Hello guys, 

So you may have noticed my blog has undergone a little change. (*Sings Ch-Ch-Changessss* Oh David Bowie, we miss you!)
But anyway I thought I'd write a quick post explaining my absence, and why I felt I needed a change.

Recently I've been feeling uninspired and lost in many aspects of my life. I'm approaching my final year of uni, and I guess you could say I'm undergoing the 'final year of uni crisis' (aka 'i'm no longer going to be a student' aka 'I'm actually going to give this whole adulting thing a serious go') equivalent of the mid life crisis. 

A particularly extended bout of negativity has consequently permeated all aspects of my life as of late, and so, its only natural that such has extended to my blog and the direction I'm taking it.

 Slower growth, probably due to my erratic posting and the new instagram algorithm (thanks guys) has left me uninspired and unhappy, and I have oft thought of packing it in all together.
Nevertheless, I know that I do want to continue working on my blog.

So I thought I'd change things up. And that's exactly what I have decided to do. I feel my blog has taken a bit more of a style oriented turn, and I didn't feel my blog name represented this. So I've changed from 'forevabelle' to 'What Eva Wears', and I'm excited to see how this space will continue to develop!

So there'll be some exciting new content on the blog soon, think:

Outfit posts (of, course)
Beauty hauls and product reviews.
Trend Chats and Fashion week Reports.
Luxe Fashion Piece Reviews.
A series dedicated to shoes, (yep, I'm serious), 'Shoes, glorious shoes!'
My 'Dream On' series all about the products I can only dream of owning at the moment, basically a time in which we may all indulge in our fashion fantasies together.
and perhaps the occasional life post, we'll see how it goes, eh?

The name change may only be a small change, but sometimes you only need something small to kick start a fresh bout of creativity or enthusiasm. I'll let you in on a little secret. I absolutely despise change. Hate hate hate it. Once I get comfortable with something, I like to stick with it, but I know as well as the next person that change is an important and necessary part of personal growth. So, given this, I thought I'd give you a couple of tips on why change can be good.

1.) Change generates fresh ideas and enthusiasm - As i said, change often means you have to put on that thinking cap of yours and create new ideas. 'New' things often bring enthusiasm, it's that anticipation, and often slight fear that accompanies the unknown, that excites the mind - so embrace a change in direction and you'll often discover a new lease of creativity follows.

2.) Change breaks up your routine - I don't know about you, but often the mundane monotony of every day life makes me feel down. I think modern life is so fast paced these days, we often don't make time for ourselves, leaving us to question what it is all for. For me, it is therefore important to do something for myself. Perhaps this is something you should do too, if you are feeling uninspired or unhappy.

3.) Change can bring you new opportunities - Even the smallest changes can initiate a domino effect, which open up opportunities you might not have dreamed of.

4.) Change allows you to challenge yourself - And challenging yourself means growth. When you're going through difficult periods, it is hard to hear, but t's nevertheless true: challenges are what make life interesting! So if you're at a cross roads in your life, and you're inclined to take the more difficult path, don't shy away! It will be all the more rewarding when you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for.

5.) Change allows you to grow - What change is ultimately all about - if you're growing, you're improving, and each and every one of us should be aiming to do just that. 

I hope this post helps anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut at the moment 
What are your tips for getting out of negative thought processes? How do you deal with change?

Despite this post about a change in blog direction, ever the ironic, I will come back first with a beauty post all about a Chanel treat I have been loving! Stay tuned for that!

Until next time,

Eva xxx

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