Chanel chanel slingbacks chanel shoes

chanel chanel slingbacks chanel shoes

Delving through the archives of drafted blog posts one late Friday night (what a fabulously wild life I lead, I know), I stumbled across this outfit that I wore a few weeks ago. Despite how long ago this was, I thought I may as well share it with you all, seeing as to me, this is the kind of look that is always relevant.

As you can see there is nothing too original here, folks. Just an ensemble of simple pieces from my wardrobe on which I can always rely.

So, today I plan to make the case for why you too can always rely on the classics.

Now, there has been many a time when I've been getting dressed in the morning, have pulled out about half my wardrobe onto the bedroom floor and still complained of having nothing to wear. Girls, I'm pretty sure you relate. Of course, this also usually happens when I'm running very late and am in a rush, y'know, just to incite further irritation (although to be fair, I'm never really not running late, chronic bad time keeper here, I must confess...). In an outfit-dilemma-induced-huff, I usually proceed to slipping on a couple of well worn pieces and then, glancing in the mirror before I leave, I realise that I'm actually wearing an outfit I completely love. Anyone else know that feeling? Its actually kinda nice, isn't it? It's familiar, it's comfy, it's confident, but still stylish - and you feel great in it! It's the kind of feeling only the classic, well loved pieces can bring. 

Now, this is not me bashing on the wonderful world of fashion trends. On the contrary, I for one am a great lover of fast fashion. It keeps the game interesting, fresh, and fun. Take the miu miu ballet flat trend, for example. I've gone from mild dislike, to prolonged ambivalence, to now desperately needing a pair because I'm completely, wholeheartedly in love with them. And yet, I still know that there'll be a good chance that in a couple of years, I'll look back and think they were darn ugly and wonder why they were ever stylish. In the same breath, whilst I, along with just about every other fashion lover is completely dying at all things Gucci, I'm not really feeling the fur-lined loafer mules. They're just about everywhere right now, is this a controversial statement? A *hashtag* unpopular opinion? I don't know, but I'm not keen. And I'm willing to bet that half the girls who've nabbed a pair will one day, when clearing out their wardrobes, stand, hand on forehead, racking their brains to desperately try to work out why they spent the best part of £500 on those things. In any case I still appreciate their existence because they're different, and make outfits so much more interesting! I'm still half expecting to be completely sold on them and be adding a pair in the most garish print to my wishlist soon. We'll see. 

Nonetheless, some days, it's ok to be a little less original, because unoriginal does not necessarily mean boring. Sometimes, simplicity is all I crave. Here we have an outfit made up completely of staple, classic pieces from my wardrobe, yet in my opinion, the look is still completely on trend. That's the magic of 'the classics', people!

I wore this particular outfit on an evening out in London when my sister and I went to see Les Mis (yet again lol!). Of course it was incredible: I laughed, I shed a tear (or a few), I ate McDonalds and overpriced theatre ice cream with that funny little stick that's supposed to be a spoon, and all the while, I was really feeling this outfit. 

Looking at it now, I think this look is comprised of 5 pieces that I feel every girl needs in her wardrobe: the leather jacket, the white shirt, timeless denim, a classic shoe, and statement eyewear.
These are staples with which you can create endless outfits that are guaranteed to always make you feel stylish, no matter what else is 'hot right now'.

So, ultimately, my point is that you can never go wrong with the classics - are you sold?

What are the pieces you can always rely on in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
Bisous <3


Outfit Details:

Shirt: Asos
Jeans: Topshop (dark blue wash Here, in black Here)
Leather Jacket: Mango (Old, but similar Here and Here)
Shoes: Chanel (Similar Here and Here) - Read this post for a full list of dupes!
Sunglasses: Miu Miu (Here and Here)

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