy, more hope. 

One thing I'm definitely aiming to do is blog with far more consistency. 2017 I'm hoping will be a year of focus; I'm talking more content, more frequently and hopefully, to a much better standard!

Thank you to every single one of you that has taken the time to read and comment on my posts, engage with my content and various platforms, and for generally being so lovely! 
I never thought I would love blogging this much - I hope to see you all back here in the new year!

All that is left to say is that I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017! 

Until next time, 
Bisous <3


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