Ok. So I have a confession to make. Brace yourselves it ain't pretty. 
I'm a closet daily mail reader. 
There, I said it. Now feel free to gasp in horror, unsubscribe from all my social media and never have anything to do with me ever again. Ok so I hope you don't but I won't underplay the severity of this nonetheless. Might I add that I don't read the current affairs section, but only the celebrity gossip pages? Although I honestly don't know whether this makes things better or worse. 

The daily mail - notable for its awful politics, awful commenters, and awful reporting. And yet I still find myself reading it every day. Partly precisely because it is awful and allows me to have a little giggle at the awfulness of the comments and journalism, but, also mostly because I'm a nosey so and so who has nothing better to do then read about the most mundane aspects of celeb lives. Yep, I'll be reading that article about Kendall Jenner buying a green juice on the way back from a gym in Calabasas, LA. What can I say? At least I'll be well versed for the popular culture section of your next pub pop quiz....

Anyway, I tell you this as my reading of the DM lies behind the name of today's blog post. 
Any other folk who have a secret daily mail guilty pleasure will know that there are certain phrases of notoriety: "ample cleavage", "flashed her toned abs", "dares to bare" and "a leggy display" to name a few. Exhibit A: 'Rita Ora puts on a leggy display in a tiny printed jumper dress'; that is a legit daily mail headline, I kid you not.

Which brings me (finally) on to today's outfit. Here is me putting on what some might call a 'leggy display' of my own in this 'thigh skimming' denim mini. (oh lord, I could literally be writing for the DM!) The denim mini is guaranteed to have you 'flashing some flesh'. (ok, ok I really must stop)

They've been everywhere this summer, particularly with frayed hems, but I have found it tricky to find the right one. Being 5'9.5, and with most of my height being in my legs, it is often difficult to find a skirt that does not look like a pelmet. I distinctly remember an old supply teacher at my secondary school chastising a couple of girls who had rolled up their skirts to dangerously short lengths and using that word, and it has always stuck with me! Anyway, I finally got one from New Look (and on sale, too!). To be honest it's still very short, but not quite as bum skimming as others I have tried, so I can walk around without worrying that I am showing more than I bargained for.

With this outfit, I thought it right to make the most of the little sun we have left. Autumn weather has begun to encroach upon us with the grey skies and rainy afternoons, but we're still getting that odd day of sunshine when we can whip out those summer clothes. I'd encourage all you ladies to do the same - don't put your minis away just yet, get your pins out before we commit to 50 denier tights and neglecting to perform our leg shaving duties quite so attentively for the next six months....

Have you been a fan of the denim mini this summer? And more importantly, are you a closet daily mail reader, too? (I can't be the only one!) Leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Asos
Denim Skirt: New Look (Limited Sizes left, alternative Here)
Neckerchief: Asos
Bag: Primark (Similar Here)
Shoes: Chanel (Dupes Here and Here)

Until next time,

Eva xxx

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