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Hello lovelies! Today I thought I'd bring to you my everyday makeup routine. Before I begin I thought I'd give you a little background; unfortunately I have suffered with acne for the majority of my teen life. My skin goes through up and down periods, and thankfully, for the past couple of months, my skin has been considerably better, and therefore, my makeup has been sitting and looking better. For me, the most important thing about my makeup is that it gives me as good looking skin as possible, and therefore, my routine is as minimal as I can get it, as I feel a lot of product on rather textured or pigmented skin can actually highlight imperfections as opposed to disguising them. So, this routine isn't going to be the most extravagant, I'm pretty loyal to the products I use, know work well and therefore love. In all honesty, for myself, I prefer very natural, clean, fresh looking makeup anyway, and these are the products and steps I take to achieve that with my problematic skin. So, I hope that you enjoy and that this maybe even helps some of you out there who suffer with similar issues!

Step 1: Prep and Prime
So of course, I always start with clean, moisturised and sunscreened skin, and then move onto primer.  Having oily skin I always look for primers with the purpose of keeping skin matte, or smoothing out the texture of skin. Honestly, I'm not really that loyal to one primer; I used the elf one for a little while, which worked ok, but recently I've been using travel sized versions of a combination of the Benefit Porefessional and Mac's Prep and Prime. I was surprised by how well the Benefit actually smoothes out the pores - I have hideously large pores around my nose area (which, to be fair, have gotten a lot better since my skin has improved), but are still a little visible when I apply foundation. Since I've been using the benefit, my pores are noticeably less visible (though not completely disguised). It retails for £24.50, so quite pricey - but I think when my little travel size runs out I'll invest in the full tube! Mac prep and prime I feel is a primer that would be universally suitable, as it leaves the skin super smooth, moisturised and silky before foundation application. I'm not too sure whether it's actually prolonged the wear-time of my makeup, I'm more inclined to say it does not (though I haven't really found a primer that does on my oily skin), but the reason I love it is that it allows my makeup to apply so beautifully, and thus, the combination of these two products leaves my skin nicely prepped for base makeup!

Step 2: Base
Undoubtedly the most important step of my makeup routine is the base makeup, for said acne reasons. Now having problematic skin has meant that I've always felt I need to wear heavy base makeup to cover it up, and I cringe cringe and cringe some more at some of the rookie errors I made when starting out in makeup (you know the ones - piling on about 3 layers of thick full coverage foundations, then another couple of concealer, and then another few of powder, resulting in the ultimate cake face? I can't be the only one, right?) However, with a little more experience and countless youtube tutorials under my belt, I've realised that its far better to go for a more medium coverage base and conceal or build on smaller areas. I've also come to realise that allowing a few imperfections to show through isn't a bad thing, but actually makes the base look more natural. So, I use 2 pumps of 'Nars Sheer Glow' in the shade 'Syracuse' all over my face, concentrating it a little more on my more heavily scarred areas. Now oily girls, don't be afraid of this foundation! There's a common misconception that it isn't suited for oilier skin, due to its self proclaimed 'glow', but this is my holy grail! Now I won't lie, if you're oily and use this sans primer and powder, you will look a complete oil slick (believe me, I've been there lol!). You'll have to powder a couple of times throughout the day, but I honestly don't mind doing this for the way it makes my skin look. It just sits nicely, and as the natural oils start to come through during the day, the skin looks dewy and naturally glowy. There's also an excellent shade range for light to dark, so something for everyone! To do this I use a real techniques stipple brush (I'll do a separate post on brushes which'll include some real bargain brushes I found on eBay - stay tuned!) I spray a little Mac Fix + onto the brush, and just find that little bit of moisture allows my foundation to apply more evenly.

Step 3: Conceal
Now you may be surprised to hear that I don't apply concealer all too often. I never apply it under my eyes seeing as I dont really suffer from dark circles (minus those late night essay struggles; particularly heavy hangovers; or that all too familiar 'I'll watch one episode before I go to bed' netflix sesh turned binge watch - hey, we've all been there), and therefore find that just lightly dabbing whatever remains on my foundation brush will suffice. Therefore, if I use concealer, it is usually for nights out or days I want to put a little more effort into my makeup - I then spot conceal particularly those scars that still peak through after foundation. Sometimes, however, if my skin is particularly angry and has a lot of bumpy spots, I skip concealer altogether. I feel its far better to have them showing through a little than to conceal them and have so much added texture, drawing more attention to that area. Nevertheless, if I do conceal, I use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in 'Biscuit'. Again, props to Nars for the excellent shade range - this concealer is great because it is very pigmented so you don't need too much of it, it is on the thicker side, but is, as the name boasts, very creamy, so blends out like a dream. You've probably all heard of this cult product, but if not, you're late to the party! I'd definitely suggest giving it a try.

Step 4: Brows
I'm lucky in the fact that I have rather full natural brows in terms of shape, and therefore don't need to do too much in the way of drawing them in. I do, however, get some sparser areas, and therefore use the pomade-y product of the Elf Brow Kit (in dark) with the little brush it came with to quickly fill in these areas. I've been using this product for ages and get on just fine with it, but would really like to try the Anastasia dip brow, is it worth it or overhyped? Let me know! Anyway, I then use my Eyeko Brow Gel to set them, otherwise, I kid you not, those brow hairs literally blow around in the wind they're so long! I have repurchased this multiple times and just love it - it looks so natural, keeps my brows in place, and I think would work with any hair colour, seeing as it isn't super dark or pigmented, but still manages to make your brows look bolder and darker - great it you want that thicker, fuller brow look a la Cara Delevingne!

