If you're reading this I would like to say a huge, HELLO! and welcome to my little corner of the internet, 'What Eva Wears', the virtual home of a 19 year old student named Eva, with a longstanding interest in fashion, beauty, photography, and the arts. Having (stalked) browsed fashion and beauty related blogs for such a long time, always with a inclination to write my own but never having the confidence to, I decided in January last year that with a new year and fresh start on the horizon, I would take the plunge, push myself out of my comfort zone, and begin my own blog as a little hobby to indulge in when I'm not procrastinating, ahem, furrowed in a lengthy book studying.

Now clearly, my efforts were poor to say the least, with me only managing a measly 2 posts before I lost motivation and confidence, and decided to pack in the whole blog idea. But, I'm back after that unsuccessful spell, being spurred on by my family and friends to give it a bash, seeing as I love fashion and beauty so much. 

It's definitely nerve wracking putting myself out on the internet, and taking my first batch of outfit photos was an ordeal to say the least (stay tuned for the full story in my first post!), But I decided to take the plunge and get a decent camera and equipment (which cost an arm and a leg!) so I can achieve the image quality I desire, there's no going back now!

I can't wait to get stuck in with experimenting with photography, lighting, and writing style, so I’m hoping you lovely readers will be slightly forgiving with my initial posts if the format isn't quite up to scratch. I also apologise for what will probably be excessively long posts! I am quite a warbler! But I’m sure as time goes on I will become more accustomed to what works.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much, and you’ll return to join me on this start of a new journey!

Until next time,

Bisous.. <3


What's your opinion?

  1. Go for it, Eva!!! Love you lots xxx

    1. Graceeeeeeeee! You cutie, my number one supporter, your encouragement actually means so much ok, love ya :) xxx