Soooooo..... it's been a while, hasn't it?! Blame Uni Exams, which have drained me of all my energy these past 6 weeks or so. I'm finally home from uni for summer break, and I'm SO ready to begin shooting summer content (aka also an excuse to go shopping for new outfits...) though mind you, given the crappy weather of the notorious british summer, I doubt my outfits will be overly 'summery' anyway.

Before that content kicks off, I have a few looks from a few weeks ago that I shot, but never found the time to upload, and since its still not overly summery at the moment, I thought I may as well upload them in the interim. 

"Oh...my...God.. Only you would think you could hide that powder-blue, puffy-sleeved, it's-kind-of-a-peasant-dress-but-it-might-just-be-a-baggy-disaster that you wore to the spring dance. LIZZY MCGUIRE, YOU ARE AN OUTFIT REPEATER!" What a line. Who could forget the damning condemnation Kate brutally and mercilessly dealt to Lizzie, exposing her committal of the most heinous, ultimate crime of wearing an outfit more than once, in the graduation scene of the iconic film that is 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'. (I mean, who doesn't know all the words to 'Hey Now'? Seriously judging you if you don't...). Oh, the shame. 

Of course, I exaggerate, but I did want to have a little chat about outfit repeating. 
Take this post; I know, I know, you're thinking, "Eva, the turtle neck skinny jean combo again?" What can I say? It's a base that works time and time again, and if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

Also, in my opinion each time I have worn this base, I've made the outfit look different through accessories and outerwear, and in honesty, I think that this is what I would like my personal style and blog to convey; I'm of the opinion that, if you choose versatile, classic pieces, you can create infinite options, with small changes meaning that each time, your outfit still looks fresh and new. Lets face it, we don't all have money to buy clothes, wear them once or twice, then get something new, so what we do buy needs to be well thought out in order for us to get our costs per wear. Having said all this, I am by no means a money savvy or particularly smart shopper, I am constantly spending (much to my parents dismay; 'Another topshop package?! Surely you have enough clothes, Eva", my Dad piped up the other day. Will men ever understand?)

So, there you have it, my justification for 'outfit repeating', but what I simply rename more euphemistically, 'savvy shopping', you buy items that give you endless options - have I convinced you? 

The focal point of this piece is the jacket. This is a relatively old piece, something that I have worn maybe once or twice in the past, but was having a good old spring closet clean-out, discovered this in the depths of my wardrobe, and thought, why don't I give it a little spin and see if I can make it work again? My Asos glove shoes give this outfit that hint of current-ness (lets pretend that's a word) that allowed me to still feel somewhat fashion forward and 'trend savvy'. (lol)

What do you think? Are you one to re-wear outfit combinations over and over?

p.s. I don't know how often I'll get political on my blog, but I didn't feel I could post anything today without mentioning the sad decision the nation made yesterday, seeing this is all I can think about myself. I'm utterly shocked and beyond disappointed that not enough of us chose togetherness and unity, and I'm very fearful for the future. Already we are seeing the awful effects; sterling plummeting, PM resigning (an I'm no Cameron fan, either), likely second referendum in Scotland. So the end of two unions, possibly. What a mess. How is everyone else feeling about the referendum, I suspect many of you are younger voters, and the polls show we voted largely to remain, do you feel as disappointed as I? 

Until next time,

Eva xxx

What's your opinion?

  1. I re-wear my outfits pretty often and it's nothing wrong with that, we all do it :)
    Love this look, from top to the bottom - so on point <3

    1. I agree, if it looks good, I'll keep wearing it! Thank you so much lovely, and thanks for commenting! :)

  2. if it aint broke don't fix it! i'd wear this on repeat every day

    1. Thanks Lily! I agree, if it looks good, I'll keep on wearing it! thanks for reading :) x

  3. I'd definitely re-wear this outfit if I were you - you look amazing! xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. Thank you so much Sam, what a nice comment! And thanks for reading :) x