Step 5: Eyes
I then move onto liner and use a combination of two. I'm not too loyal to eyeliners, and on a whim purchased the L'oreal Superliner when it was on offer, and, success! The applicator is perfect - it's quite long, thin and very bendy, which I find great at getting a longer, thinner flick. If you like something very close to the lash line, that gets thicker as the eye goes out (I hope you get what I mean lol!) this is great, seeing as you can get quite a lot of product down by just pressing the full length of the applicator onto your lid, and then just use one more movement to get that flick. It's only downfall is that it doesn't take too long to become a little wishy washy - so I now use my Collection Fast Stroke Liner to get it super black. For the price I paid (£5.99), I don't mind this too much, and would still repurchase seeing as I just get on so well with the applicator. I then use any old kajal liner, (I use rimmel at the moment), to tightline, it makes my eyes water like crazy, but continue to do it because I just love the way it makes my lash line look thicker and my eyeliner somehow looks blacker. Next, I apply my mascara. I usually skip curling my lashes - I have pretty decent lashes, quite thick, curly and long-ish  and so I just go straight in with my favourite - Urban decay Perversion Mascara. I absolutely love this stuff! I used to always buy drugstore mascaras and had no qualms, as honestly, the majority of mascaras will work and do something for your lashes. However, on a particularly gruelling late night essay writing sesh, I was feeling quite sorry for myself, and decided to treat myself to a few beauty bits, (lol!) this mascara included. Let me tell you, I'd find it difficult to go back to drugstore mascara now, this is just amazing! It makes my lashes super long (I often get asked if I'm wearing falsies - which I never do!), it's super black, and makes my lashes look extra curled. I would defo recommend! (Although I've recently been testing the Benefit 'they're real' mascara - late to the party, I know! Stay tuned for a review soon!)

Step 6: Cheeks
For blush, I like to dust either Nars Douceur or Natural Collection Peach Melba onto my cheeks. Douceur is the perfect natural looking blush, Nars are famed for their blushes and rightly so, they're nicely pigmented and blend out well. Unfortunately this shade has been discontinued (why, Nars, why?!) but I've heard that Tarte Blush in Exposed is a good dupe! Alternatively, you can't go wrong with Peach Melba; at £1.99 in Boots, this is an absolute bargain, its a nice soft powder which blends well, though if you apply too much it will be a little chalky and cakey looking, so be careful! The colour is the perfect, you guessed it, peachy pink - just enough pink to make you look flushed, but the peach undertone and hint of brown stops it looking too barbie-like, making it what I think would be a universally flattering shade.

Step 7: Lips
I loveeeeee lip products! I'm into my bolds and nudes, but normally, I go for a nude lip combo. I have so many nude lip products I love - I'll do a whole post on my top nude lip combos, but recently I have been wearing a combination of the Mac Lip Liner in Hover and Mac Lipstick in Twig to absolute death. Hover is the perfect liner for a nude lip for me, its a true brown - I find mac liners generally to be quite drying, but they last pretty well and the shade range is perfect, so I just exfoliate and moisturise my lips extra well and the pencils apply just fine. 'Twig' is a muted pinkish-brown, satin finish, which makes it more comfortable than a matte on the lips. If you're into the whole Kylie Jenner family of lipsticks - I'm talking Whirl, Velvet Teddy, etc - then you'll love this, and the finish makes it that much more comfortable!

Step 8: Set
The most important step in terms of making my makeup last, setting makeup is essential for us oily girls, especially if you've used a base product like Nars Sheer Glow. I use the Mac Natural Skinfinish Natural Pressed Powder in Medium Tan - Annoyingly I got a shade too dark (thats £30 well spent eh?!) So if I pack this on it looks terribly orange! But, I'm the type of person that, if I've spent the money on a product, I'll persevere with it and make that product work! So I still use this, but very lightly dust it on my t-zone, cheeks and chin. I then use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder on top in the shade 'silky beige' (and use this to touch up throughout the day). Colour issues aside, I love the Mac powder as its quite finely milled powder and doesn't cake up as easily as the latter product can do. It also makes your complexion look more flawless, reducing the appearance of pores. The Rimmel powder is really good for keeping your skin matte, but as I said, if you go too heavy it can cake up. For the price, (£3.99), its definitely a bargain though, I would recommend! my very final step is a spritz of Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray - I'm not too sure if it prolongs my makeup, in all honesty, but like to use it purely because it removes the powdery look of the makeup.

And voila, there you have it! If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! I think I have failed miserably at my whole 'trying to write more concise blog posts' challenge haha! Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed! Are there any products you swear by that I should give a try? Especially if they're oily girl/acne prone skin friendly, please leave suggestions in the comments!

There'll be a new outfit post Sunday, so stay tuned!

Until next time,

Eva xxx

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  1. You're so beautiful omg! x

    1. oh that's so lovely Cara, thank you! And thank you for reading! :)

  2. very nice routine and lovely products. I'm sorry about your skin issues but trust I could never think you might have any

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    1. thank you Lyosha, that's so comforting to here! yes definitely try out some of these products, I swear by them! thanks for reading :)

  3. this is very detail! x

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    1. yes, I definitely need to work on not waffling on so much haha! thanks for reading :)

  4. I LOVE that photo of you! Pose-y or not, you look gorgeous! So nice to read about your beauty routine, as well. I really love seeing how other oily gals apply makeup to not look like an oil slick. I've had troubles with acne as well, but I have to say your skin looks absolutely amazing! You've definitely got your routine on the right track!
    Ivory Avenue

    1. Hi Natalie! Oh What a lovely comment! This put a smile on my face at the end of what has been a rather bad day! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, hope you picked up a few helpful tips. Thank you so much for reading and commenting :)